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  1. ReaperCon is sold out or that particular class? I'm not too familiar, but hoping to attend ReaperCon next year and would really like to take some classes.
  2. Thanks for the info on the numbering, that is good to know for sorting out my paint rack! Thanks all for the replies. I now know about Pokey Tools, and will order some to try out!
  3. First, I'm wondering if there is a good way to keep the bottle tips from clogging up with paint? I've ran into this several times and I end up taking the bottle(s) to the sink with a toothpick and spend a good minute or so trying to clean dried paint out of the tip. Doesn't happen with all the bottles, but it's a pain how it can really slow down your work. Second, I'm curious about the gaps in the numbering (like 9073, in-between Rust Brown 9072 and Palomino Gold 9074). I'm guessing where there is a gap, it means a paint has been discontinued. Does that also mean that the number gets retired or would a different paint go in that slot at a different date? I'm curious, because I order and label my paint rack by the paint numbers. Thanks for any answers! I started using Reaper Paints for about a year now and they have been pretty amazing. So glad to have found them!
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