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  1. I am a security guard. The kind that sits at a desk and watches monitors. I cannot tell you how boring this job is. I get a lot of reading and cross-stitching done while I'm here.

    I would really love to get into CGI. It would be awfully nice to work from home.

  2. Reading (Mostly Fantasy)

    Watching movies


    Listening to music

    Some computer games (City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2 and Heroes of Might & Magic)

    Collecting Breyer Horses and stuffed animals.


    My mother has actually gotten me to read some mysteries. They are a series by Donna Andrews and all of the titles have a bird in them somewhere. I like them mostly for the humor in them.


    I do play other computer games, the ones I listed are the ones I spend the most time on. I'm thinking I will start playing with Zeus again. I had a lot of fun with it when I first got it.

  3. That's awfully sweet. My S/O bought me a little teddy bear at the post office today. He had to mail a letter return receipt and they had little white bears with the love stamp embroidered on them and a little red rose in it's paw. I think he got a big kick out of seeing me smile like a fool. ^_^

  4. Even better was the guy who was smoking a cigarette while trying to pump his gas.  He couldn't figure out why I wouldn't turn the pump on for him.

    Oh Heavens. Maybe his brain was to fried from smoking.


    That would be my guess. The worst part was he looked at me like I was the idiot.

  5. One of our cats has decided that anything on the floor is a cat toy. So, if he sees something on the counter, or table, etc he will jump up knock it on the floor then jump down and play with it. He also likes to play in boxes. Especially boxes I am trying to cut up to put in the recycle. I have to be careful to move cat tail out of my way before I run the box cutter over the cardboard.

  6. When I worked for AmPm I had a woman from Oregon come in and ask how to pump gas as she had never done it before. I explained to her that she just had to take the nozzle off the pump, lift the lever, stick the pump in her gas tank and squeeze the handle on the nozzle. She said, "Oh, that's pretty simple." She goes out to the pump, takes the nozzle out, lifts the lever and puts it back down, then tries to pump the gas. I tell her to leave the lever up when she comes in to tell me that it won't work. She goes out and does the same lift down manuever a few times. I had to send my back up out to start the gas going.


    Even better was the guy who was smoking a cigarette while trying to pump his gas. He couldn't figure out why I wouldn't turn the pump on for him.

  7. We had a pretty simple wedding. My parents paid for pretty much everything. The ceremony was pretty casual. Wedding party and guests were dressed well, but not formal.I tried to keep it at a reasonable price, as my parents are not rich. My (now ex) husband said he would abide by my choices. Read : Please leave me out of all that crap. It was a nice wedding.

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