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  1. I decided to work on a parapet wall option for the outer walls which was suggested to improve the project. It will make it much more realistic, nicer looking, and allow for more playability so I don't think I can go wrong here. The idea is roughed in and a basic test print showed it will work structurally. Tonight I did most all the stone detail work and its almost ready to render and test print. Here are some screen shots. Your feedback is always appreciated! Thank you! This whole project started with making an improved stone texture and then trying to figure out what to make with it. I am happy with the result of the texture, I think I may have bitten off more than I bargained for turning it into a modular castle though ...
  2. I've been busy making lots of little changes and printing like crazy. There are now three versions of the flat wall to eliminate repeating patterns (Stretch Goal#1 will be unlocked shortly). The photo's show a growing 'castle'. I am printing the 'left' version of the tower next as the expansion continues! I also added three bonus features; a pillory scatter piece, and stone floor variants for the first level as this made a lot more sense than the original wood floors (both options will be included). The final images show the press-lock feature for the customizable walls. Thanks for checking out my work!
  3. I added three BONUS features to the campaign: stone floor variants for the bottom level and a Pillory. I am working on two more; stables and a watering trough, I think the stables were suggested here, but I couldn't find by whom. Also, the printing continues ...
  4. Thank You! and thanks for the development advice, it made for a much better product!
  5. I just launched my latest Kickstarter campaign tonight. It's a Norman style tower that can be expanded and customized with modular features and press-fit interlock walls to create several enclosed castle shapes. Thank you to those who contributed suggestions to the development of this project! Your feedback is valued and appreciated! Thanks for checking out my work. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732408254/stonecroft-i-expandable-castle-building-system
  6. Thank You! I am much happier with the proportions now, I appreciate you pointing out this issue!
  7. Some more work on the Castle. I took your feedback and added another foot to the height of each section - a painful learning process... The walls are now 12' tall instead of 11' (full scale) and the scaled version walls are 2.3" total and 2.2" above the floor. The images below show 'Sir Scalesby' in 30mm scale with significantly more clearance. The dimensions of the main door with floor assembled are 1.1" wide x 1.7" Tall. Do you think this will be adequate? I didn't have time for renders 😞
  8. Is it possible to get an STL file of Sir Forscale? I found Sir Scalesby - a free download on Cults3D by DutchMogul. He says to use 28 - 32mm scale for Reaper mini's depending on the model. I included two renders with the 30mm (Sir Scalesby). First render there is no base added so I think that would add height as well. As you can see I am a rookie a this stuff. Second render I added a 25mm x 25mm x 3mm base. I am not sure if this is useful to show the scale,and I appreciate your help! Thanks
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Hmmm ... I'm new to tabletop gaming so there is lots for me to learn. In full scale the walls are 11' tall, I model my stuff in full scale then work my way down. I used a scale of 62:1 or 0.016129 for this model, I know 28mm scale has some variations to it. I also know the minis are not true to life scale and the bases also add height. I ended up making the door taller because it definitely needed it. The height of each level scaled down is 2-1/8" and the height inside with floor added is 2". I read somewhere that 2" is about right for layers (open-lock maybe) but I am open to making improvements and learning to make my models better! I could 'easily' increase the height of each layer to 12' or 14' full scale - its work but its not hard to do. Do you think my numbers don't make sense? I was trying to start with models that are a reasonable size for printing and storing etc. before working up to more intense stuff.
  10. Nice! Someone suggested I make the gallows wide and tall enough to allow a mini to be hung. I plan to work on this option during my campaign ... probably not for a horse though LOL! Thanks for the feedback!
  11. I added another piece of the puzzle, which now allows four keeps to join into an enclosed 'castle'. This one took a few changes and prototyping a way to interlock the walls. I used the filament as a hinge idea but for connecting the walls. I think this is as far as I will take it before launch on Kickstarter. I also completed the working gallows scatter, using the same filament trick. I included some close ups of the wall interlock feature. Your feedback is valued and appreciated. This should allow for a variety of castle setups and also allow for easier tear down and storage. The individual pieces are not overwhelming to make and they can be combined to create an impressive structure. I wish this tech was available like 15 years ago, my son would've loved custom built castles!
  12. First test print of the 'Ruined Keep' is complete. I'm pretty happy with the result and I made a few minor tweaks to the model. I have also attempted adding a modular wall system to the Keep to turn it into a castle building system. The physical parts are currently running on my printer. I have included renders of one of many possible configurations so far. I am thinking this will allow for future additions that connect with the existing structure and allow an ever increasing number of configurations.
  13. More work completed on this project. The 2nd level variant allowing you to stack to 5 levels or higher has been test printed. My first attempt at a ruined keep is also done with some renders below. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for checking out my work!
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