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  1. Howdy y'all! I finally set up a photobucket account to store all my pics. Here's the URL: PewterMonkey mini album It's not very full. I'll keep adding more stuff. Hope you like what you see in there Cheers, --PM
  2. The statement is true. However, if you gradually selling higher quality on Ebay (not the other way around), people will start noticing your growth/improvement and they will bid higher. This happened to me. My starting price varies from model to model. If the quality is low, I start with low price (usually $9.99 - $14.99). For higher quality piece, I start from mid price ($24.99 - 34.99). I haven't had lots of experience on selling stuff on Ebay, but advertisement along with good pictures really helps if you want to build credibility/existence. My 3rd auction was a Warmachine figure, Skarre. Who'd thought it went for $96! For an Ebay newbie, that's pretty awesome! (at least for me ) So that's my share on selling minis on Ebay from newbie to newbie Cheers, --PM
  3. I'm soo jealous! Anyway, have fun, all of you. And yes, please be kind to share to all of us that are unable to go. --PM
  4. WOW! Awesome stuff you have there. Love the dark paladin, female necromancer and Kristianna. When will they be available? --PM
  5. Why not spray dullcote to the figure before you apply more paint on to it? Dull cote gives micro-fine texture on the surface. I remembered there's a topic in the forum that mentioned Jen and Lili priming figure with Dullcote. --PM
  6. Thank you guys! I also like how the blue turns out. Reaper Master Series Blues really are great triads! --PM
  7. Here he is - the Eldar Warlock. Spent about 8 hours on him. I also posted him on CMON: Eldar Warlock at CMON Comments/critiques will be appreciated :) --PM
  8. Just watched it. It's awesome and funny too! They did a great job at it. --PM
  9. Thanks, battlemountainminis For the hair, I basecoated with black, followed by MS Sapphire Blue, MS Marine Teal, and MS Blue Aqua mixed with MS Ghostly White. Best, PM
  10. <speechless> </speechless> That's the BEST NMM Chrome effect I've ever seen applied on weapons! --PM
  11. Thank you, Anne and Derek. Unfortunately, I don't have those color, would you kindly translate it in Reaper Master Series color (or Vallejo)? Thanks, --PM
  12. I vote for greenish tint but... purplish brown grey tint ala Brom works as well Darn undead! How come it's harder to paint their skin color than regular living creatures? --PM
  13. Thanks for the compliments and critiques, everyone! Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the horn either and maybe for the second one, I'll put more detail work on the cloak. I learned on how to paint hair on this figure. Now it "click" to me on how to do it properly - LOL. Not perfect yet, but it definitely looks better than my other ones Thanks again, everybody. --PM
  14. Wow! That's an awesome paint job! It's so crisp and smooth. Love the base, too! --PM
  15. Oh... forgive me. I used the same pictures as the one I use on the Ebay auction that's currently running right now. Thanks for the compliments y'all, reading all the tips here really help me. --PM
  16. Howdy! This is my first post in this category. I painted her in about 12 hours (I think). Let me know what you think. --PM
  17. We know about the black primer cult... We know that almost all mini-painters are brush licker... Now we present you the ... glue licker --PM
  18. Wow! Brilliant colors! I like how you use white for highlight - that really makes the minis *pop*. I want them --PM
  19. Very nice! I like the color scheme that you picked. The skintone really makes her alive! Great job!
  20. I can only say : WOW!!! I'm lovin' it! This is the most beautiful version of Kara. Great job! Now I'm gonna trash mine. <klunk> --PM
  21. It will be good to store gunk or any color mix for lifetime supply --PM
  22. I think it's more like the more you buy the lower the price. And isn't PSI the maker of green stuff? So maybe that's why their price is cheaper compared to other private label green stuff who bought the green stuff from PSI? --PM
  23. HC, Vallejo website has a pretty good and detailed tutorial how to create *blend* effect with layering. Below is the URL: http://www.ttfxmedia.com/vallejo/cgi-bin/_...elcolortecnicas I think this article is also in the Darkson Designs Painting book --PM
  24. Or you can also put the GS in the freezer. It will actually stop the curing process of the GS. Take it out whenever you need it again. --PM
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