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  1. I had that pic as a jigsaw puzzle. I loved that one.
  2. CSI is really good. I've always loved Law & Order. Stargate is way up there. I'm waiting rather impatiently for Earthsea to start. I loved those books.
  3. I work security. I don't get holidays off unless they fall on my regular days off. I'm terribly happy that Christmas is a Saturday this year. I will actually get to spend the whole day with my family.
  4. Yep, it's called The Hero and the Crown. There's a sequel to it called the Blue Sword. I love McKinley's work.
  5. I've been looking through the H & H winner's Circle site. My credit card is starting to whimper.
  6. Thanks for the links and pics, LT. If I can't find the models at my hobby store I will go through one of those sites. Bunnypuncher, that's too funny.
  7. Zephyrus

    Work Areas

    Soon as I rearrange my room I will have a painting space again. It will be small, but it will be a space. Haven't been able to paint since January.
  8. That is a gorgeous car Rowdymon.
  9. I'd like to get in on this too. Most of Charles de Lint's books are stand alones. Robin McKinley's are too. Patricia McKillip wrote the Riddle Master of Hed books if I remember right. They were great.
  10. That would be too cool. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Lady Tam. I shall go looking for Flame. There's a hobby shop not too far from where I live that carries Breyer. Sounds like a good thing to do this weekend.
  12. Lady Tam is right. I meant buying the hardbacks and weeding out the paperbacks. Sorry, I didn't make very clear. There's Breyer model of Flame!? I've never seen that one. How old is it and can I still get one? I still need to find the Black Stallion one for that matter. Has anyone seen the Black Beauty family set recently? Looking for those also.
  13. I would like to know that too.
  14. I saw a raven, plumage pale I saw him drink the blood of the gael Wolfstone
  15. I am a horse lover too. I've never ridden, but would love to learn. Watching races and show jumping were my favorite things when I was younger. Can't really do that anymore. My roomies aren't into horse sports. I still collect Breyers. Last one I bought was Seattle Slew. I want to convert my paperback Black Stallion books into hardback. Hard to find them though.
  16. That's funny. There are days when I would love to give one to my soon to be ex.
  17. Zephyrus


    Just make sure the "practice" doesn't make any permanent additions to the family. Provided you don't want them.
  18. I've been playing City of Heroes lately. Non online games have been Morrowind and Lord of the Realms 3. Small bit of Dungeon Siege also. My roommate has been playing thief 3 and Battle Field : Vietnam. He's been swearing at both lots.
  19. I agree. You can never have too many dragons. That one is great! Gonna need filler in a number of places, but still very nice.
  20. I play Evercrack. I don't really have any new suggestions for games. Unless you want a humorous fantasy game, then I would suggest Dungeon Keeper. I so love slapping chickens.
  21. Will this be ongoing? If it's going next year too, I'll be able to participate.
  22. We have used coins, dice and Hershey's Kisses. The kisses were fun, whenever one of us killed something we got to eat it.
  23. A little old lady is working in her garden and finds a bottle. She takes the cork out and a genie appears. He says she can have three wishes. She points to her small house and says "Make it a castle." The genie does this. She points to herself and says "Make me a beautiful princess." The genie does it. She points to her cat and says "Make him a handsome prince." The genie does it. The prince looks at his princess and says "Bet you're mad you got me fixed."
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