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  1. And does reaper have a set in stone way of producing sets that facilitates buying future paints without duplicates? I am talking about just the reaper MSP core set. Not bones. I want to set a plan to own the whole range as I've used reaper paints for a while. Some problems but I do really like them overall. After watching a recent well timed youtube vid I'm more dedicated to just slamming down hundreds of dollars to lock in a good paint range. I've looked at the website and there are just so many sets and names of sets and different ways they describe the set. Idk if Core Colors Set #2 has duplicates of Core Colors Master Set (09001-09270). Is it one duplicate or 50. Do if I buy both naming shemes will i get two of each color? I just want to know how to buy the whole range and if I buy them when reaper releases new paints how do purchase just the ones I don't have. I am not of fan of adding 40 new paints to cart, Lets be real this paint range is one of the cheaper ones and I love a bulk buy discount. (The youtube vid placed reaper #2 overall paint range which is why im willing to go all in. Love the paints shoutout to shadowed steel)
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