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  1. It's mattboard cut into squares and rectangles then glued to masonite and painted. My wife and Daughter made it over a decade ago. Took quite a while.
  2. I actually have quite a few. For a little while you could buy the sprue directly from GW.
  3. My September goal is to paint what I was suppose to in August when I got off track building terrain.
  4. This project has turned into a larger Frostgrave Terrain project. More pictures and a few notes about the project can be found on my blog.
  5. Just though I would post my WIP ruins inspired by the Youtuber Black Magic Craft: I've got a detailed write up of my project on my blog: http://ironworkersminiatures.blogspot.com/2019/08/black-magic-craft-inspired-modular-ruins.html
  6. I've fallen a bit behind for the month so far. I have about 11 miniatures from my existing collection painted but I have not yet based up my new figures. This is partially because I left my bases at my wife's apartment when I was visiting here and also because I spent a lot of the last week setting up my new studio and game room. Oh and I started a new major terrain project. I hope to finish most of what I posed but I don't know that I will get all of them done.
  7. I got my order in Tuesday and I've already painted 7 miniatures from my collection. I plan to have this stuff based and ready to paint by the end of the day Saturday.
  8. Nice paint jobs! I feel the crab needs a shank....
  9. I plan to paint these models I just ordered and at least another 15 models from my unpainted collection. 03396 Lazarus Ashwinter, Cleric - 5.99 x 1 5.99 44021 Maggotcrown Bonesack - 3.99 x 1 3.99 44026 Razormouth - 3.99 x 1 3.99 44032 Dreadmere Fishing Boat - 3.99 x 1 3.99 44034 Maggotcrown Men at Arms (3) - 8.99 x 3 26.97 44049 Stone Lurker - 4.99 x 1 4.99 44008 Bones Black: Anthanelle, Elf Wizard x 1 FREE
  10. Thanks I was really happy with the way the Lizardmen turned out.
  11. Well I finally did it. I finally painted all the miniatures from an order before making the next order. I feel like I leveled up. I ordered these minis at the end of June and had them painted by the end of July. They are painted with GW contrast paints and Vallejo and GW metallics.
  12. Haven't posted here in forever so why not start with some GW figs even though I've been painting more Reaper lately. Extensive guide to how I painted these here: https://ironworkersminiatures.blogspot.com/2018/12/warhammer-40000-first-strike-death.html
  13. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any advice for sealing the translucent Bones figures. I just painted the large fire giant and I would like to seal him but I don't want to used Testor ultra flat because I don't think that would work. I was thinking of painting the elemental itself with a coat of future floor polish and the base up with Testor's. Has anyone tried that? I'm worried about using any other sealer because of off gassing.
  14. They Krylon I used seems to be doing fine after several days but I will be switching to Testors anyway.
  15. Well I couldn't get the forums to load yesterday after I finish my wife and I painted up a few bones so I just went with my Krylon Matte stand by. Hope it works. I did clean and prime them before hand. I have some testors which I usually hold back for nicer minis because it's more expensive and easier for me to find in a small town. I'll let you know the results.
  16. I got the vampire kickstarter. A lot of the figs look great but there are a few that didn't translate well. The fine detail ones suffer the worst. The more robust sculpts seem to have translated the best. Mold line are a pain but not much worse than other plastic figs.
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