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  1. Nothing at the moment. All my CD's are packed. I miss my music, especially Neil Diamond.
  2. Does Coldstone Creamery count? Actually, there's a little Italian place called Bella Nina's I absolutely love.
  3. And I was telling you to be wary of other people. No permanent damage, I hope.
  4. Sorry to hear that Ugluk. Be careful out there.
  5. I'm reading The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee. My roommate loaned it to me. It's a very good book.
  6. I saw a cartoon once that had an evil Ewok. He was called Darth Snowball.
  7. Congrats Morgramen! He's adorable. Glad that things worked out well.
  8. Kindly disregard my last post. I just saw the pic in the News section. Teach me to actually look at other threads before I ask questions like that.
  9. Is it possible to get a picture?
  10. I am a security guard. The kind that sits at a desk and watches monitors. I cannot tell you how boring this job is. I get a lot of reading and cross-stitching done while I'm here. I would really love to get into CGI. It would be awfully nice to work from home.
  11. I would say dwarf. I am incredibly stubborn, and mighty grumpy most of time.
  12. Yay! A Pheonix! Another creature to add to my Greek Mythos collection. I love the female necromancer too. Maybe I should paint one for my S/O.
  13. Actually remembered to watch. Evreyone in my house likes the shows. I was a bit confused by the Battlestar Galactica episode, since I missed the last one of first season.
  14. The thing I loved (after I got married) was when people would ask for me by my maiden name and I could tell them that there was no such person. I would hang up after that.
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