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  1. Ironworker

    Death Guard Plague Marines

    Haven't posted here in forever so why not start with some GW figs even though I've been painting more Reaper lately. Extensive guide to how I painted these here: https://ironworkersminiatures.blogspot.com/2018/12/warhammer-40000-first-strike-death.html
  2. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any advice for sealing the translucent Bones figures. I just painted the large fire giant and I would like to seal him but I don't want to used Testor ultra flat because I don't think that would work. I was thinking of painting the elemental itself with a coat of future floor polish and the base up with Testor's. Has anyone tried that? I'm worried about using any other sealer because of off gassing.
  3. They Krylon I used seems to be doing fine after several days but I will be switching to Testors anyway.
  4. Well I couldn't get the forums to load yesterday after I finish my wife and I painted up a few bones so I just went with my Krylon Matte stand by. Hope it works. I did clean and prime them before hand. I have some testors which I usually hold back for nicer minis because it's more expensive and easier for me to find in a small town. I'll let you know the results.
  5. I got the vampire kickstarter. A lot of the figs look great but there are a few that didn't translate well. The fine detail ones suffer the worst. The more robust sculpts seem to have translated the best. Mold line are a pain but not much worse than other plastic figs.
  6. Ironworker

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    Military looking male snipers. A Nova sniper and some Nova riot troopers with riot shields and battons. Also a Nova trooper with a grenade launcher.
  7. Ironworker

    Dwarf Fighter

    Yes I used a dark green mixed with black as the base then added a medium blue wash and a purple wash. I also lightly drybrushed on some straw yellow before the last grey highlight.
  8. Ironworker

    Dwarf Fighter

    Haven't painted any fantasy figures in quite a while. I painted this up for a fantasy game project I am starting.
  9. Ironworker

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    A mustached Private Dectective wearing a Hawaian shirt and shorts and a baseball cap armed with a .45 Automatic. A buff African American pilot with very short hair wearing a muscle shirt and BDU style pants. A suave looking dude in an early 80s style suit with no tie. A stuffy looking english gentleman in tropical dress with binoculars and an ascot. I think you know what I'm looking for. :)
  10. Ironworker

    General Drake as Red Skull

    That looks great man!
  11. Ironworker

    2010 Roll call

    Well my primary project for 2010 will be my spaceport with hopefully fully playable buildings. Staff or inhabitants for each structure and about 10-12 ships with crews. I'm guessing that's going to run about 200 minis at least.
  12. Ironworker

    December Roll Call

    School and baby have made having other hobbies kinda difficult lately but I actually managed to get some painting done this month for the first time in a bit. These were a group effort. I painted the woman in the nighty eating the arm, the guy in the orange shirt, and the construction worker. My wife painted the cop and the guy in the black suit and my wife an daughter painted the kid and the other woman. The figs are Reaper Chronoscope and RAFM's modern Cuthulu line.
  13. Ironworker

    Painted Pathfinder minis from Reaper

    Looks a lot like a hoot to me. I can see where you could make that mistake. Nice work!
  14. Ironworker

    Sarah the Seeress

    She looks good man. I dig the skin tones.