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  1. Howdy y'all! I finally set up a photobucket account to store all my pics. Here's the URL: PewterMonkey mini album It's not very full. I'll keep adding more stuff. Hope you like what you see in there Cheers, --PM
  2. The statement is true. However, if you gradually selling higher quality on Ebay (not the other way around), people will start noticing your growth/improvement and they will bid higher. This happened to me. My starting price varies from model to model. If the quality is low, I start with low price (usually $9.99 - $14.99). For higher quality piece, I start from mid price ($24.99 - 34.99). I haven't had lots of experience on selling stuff on Ebay, but advertisement along with good pictures really helps if you want to build credibility/existence. My 3rd auction was a Warmachine figure, Skarre. Who'd thought it went for $96! For an Ebay newbie, that's pretty awesome! (at least for me ) So that's my share on selling minis on Ebay from newbie to newbie Cheers, --PM
  3. I'm soo jealous! Anyway, have fun, all of you. And yes, please be kind to share to all of us that are unable to go. --PM
  4. WOW! Awesome stuff you have there. Love the dark paladin, female necromancer and Kristianna. When will they be available? --PM
  5. Why not spray dullcote to the figure before you apply more paint on to it? Dull cote gives micro-fine texture on the surface. I remembered there's a topic in the forum that mentioned Jen and Lili priming figure with Dullcote. --PM
  6. Thank you guys! I also like how the blue turns out. Reaper Master Series Blues really are great triads! --PM
  7. Here he is - the Eldar Warlock. Spent about 8 hours on him. I also posted him on CMON: Eldar Warlock at CMON Comments/critiques will be appreciated :) --PM
  8. Just watched it. It's awesome and funny too! They did a great job at it. --PM
  9. Thanks, battlemountainminis For the hair, I basecoated with black, followed by MS Sapphire Blue, MS Marine Teal, and MS Blue Aqua mixed with MS Ghostly White. Best, PM
  10. <speechless> </speechless> That's the BEST NMM Chrome effect I've ever seen applied on weapons! --PM
  11. Thank you, Anne and Derek. Unfortunately, I don't have those color, would you kindly translate it in Reaper Master Series color (or Vallejo)? Thanks, --PM
  12. I vote for greenish tint but... purplish brown grey tint ala Brom works as well Darn undead! How come it's harder to paint their skin color than regular living creatures? --PM
  13. Thanks for the compliments and critiques, everyone! Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the horn either and maybe for the second one, I'll put more detail work on the cloak. I learned on how to paint hair on this figure. Now it "click" to me on how to do it properly - LOL. Not perfect yet, but it definitely looks better than my other ones Thanks again, everybody. --PM
  14. Wow! That's an awesome paint job! It's so crisp and smooth. Love the base, too! --PM
  15. Oh... forgive me. I used the same pictures as the one I use on the Ebay auction that's currently running right now. Thanks for the compliments y'all, reading all the tips here really help me. --PM
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