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  1. The major strength in including archers and Mages, especially in the same troop, is that there actions occur at different times. This means that you can combo their attacks for some serious benefits. For example, hit that High armor hero with a spell nocking it down to a lower damage track, then follow up with archer fire. The archers will have an easier time hitting the hero because his or her armor is lessed due to the spell that hit him or her earlier. Another example would be to pummel a unit of grunts with arrows then hit that troop with a firestorm, knocking out any that fell but were awaiting a toughness check. the benefits to troop variety can be very important, but then again play to your strengths and you will always do better.
  2. That would prove that my beloved Darkspawn are the most evil faction.
  3. Two things about the list, the spawn actualy isn't the hardest hitting thing about the list. The hardest hitting piece of my list is the unit with broken fodder and pain tenders. The paintenders provide support for the brokken and that makes them very hard hitting and with a good stream of pain tokkens I can keep them fighting strong. The soul tender hasn't done much, except it seems to draw a lot of attention leaving my lower grunts, the true power house of the force, to get into mellee range, especially with the 12 inch charge of the brokken. The sould tender doesn't kill much but it does the job I want it to do. And three archers tend to be plenty.
  4. I have been looking over the posts and seeign the armies and have come to the conclusion that the list I have been using is vastly different than the ones posted. I love spells, and particularly the witch queen. Yet, my 750 point army uses no magic, whatsoever. And for the record I have now used it 5 times and have not lost with it yet. Total points: 747 Troop 1- 286 pts Javolith 4 broken fodder 3 paintenders 1 musician Troop 2- 233 pts Vysa 4 Isiri warriors 3 Isiri Archers Troop 3- 183 pts Spawn of Mashaf Troop 4- 45pts Soultender I am sure on theory this army could be taken apart but it has never failed me.
  5. Is anyone else incredibly anxious to see a model for Rautheros?
  6. I love doing this with my fodder, I already have 6 of the models and plan on at least one more booster
  7. Mage Heavy Forces aer phenominally fun. I can remember getting off 4 fireballs in the first round of a game and reaking havoc on the moral of the other player. I think his quote when I got to the fourth was some thing on the lines of "How many of those do you have." I wraked up tons of pain tokens and from their I merely mowed down the rest with lighter spells, arrows and melee and was able to raise many a grunt with pain tokens. Spells are simply fun, plus a witch Queen with Greater magical empowerment hits most things without a role and even tough to hit models are easy with a casting power of 10.
  8. you just aren't getting lucky enough to find them. I have purchased 2 blisters already from my FLGS. Good Luck Finding them.
  9. I am proud to be the first player to add in my thoughts on our beloved vile army of the Isiri. I will begin this thread by stating how glad I am to finally have almost every model released from the coure book. Only two more to go and I can be sated, until that time when the faction book is released.
  10. I definitely will be getting this model for my group of Broken Fodder.
  11. I have been eagerly awaiting the arival of Broken fodder so that I might purchase them and add their oficial minis to my army. And, I am very excited to see that the minis have arived in the gallery after what has felt like months since I first saw a green for one. The models loof phenominal and it will be exciting to run arounf the board with corrupted crusaders, dwarves and a bull orc. Yet, I am now confused. The model up in the greens gallery at the reaper minis page is not one of the three models in the mini gallery. Are we never going to see that original green made into a purchasable model? Can someone aleviate my confusion.
  12. I tend to use a lot of Blues Purples and Dark Reds. I like the idea of red Demons so my Gurus is currently a blood red and my other demons will follow suit in some way. Along the lines of the ritual creatures I have gone with making them stand out some but not too much. My general rule has been to tie the entire faction together with purple. At least some piece on every model has purple on them. Besides that I have used pretty much every color in my box at some point. Once I get the hang of taking pictures with my new camera I will be posting my painted models but until then descriptions will have to suffice.
  13. I love the female necromancer, I think she would make a great substitute for my pain mage when I feel like spicing up my model use
  14. I am going to have to go with the Witch queen. She is a great spell caster but she is also fairly cheep. She is incredibly versatile, she adds an extra card for the tactician. point for point she is a great cost. She can be cheap or expensive but basically the cost is more dependant on how you want to use her. But then again I am biased and simply enjoy my evil demons and demon/elves.
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