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  1. This sums up the rate at which i get to a mini. Almost a year late for Halloween…better late than never!
  2. Impressive work, extremely clean and well photographed…A+
  3. Been debating getting this set…your paint jobs do it justice
  4. A lot of nooks and crannies and you have to handle it with your hands while you work on it so i imagine some rubbing frustrations…reasons why mine still sits haha but you did a great job!
  5. This is awesome! Very inspiring! My favorite part other than the concept as a whole is your non metallic work.
  6. Always a fan of some terrain being thrown down on the table, this would certainly liven up the board! I particularly like scattered objects (like your shield) to spark a players imagination and i think the leaves were a nice touch!
  7. I dont think its stealing but a high compliment to Metalchaos for his inspirational paint job. You did well too!
  8. Love this sculpt! Need more minis with some girth to them. I like the skin tone you achieved as per recommendation
  9. There is definitely an art in itself to photographing a miniature well. An art i have yet grasp and i feel this miniature demonstrates that. Blown out facial tones as well as sky blue that i felt was rather smooth that just looks splotchy. Flat boring browns etcetera…That being said i did manage a small amount of greenstuff work (as i am amateur at best at that too) to cover up the uncomfortable amount of cleavage i feel a nun should have. C&C always welcome good or bad (i wont be offended)
  10. Quite gross in an awesome way! Hard to choose a favorite for me out of the group as i like them all!
  11. Very colorful quartet! With those vibrant outfits yet battle ready poses im getting vibes of adventuring party by day, eccentric musical band by night
  12. I like the duality of base environments between this and your last vampire! I too try and give a mini some snow and often come away disappointed with my results haha all in all well done
  13. I agree with everyone, contrast of the dark bug bear against the punkin looks nice! Could maybe add another pumpkin to the base to add to the idea of dark camouflage in a bright pumpkin patch
  14. Good job on them! She has a determined look as if saying ”Be my friend or else!”
  15. A lot of skin showing here, usually worries me but you did a good job!
  16. I shall look to this again for inspiration when i eventually get around to mine. Good job!
  17. Felt rather guilty debuting with a non-reaper mini..so to right that wrong, a double feature! Finished up Goose Lady this weekend and the mercenaries a couple weekends prior. C&C always welcome
  18. Nice pale evil looking skin, i feel the base really sets the mood as well!
  19. Thats a lot of work there! Nice job! My favorite group are the bioshock looking big daddies.
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