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  1. Here's one that Frosch will like "Kiss that frog!" Peter Gabriel
  2. You want a lot of naked minis (yes they have naked males) go to Hobbyonline. Just about everything they have is like that.
  3. Be quicker of mind than of tongue. Unknown
  4. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Emerson
  5. Friends, they cherish each others hopes, they are kind to each others dreams. Thoreau
  6. "Your imperfections are what make you beautiful." Sandra Bullock.
  7. I got this one from a friend of mine. An agnostic man died. He was surprised to find himself with St. Peter. St. Peter told him that he had been a good man and told him to follow. The first place they went was a beautiful wheat field with a river nearby. St. Peter said "This is elysium, where the greek heroes came when they died. You may stay here if you wish, but let me show you the other places we have." They came to a place of lovely fjords and forests. St. Peter said "This is Valhalla. They have great parties here. You may stay here if you wish, but let me show you more." They went through several other "heavens" then came to a wall. The man could not see the top of the wall nor either end of it. He looked at St. Peter and said "What's with the wall?" St. Peter said "Shh. The Christians are on the other side and they think they're the only ones here."
  8. I rather doubt that you are funny looking lStorm. I had a book with 101 elephant jokes in it and really don't want to get into them. Some of them are truly awful. Of course, If I can't come up with something better....
  9. I was trying to be nice and not get into the stupid elephant jokes. :)
  10. Shhhhh!!! Don't tell everybody! :) Hi Cripdyke, doing pretty good. We are connected at work again. (Yay!!) I am working swing again so I am much happier and much more awake. Been trying to get the group to go to Powell's soon. We shall see. Congrats on the house.
  11. I've never been very good at naming my chars. Here are the ones I can remember : Everquest chars Aderra Human Shadowknight Bogurim Orge Warrior Maraina Erudite Paladin Ninieve Wood elf Ranger (I got the name from Arthurian legend, not Wheel of Time) Thiawolf Half elf (I believe) Druid (My husband made the char for me as a Christmas gift) Zasteena Dark elf Enchanter General names Minolin Drow warrior wizard Kurroc Minotaur Paladin Korrim Human thief Kianna Half elf Cleric Poof Bat Sorcerer (Long story)
  12. I got this from my mom, who got it from her bowling team. So, it's not my fault! Did you hear, they caught Osama Bin Laden? They sprayed his country with Viagra and the p***k stood up.
  13. That would be so incredibly cool!! My husband would hide my credit card though.
  14. An adorable little girl walks into a pet store and asks the owner if he has any rabbits. He says "Yes, I do. Would you like a fluffy black one or a fuzzy white one?" The girl looks at him and says "I don't think my python will care."
  15. A brunette, a red head and a blonde are arrested in a small country. They are taken out at dawn to be shot. The brunette is first. As the captain is saying Ready, aim.... She yells Flood! The men look around and she runs for it. The red head is next. Again, Ready, aim... The red head yells Earthquake! Everyone looks around, she escapes too. The blonde is brought out. Ready, aim... She yells Fire!
  16. A blonde joke you have probably all heard : A blonde is driving down the road and sees another blonde rowing a boat in the middle of a field. The first blonde slams on the brakes and gets out of her car and starts screaming at the rower "It's blondes like you that give us all a bad name! If I could swim, I would come out there and beat the s**t out of you!"
  17. I was 15 and so depressed I couldn't deal with leaving the house much less school, etc. I saw my brother and one of his friends painting some minis and thought that looked like fun. I already had some paint and brushes of my own as I liked to paint white porcelain figurines. I asked my mom if I could do what Eric (my brother) was doing. She said sure (I think she was happy I showed an interest in something) and we went and bought an Elf Chariot mini. I painted it and went to ask Eric what he thought of it. He looked at it and said "I hate you." The next day he brought his collection of unpainted minis to me and asked me to paint them for him. I have been painting off and on ever since. As for playing, (I mentioned this elsewhere) Eric and his friends wanted a girl to play the female chars in the Dragonlance RPG. Didn't really play much until I made friends with my now husband. We have a regular gaming group going.
  18. Some favorite authors : Anne McCaffrey (Pern) Robin McKinley (All) Charles DeLint (Fairly recent reading) Esther Friesner (Good campy books) John Irving (Not Fantasy, but really good) I very much enjoyed the Black Company books, just finished reading Redwall and will be looking for the next one at the library soon. There is a fourth Earthsea book, Tehanu, in case people are interested. Haven't read the Thieves woeld books yet. I will when I get the time. In the middle of reading the Horseclans books by Robert Adams. They are not bad. I know I am forgetting a lot, but not thinking too well at the moment.
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