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  1. Name of the west wind in greek mythology.
  2. I hope they don't go into the last two books. I thought 4 and 5 were just silly. Can't wait to go see this.
  3. I'm in the If I Like It And Have The Money For It I Buy It school. I do have arguements with myself sometimes. "You don't need that!" "But, it's so cool."
  4. That poor guy! I agree with the folks that think random stuff is better than V day stuff. It' never fun to be forced to do something romantic. The only thing I did on previous V days was to get a card for my soon to be ex. He never returned the favor. Most likely, my roomies and I will do the candy sale thing too. The only thing I'm planning on doing tonight when I get home is play WoW for awhile.
  5. She's terribly cute. Does she have a name?
  6. Go with the tomatoes and carrots. Adds color pretty well. If you want cheese, shredded Monterey Jack is really good in salads.
  7. I don't think that would work with this cat, Earthwalker. He's fearless and thinks everything is a good cat toy. he tries to kill the vacuum when we have it going.
  8. Zephyrus

    Breyer Model

    Definitely want to see the finished product on this.
  9. Lol Tommy. He may have considered that, but it's his cat.
  10. Sorry to hear that, as well. Hope everything turns out ok.
  11. Most of those don't bother me either. It is a funny read though. I have two older brothers, so I learned to look first in the bathroom. Funny thing about my current living arrangement, one of my roomies puts the seat and the lid down when he's done in there. He says he does it so the cat won't play in the toilet.
  12. My numbers were pretty much the same as Digital [email protected]'s. Little bit more on the True Neutral.
  13. In which case, it's Dreyer's and Edy's that are the same product. Too many types of ice cream, get confused easily.
  14. Edy's is Breyer's on the west coast.
  15. I didn't realize Coldstone was country wide. My other fav to get there is the Chocolate Indulgence. Chocolate ice cream, fudge sauce, brownie pieces and chocolate chips. Talk about overload! Yummmmm!
  16. Chocolate Chip Mint. There's a place called Coldstone Creamery here in Western Washington(maybe elsewhere too) that makes the ice cream in store. Great stuff.
  17. So, when did Bartok go from being a little white bat to a beefy barbarian guy?
  18. I'm playing on the Bronzebeard server with my roomies. I love the fact that they kept the humor in it.
  19. Gift cards seem to be popular gifts these days. I got one for Bed, Bath & Beyond from my parents and one for Target from my mother in law. Most of my other gifts were movies. Hellboy Director's Edition Seabiscuit Spiderman 2 2nd season of Stargate SG-1 Pirates of the Caribbean A set of sheets for my bed and WoW (early) from my roomies. Another friend gave me a keychain sized 1gb memory thing.
  20. There is a 5th EarthSea book. I believe it's called A Different Wind. Much better wrap up than Tehanu was. Anne McCaffrey kept her rights, that's the biggest reason White Dragon never made it. She hated what they were doing to it and pulled the plug. I'm not sure what happened to the miniseries SciFi was supposed to do of Pern. It just kind of disappeared.
  21. It only covers the first two books. We taped it, but haven't watched it yet.
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