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  1. No, it takes up to much storage for decorations every year. Space is at a premium. Also, tear down and staging would kill my energy level.
  2. To question 8, anything chocolate. As for question 9, n/a.
  3. I need to say sorry to @Pegazus. In the post I forgot to thank him for bringing the basing materials. That is what I used for the Lion base. So thank you Pegazus.
  4. Love this. The highlights really make it pop.
  5. This is so how my dreams go. They are all movie plots. Nice to know I am not alone.
  6. Hi community, This is just a short look at my painted figures. I started the Cav figure at the Cav take and paint 2022. This was my 4th figure to paint. The Lion I painted at home and is my 8th figure to paint. So please, any tips to do better would be appreciated. Thank you all. Also, Reaper Con 2022 was super awesome. P.S. This is my first post. I may have not put this in the right place or got the pictures attached correctly. Please forgive any mistakes.
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