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  1. I dont know but a mini who has a hoard of small animals with/on him always does it for me! Well done!
  2. Excellent work on all three! The milkmaid is my favorite, like Iridil and Chaoswolf say about the free hand and small detail but i really like what you did with her bucket. On the sage, well done sneaking those eyes behind the glasses. The dancing girl, i like the contrast you have with the blue of her dress against her dark skin and lastly i applaud you for your experimentation on sheer fabric, i think its a nice touch.
  3. I imagine that was one satisfied hill giant when she found a pan big enough to fry up humans hole…the guy in the middle is actually painted to match the scene…though i think they cooked him a little long
  4. Good job here and i enjoy the creative backstory! Eye for an eye…brings dinner for the tribe!
  5. Looks good! My favorite parts would be the freehand on the cape and the battle scene base
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  7. Hello all! Ive been a watcher on the wall on the reaper forum for a few years now admiring everyone’s great posts. After some convincing from some friends i have finally joined the forum fun! So official first post…hope y’all enjoy!
  8. Well done paint job! I especially appreciate your white work and you nailed his face!
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