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  1. I'm another no formal training type. I took art classes in junior high. The art teacher at the high school I went to was so popular that her classes were filled 5 minutes after reg opened. I was only there for two semesters anyway. I have just always loved being "artsy". Now if I can just get my butt in gear and start painting again.
  2. So, they're both pretty evil. Think Bill Gates has any stock in GW?
  3. Heh. When I saw the title, I thought it was a MicroSoft bashing thread. Guess that's what I get for living in the Pacific Northwest. I don't buy GW stuff, so I can't really comment on their evilness.
  4. When I signed into the boards today, I noticed that the date of my last visit was supposedly Feb 21 2005. I check in pretty much every day while I'm at work. Does anyone else have this and does anyone know what's up with it?
  5. Kinda depends on how many people are still playing. I just found this thread. I don't play on that server though, so I don't think I'm much good to you.
  6. I made databases for my books, Cd's and DVD's on my Yahoo group. I had to type everything in, but they don't take up space on my hard drive. Works pretty well for me.
  7. My mom loves to watch the lightening from storms. I can't deal with thunder storms. I have to hide somewhere. I'm totally phobic about it.
  8. Cross-stitch is my other main hobby. I also read, watch movies, listen to music, play WoW and other computer games, collect stuffed animals and Breyer horses. I do most of my reading and cross-stitching at work. Kinda weird to get payed to do my hobbies.
  9. Thank you! I was actually thinking of the Naked Gun ones, but all of those are horrible.
  10. Darn it. I wanted to have the smilie in the post. Pushed the wrong button, sorry folks.
  11. Since you're adding Ding Dongs to this, can I add Ho Ho's? I so love Ho Ho's.
  12. I also liked Howard the Duck. Ones I hated, Highlander 2 and 4 Those Leslie Neilson send ups of spy movies. Can't remember the names of any of them I agree on Leonard Part 6 Star Wars 1 and 2 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom I know there are more, just can't come up with them.
  13. Raiders of the Lost Ark Ladyhawke Princess Bride Monty Python and the Holy Grail Blazing Saddles Young Frankenstein Frisco Kid Matrix Aliens Dragonheart
  14. Cake. More specifically, chocolate cake with raspberry filling.
  15. Thanks folks. I knew somebody in here would have that.
  16. My roommate and I were doing a crossword this morning and we need a three letter word for a suburb of Melbourne. Any ideas?
  17. Zephyrus

    Ice Queen

    That really is a great base. The paint job on the mini is good too.
  18. Forgot to mention that Vampire : The Masquerade is out on DVD. Got it for my b-day last year.
  19. I would so love to see Roar on DVD. I loved that show. Some others I want are The Tick and Dangermouse. I'm going to start picking up the MacGyver DVD's soon. Both of my roommates roll their eyes at that. We watch Sopranos, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Law & Order, NYPD Blue and Angel regularly. Lots of Sci-fi channel shows too.
  20. Wow! That is one round kitty. Definitely cute.
  21. My roommate and I joined a gym last August. We went fairly regularly for awhile, then a few months ago I got sick, then he got sick and we weren't going. Started again on Monday. My stomach has been expanding, it was depressing me. I definitely feel a lot better after the workout.
  22. Was looking through it before I signed on here. There is some really fantastic work in there.
  23. Zephyrus


    I'm gonna go with Stern and vote for Alaine.
  24. I saw my brother and his friends painting and thought it would be fun. I made the mistake of showing my first finished piece to my brother. He looked at it, said I hate you, then brought me his minis to paint. I was about 15 then. Been painting off and on ever since. I'm 37 now.
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