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  1. Bringing things back on topic... I'd like to see more aberrations: Bathalians, Goroloth, Brain Horror, Gug, Desert Thing, Blabbering Horrors, etc. Blue translucent plastic: Wall of Ice, Water Elemental, Ice Demon, Ice Toad, etc. Razig and his mates are always welcome, too!
  2. Seems like a no-brainer as well. Some sort of giant alien blob-monster would also be appropriate, along with some dragons and demons.
  3. I'm not sure if I'm going to play or not, but I picked up both Lords of Cthul models on Ebay - at the very least, I'll rebase them for D&D. They look amazing! I'm kinda waiting to see what factions they add in the next set - I want to see some sea monsters!
  4. I'm painting up this fellow as a tiefling wizard for a 4e game I'm playing in: I find those complaining about Reaper making dragonborn and tiefling-ish miniatures a little silly -- it's not like either of these two concepts is particularly new, you can trace them back to 2e and in many cases 1e. But, none of this arguing really matters -- what matters is whether Reaper sees an uptick in sales of their Reptus and sales of their new Hellborn figures. ;)
  5. I disagree -- WotC is now the king of D&D monster figures (due to price, weight, etc) and Reaper remains king of interesting PC figs. If you don't want to represent your PC with a generic prepaint, you go to Reaper. The fact is that the bulk of Reaper's releases are either PC figs (this includes a lot of Warlord, too), with unique/special monsters coming in second, and general-use monsters last of all.
  6. Transparent plastics would be huge -- it's WotC's last major advantage, and their quality has been nosediving as of late, as they're giving on physical sculptors and doing everything with CAD, which is cool but man you lose detail like nobody's business. I'm rooting for you guys! :) One thing I think would be especially cool is if you guys could make plastic versions of warlord mooks, unpainted, for a cheaper pricepoint. With the right plastic mix, they might not even need to be primed, and then you could do a line of ready-to-paint plastic minis, which would rock. You'd probably want a harder, more brittle plastic to retain detail, though.
  7. Sadly, I have to agree with G_S. While I love the latest wave (the mindflayer is just far and above better than the recent WotC ones), there's no perception of movement, and launching 2 new metal lines in the meantime does definitely suggest that Reaper's not really super-focused in this area. Working in China does have significant time delays compared to the typical "all in-house" pewter setup, but it just doesn't appear that Reaper's giving the line much attention, and from the LE website, there's certainly no perception of attention/movement, which is really the critical thing from a customer point of view.
  8. YAY! Scuttlebones is awesome - I remember posting "wouldn't it be cool to have an Undead Crab Solo called Scuttlebones" a year ago, and now here he is! He must be added to the crew! :)
  9. This isn't a powergamer's wet dream - any competent munchkin will plan his character out from 1-30, or at least that's what all the ones I know did. What this will really help is new players, who make suboptimal choices when they start playing, and then want to change things as they figure out what's going on. This happened to me in my first game of 3.5, and I'm really excited that it won't be as much of an issue with introducing new folks to 4e.
  10. I find this statement especially ironic given that the 4e skill challenge system is D&D's first stab at something more like the social rulesets of Other Games. Also, what's a "serious role-player"?
  11. In the future, kindly keep the discussion on-topic, and avoid the personal attacks. It would also serve you well to read the posts here completely for comprehension; I did not slam the game, I merely stated facts and an opinion regarding the business practices of Wizards of the Coast, particularly as they have been handled since their acquistion by Hasbro. I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are yours. ~v
  12. I hope you get only a half order of Nerd Rage next time; it's not heart-healthy. :) It's a little beyond crass to slam the game with a blanket statement, while simultaneously indulging in copyright infringement to acquire it, don't you think?
  13. I've demoed 4e for two groups so far, and I friggin' love it -- the at-will/encounter/daily system (cribbed a little from true20) gives everyone fun stuff to do, wizards are less broken while still keeping their signature spells AND becoming more Vancian (in the "Jack" sense) in the process. The monsters are great -- each one has a few signature abilities that make them feel unique, and they're much, much easier to generate than they used to be.
  14. I'm looking for minis/parts of minis to make a Bone Ark and Axe Armor for a somewhat Castlevania-themed game. Any ideas? Bone Ark: Axe Armor:
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