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  1. very nice. I own that model, but am yet to paint it, I like the accent of the tail, matching the eyes, I may just use that technique when I get around to painting my own. Well done.
  2. I have currently purchased 97 Reaper miniatures packages, (I keep a spread sheet to track everything) and 62 reaper paints. Over all I have been very happy with the product, minus the occasional bent spear or sword, that takes a little corrective action to set it right. The company seems to be very forth coming with information, and are quite active and responsive to the community, and many of the folks there seem to have a passion for this stuff, it's not just a day job to them. There are still over 100 reaper minis on my 'wish' list, so I will be continuing to purchase reaper models for quite some time. I have purchased multiple minis from some other companies, mostly the Wizkids licensed D&D and Pathfinder stuff like the Tarrasque, Tiamat, Beholder, and Dracolich etc. Since those are such iconic monsters I grew up with, I had to have them, even though I feel like they really are very over priced. But over all I am a reaper fan, really like the learn to paint kits, I think they did a good job on them and making the entry point into the hobby quite affordable. I love their minis, and have been very happy with their paints, although I think the metallic paints are somewhat lacking, and are not my favs. I am also not a fan of the reaper brushes either. But let's not make this into a 'Brush' discussion, as that is a very delicate subjective topic. The one thing I wish they could do, would be to price match the competition, I have found many, many reaper products both paints and minis much lower priced on gnomishbazaar, which puzzles me. If reaper is the manufacture, shouldn't they be able to offer the absolute best pricing on their storefront to customers? For example the Dust King and Crypt is $6.99 on the reaper store front, but only $5.25 on GB... not sure why there is such a difference between them.
  3. I guess what I am really seeking, is something with a dungeon focused with a campaign, where you are able to progress through the world and your equipment, items and skills, etc carry over form adventure to adventure, but I don't want to control a war band or a group, just a single hero. Rangers of shadow deep and frostgrave really are war band/team of characters based. I am currently writing my own ruleset for just this, since it doesn't seem to exist, and over all the rules are pretty much done, it writing up all the scenarios that's time consuming. The part that kinda sucks, is that since I am writing it myself.. I will know the entire story, so pretty much the who thing will be spoiled for me, before I ever play through it.... I have Looked at a lot of games... but none of them really did it. Descent Legends of the Dark The Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle-earth Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles HeroQuest GloomHaven Four Against Darkness Legacy of Dragonholt Folklore: The Affliction Runebound Dungeon Alliance Middara Aeons End Mage Knight
  4. Yea, that's why I placed that one in a special case. I have come quite a ways in a month and a half. Painted about 50, minis now, LOTs of goblins and skeletons, mummies and more. Started off small, basically all the little 3 packs or 5/6 pack reaper bones stuff. I figured work on the smaller ones to start, then move up to some bigger stuff once I get the basics down. I kind of went over the top, as I tend to, whenever I find something I enjoy, and purchased a LOT of mini's. I track them in a spread sheet so I know what I have already purchased, vs what is still on my wish list. I track all my paints as well... kind of went paint crazy as well. Can you blame a man in his 50's for having a little fun.... ?
  5. thanks for all the suggestions, I will check them out!
  6. So I am pretty new to the miniature painting hobby, it's been a blast so far. As with most of my hobbies... I kind of went over board... and got a nice little army of reaper models to paint. Should take me a while! I have a long history of playing D&D, started back in the early 80's while in grade school. Played for around 25 years on an off, with different groups. But more recently, due to other life, work, and wife stuff, I just can't commit to regular game sessions any more. But I still have a love for fantasy... most modern MMO and video games just don't scratch the same itch, as playing table top games. So, since I can't commit to a group, but I am able to find pockets of time, to paint, and eventually build my fantasy army, I am curious if there are any solo playable games, anyone is aware of, that uses miniatures. Since I am a D&D guy, I prefer dungeon crawl style games, vs the Warhammer army battle type games. I figure I can just role my own solo style game, based on some D&D rules, but figured this may be a good place to ask, in case there may be something already out there, that I am not aware of. Perhaps something that combines, dice, cards, minis etc all into one format. I have heard Gloomhaven can be played solo, but I have not played that one personally. any feedback is welcome. thanks.
  7. nice. i really like the yellow underbelly and eye, the color makes it pop.
  8. So, I just started the hobby, picked up the, 'Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn to Paint Kit Core Skills' package. Got my little painting area setup, and took about 90 minutes to complete, so here is my first mini. Sadly the images really don't do it justice, you can't quite make out the subtle drybrush highlights, or the crevices where the wash really did a good job. I went a little rogue, and decided to dot in two red eyes... although that was not part of the instructions, I wanted to give this guy a little something unique.
  9. I like monsters.. all kinds of monsters.. stuff that may not be in the traditional d&d manuals. here are some interesting sculpts I made in Zbrush, as an idea of non-standard things what would be cool to see come to life as a mini.
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