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  1. Thank you It was just a story of a mum and son...then I saw Shazam 2...then Thoramel's merfolk and it got a little out of hand....Glad you enjoyed it😁
  2. Those stones don't roll - they MAY jump to the left...
  3. I love the subtlety of your palette here. I liked him more with every picture
  4. Cookie has had a tougher life than Butler. She was a slave in the Fire Giant kitchens before clobbering one of her masters over the head with her frying pan and escaping when a group of adventurers invaded. Her son Hunter often hangs out in the filthy kitchen to visit and flirt with the maids. Ziggy his favourite mountain lion likes to chase the "Mittles" sentient multi-coloured mushrooms that infest the kitchen of the steading.(Several years ago Cookie was making her infamous horse meat and mushroom stew...and accidentally stirred it with the pointy twirly bit from the head of the 'horse'...In the ensuing rainbow explosion while the Giants watched the unicorn escape the first Mittles jumped out of the upset cauldron. Cookie has become quite fond of the nippy nuisances and refuses to let anyone "taste the rainbow"
  5. Proper Prince Valiant! All the crosses in circles label him a Servant of the Light. And of course I approve of the Cross of St George on his shield!
  6. Great figure all round but I love the unified shield, cloak etc - he would stand out on any battlefield
  7. Just showed other half "Wow!" they are fabulous and the colours are amazing!
  8. Excellent addition to your forces - with that consistent basing if you put them altogether you're going to have one big graveyard...so cool
  9. Thank you so much - I love the image of his grabbing a paintbrush and some tar and slopping the lines on πŸ™‚ ( If I ever get to an actual Cloud Giant butler I may go for a look like the Munshi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul_Karim_(the_Munshi)
  10. Reducted painting & forumming this week due to fibro but have finished this guy. I have an ambition to paint all the miniatures for Against The Giants - 30 odd years ago we had 3 actual "giant" figures and improvised.... Reaper Bones have been fantastic but A lot of the monsters are giant servants -weaker than the fighters ( hill giant servants fight as ogres), Gary did allow room for the servants to make deals with the party to avoid being killed ( we just killed them - twice...). I couldn't find any Giant Servant figures but then I thought of Heroforge....turns out that XL figures printed double size make very reasonable giants - and they are fun to design. I added the patch and the waistcoat belt ends with Green Stuff This is the first one finished. I made a big cock-up in the design -the cat was meant to be Mrs Norris like - but I managed to have it overlap with a bottle - so one paw is missing and the other goes through the bottle...I thought it could be a ghost, then an alcoholic delusion so a pink cat...a cat that was only part there... Butler is probably the brightest hill giant, being part-cloud giant. On a visit to relatives, he noticed that the cloud giants' servants tended to be in control of cellars, food, etc., and spotted an opportunity. Filching a velvet waistcoat, now extremely worn, and adding pinstripes to his trousers, he effectively placed himself in charge of the steading's supplies, and has built up quite a collection of coins and potions (etc.). Unfortunately, he has also been drinking sneakily from both the alcohol supplies and the potion stocks. Hence now he is followed by an irritating pink and purple cat who most of the time no one else can see...
  11. Love what you've done with his face in particular
  12. Really nice work - and bonus points for 4/5 sensibly dressed and the remaining one historically accurate!
  13. Try a Google Image search on Grinling Gibbons as well ( also "Chatsworth Violin Door" might interest you)
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