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  1. My daughter runs the Sisters of the Blade. We use Skittles candies for her luck stones. She aquires a ton and sometimes uses them just because she wants one to eat. She also stomped all over my poor Reptus last time. Stupid chain lightning. dannibal
  2. More sunshiney puppies! I love using army builder. It is a great tool. I need to export my results to word to make 'em just the way I want 'em, but that's my OCD kicking in. When I'm in a hurry and just use the regular printouts, everything's fine. Actually, I am usually introducing the game to new players when I play, so I use the army builder stuff to help explain and orient the players. It works great! dannibal
  3. Thanks, we were leaning toward a Fight cover modifier too. Dannibal
  4. I've played a couple of games recently that involved archers standing behind a (level 1) wall to shoot and then later being attacked for a Fight Combat. One game we decided that mounted figures had to ride around to an opening in the wall, but mounted figures with Leap SA could go over the wall. Then, I noticed later that going over a wall just costs 1" of movement, like going up an elevation. So, 1) now I'm wondering what Leap is for? Another game, everyone was on foot and we decided that units that charged up to the other side of the wall could Fight the archers in Combat. 2) Was
  5. Here's one: I recently did a scenario that worked out nicely. It was a Reven, mostly goblin, army vs. Dwarves. We set up the table as a set of caverns. Inside the main cavern, the goblins had an alter where they had a captured Hammer of the Mountain God. The Dwarves' mission was to fight their way in, capture the hammer, (which could be used), and get back out. Most of the Reven were randomly distributed in the caverns and the Reven in each cavern started in a big celebration circle around their leaders, mages, and/or the alter. Kind'a like the Dwarves were interupting a party.
  6. Thanks, great comments all! I'm thinking I'll ultimately go for the mixed look. Actually, the shields are pretty nifty too. Right now, I've only got a couple warriors. Down the road, I'll get some more to fill out my army and then I won't mind having some hidden safely behind their shields. Dannibal
  7. I just finished painting up my first Reptus Warrior. Now though, I'm thinking I like the sculpt on the figure so much I'm not sure I want to put on the shield and cover it up. What are your thoughts? Do you usually include the shields? Thanks, Dannibal
  8. Hi, I saw a spell in the beta list with a spray effect. What is that? Thanks, dannibal
  9. Thanks! Initially, I thought that Rush Attack and Shock were mutually exculsive because they stipulate a different pair of required actions, but I will play it correctly next time.
  10. Hi, I played my second learning game of Warlord the other night and it was great fun. We had a small Crusader Knights vs. Goblin Beastriders scrum. My main reason for this message is to say how much I enjoy the game. The second is to make sure I'm understanding how to properly apply the Rush Attack, Shock, and Swift Attack SAs when a figure possesses all 3 special abilities. I think we did it wrong in my game, but after re-reading the rules and checking out some forum questions and responses, this is how I understand it: First Strike only applies if you are fighting in some way.
  11. Hi All, I've typed up a MS Word document with a list of proofreading type edits that I'd like to send to the right person. Who is that? And, how do I attach a file within a Reaper Message Board message? Thanks! dannibal
  12. I believe we're missing a very significant "instead" from that sentence somewhere, because From the EST Text (emphasis mine). I believe the ECM text should probably read: EE? exactly So, does that mean that, in the table on page 88 titled "Ranged Attack Situation Modifiers," the last entry that says "+ TC Defender in the AOE of a Model that has activated the ECM SA" should actually say "-" instead of "+" ? dannibal
  13. From what Chrome says it sounds like it isn't a matter of having separate trees, it's a matter of defining the nature of the woods. Are the trees tall enough to cover the top of a CAV? Is the undergrowth dense enough to block LOS? A woods that is both would block LOS after 1/4 inch. But you might have smaller trees so the top of a CAV isn't covered. Or you might have tall trees but little undergrowth so you can see those legs a ways in. (Time for the ol' bark colored camo). dannibal
  14. I like your approach to the army lists. For controlling costs in both for RL and CAV world, I like to do mixed armor platoons with CAV and tanks. I think it also gives a better demo to show more different types of models. Along that line of thinking I like your Adon list best because it has a little bit of everything: CAVs, tanks, infantry, and air units. It looks like your other lists are pretty close to having each of those 4 types of models too. Note, that having combined arms is just my personal preference and what makes sense to my brain for a representative demo. I'm still
  15. Did anyone run infantry for the tourney? How did they fare? It seems there might be a way to turn the small table to infantry's advantage, since they don't move far. Do most infantry want to get to close combat with a pack of satchels? dannibal
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