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  1. It's mattboard cut into squares and rectangles then glued to masonite and painted. My wife and Daughter made it over a decade ago. Took quite a while.
  2. I actually have quite a few. For a little while you could buy the sprue directly from GW.
  3. My September goal is to paint what I was suppose to in August when I got off track building terrain.
  4. This project has turned into a larger Frostgrave Terrain project. More pictures and a few notes about the project can be found on my blog.
  5. Just though I would post my WIP ruins inspired by the Youtuber Black Magic Craft: I've got a detailed write up of my project on my blog: http://ironworkersminiatures.blogspot.com/2019/08/black-magic-craft-inspired-modular-ruins.html
  6. I've fallen a bit behind for the month so far. I have about 11 miniatures from my existing collection painted but I have not yet based up my new figures. This is partially because I left my bases at my wife's apartment when I was visiting here and also because I spent a lot of the last week setting up my new studio and game room. Oh and I started a new major terrain project. I hope to finish most of what I posed but I don't know that I will get all of them done.
  7. I got my order in Tuesday and I've already painted 7 miniatures from my collection. I plan to have this stuff based and ready to paint by the end of the day Saturday.
  8. Nice paint jobs! I feel the crab needs a shank....
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