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  1. I would like to see the "U-tube" video, of you putting that on a cat.....
  2. ....one can apply a strong 'hi-lite' before dip'n.
  3. ...as long as it is not a 13-year-old, I'll have a chance.
  4. Well done on the 'camo' outline...'brush-control' is improving.
  5. ....thanks for the 'screen saver'.
  6. ooooooo.....really like the smooth blends on this one...the metal is Outstanding!
  7. Outstanding! Dulcote - shake well, reapply
  8. nice work Barry....What is the 'green' on the 'Hubries' base?
  9. paint out of the 'lid'...add water to the 'lid' paint
  10. Well done...Would you explain the basing process? Thanks for your time.
  11. ...that's the "kiddies" who don't know about the 'surrender' button.
  12. I've used this resource Warflag, used 'color-printer' and sprayed with 'sealer'.
  13. Using MSPs from the "Olive Drab" or "Camo-Greens" triad will work.
  14. Apply another coat of 'silver' to the 'blotchy' areas...brush the paint on one-time, do not touch/brush the wet paint. Metalics do not like to be touched, after being brushed-on.
  15. ...there are some examples in the "Painted Figure" gallery.
  16. Lets see... there's the stormy, long, dark and the good.
  17. Hobby-Lobby, Wal-Mart or Home-Depot will have "3 to 4" brush packs for $2...good for painting non-minis.
  18. I'll be at 'Skirmish' running a game, yall have fun.
  19. Congratulations to Mr. Jones and thanks for posting, Heisler.
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