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  1. This sums up the rate at which i get to a mini. Almost a year late for Halloween…better late than never!
  2. Impressive work, extremely clean and well photographed…A+
  3. Been debating getting this set…your paint jobs do it justice
  4. A lot of nooks and crannies and you have to handle it with your hands while you work on it so i imagine some rubbing frustrations…reasons why mine still sits haha but you did a great job!
  5. This is awesome! Very inspiring! My favorite part other than the concept as a whole is your non metallic work.
  6. Always a fan of some terrain being thrown down on the table, this would certainly liven up the board! I particularly like scattered objects (like your shield) to spark a players imagination and i think the leaves were a nice touch!
  7. I dont think its stealing but a high compliment to Metalchaos for his inspirational paint job. You did well too!
  8. Love this sculpt! Need more minis with some girth to them. I like the skin tone you achieved as per recommendation
  9. There is definitely an art in itself to photographing a miniature well. An art i have yet grasp and i feel this miniature demonstrates that. Blown out facial tones as well as sky blue that i felt was rather smooth that just looks splotchy. Flat boring browns etcetera…That being said i did manage a small amount of greenstuff work (as i am amateur at best at that too) to cover up the uncomfortable amount of cleavage i feel a nun should have. C&C always welcome good or bad (i wont be offended)
  10. Quite gross in an awesome way! Hard to choose a favorite for me out of the group as i like them all!
  11. Very colorful quartet! With those vibrant outfits yet battle ready poses im getting vibes of adventuring party by day, eccentric musical band by night
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