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  1. Tis interesting that flag bearers cannot be leaders. Indeed, the grand ole rank of ENSIGN (used to be an Army rank also) was associated with the junior officer whose sole useful job was to carry the colors into battle. Back in Napoleonic times, this condition continued. I wonder when it become the task of the most ordinary soldier to carry the most hallowed posession of the regiment. Oh well, I guess that my wraiths will have to find a new banner bearer So what about Drum and Pipe Majors??? Lost Pict
  2. Lost Pict here! Got to love all the alligator luggage I've been making You know somepeople don't like lizards, but I think they taste just like chicken. Seriously, I do admit that the CKs (that is "croc killers") seriously rock. This new ability to suck the life out of the victims has made them a tough nut to crack. Of course vampire knights should be a bit difficult to overcome. Now what hasn't been said is how well those lizards pick their teeth with my skellies bones. They also take the wraiths and death riders with ease. The Grungebeastie is also a toughie. If he gets the opportunity to charge it is all over but the crying. I think the Necros are a pretty good analog to the modern US Army. The CKs are the M1 Abrams, the death riders are the Bradleys, the Cyrpt Bats are the Air Cav, and Naomi is the 155mm artillery. In the open desert unstoppable; but in the cities more vulnerable. The Reptus just need to pick the right time and place. That is what I'll have to do when we switch sides. P.S. Mooseyjoe is a good sport about this - he even did the dishes tonight
  3. Good ole' North Carolina CHEERWINE - kinda like cherry coke.
  4. Krungbeast is best barbequed with an eastern North Carolina vineagar based sauce. Krungbeast is tough so it may require a little meat tenderizing. I recommend using 6 Crimson Knights for the job. Leave the meat skewered on the swords and place him on a hickory fire for 8 hours, remember to baste often and keep slowly turning him over the coals. This makes an excellent main course for pulled or sliced BBQ. I suggest you accompany him with hushpuppies, coleslaw, and maybe some reptus brunswick stew. Serves an infinite number of undead (since we don't eat) If you perfer krungbeast sushi, I suggest you use a RONCO Bonehorror to prepare your meal. In 3 quick turns the Bonehorror will slice and dice the Krungbeast. You then apply a liberal quantity of wasabe and reptus pate. Remember sushi should always be served fresh. If you cannot eat it all in one setting, promptly refrigerate. Yum! Yum! Lost Pict
  5. These look kewl , especially when they are lying dead on the table, but that is OK - dear old dead Dad recruits them to the ways of Thule. Beaming Lord of Thule, Lost Pict
  6. Oh Boy, can't wait. I get to slake my thirst at last. Thanks for the info.
  7. Thats a tasty looking lizard - maybe I will invite for supper.
  8. Elvises are pretty vulnerable to Air Mobile Infantry. Watch out for Death from Above, aka Crypt Bats, Gargoyle, or Succubus. These lads can pretty much be all over you in three shakes of a lambs tale. I would recommend an Eagle for your Combat Air Patrol. Scry shooting mages can also ruin your day.
  9. Since no one will spill the beans as to the contents of the Necronomican, I was wondering when it will be available for ordering? Come on throw the skellies a bone???
  10. Henceforth to be known as the Elevator Man - torso on floor 3 and legs in the basement.
  11. The Bone Horror is going to hunt you down just for asking advice on how to hurt him.
  12. So here is another one, what is the thinking about non-corporeal beings? Are they normally corporeal and just turn a little misty to pass through things OR are they normally misty and turn a little solid to hit things? If they are turning misty to pass through things, why does this not require "Invoke Special Ability" action? If they are mostly misty, how come arrows can hit them while they are non-corporeal. Just wondering what the concept is behind the rules.
  13. So I was wondering if the Vampires will be able to do any of the traditional Dracula tricks? Such as healing themselves by slaking their thirst on their victims, flying, turning into a "creature of the night", calling a creature night, turn to mist, cannot cross moving water, make new vampires, burn in the sun, etc. within the context of the game
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