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  1. Hello! I'm in. I should also be at the Artist Alley if folks want to find me there. I'll be there all 4 days. I go by "Cara" or "Cara Curley" on the discord/forum/facebook group. You can use the beanie baby (which is discord/forum) or the pic below which I use on Facebook, which is where I'm more well known.
  2. Thanks! I wanted to go with something a little eyecatching and funky. Eyyyy thanks!!
  3. Thanks! It's a little more muted than I'm used to, but it was super fun.
  4. Sorry for the onslaught of posts, I'm playing catch up. I revisited Madame Delia, for the first time in roughly 2 years. I wanted to show the division of elements in her costuming for my upcoming color class at ReaperCon 2023- along with developing a palette that was less monochromatic. This is my all-time favorite mini from Reaper, followed by ReaperCon Sophie 100mm, the Brinewind Doxies, and Elsabeth, Necropolis Captain. Basically, I just like painting sassy ladies ; )
  5. Here's Kreed Bloodbeard, Iconic Barbarian (available in Swag Bags) Ryelle Rainheather, Iconic Bard (the Sept 2023 Reaper Promo mini) Emrul Gozgul, Iconic Rogue (available as the Vendor Scavenger hunt mini) ...debuting at ReaperCon 2023! Feast your eyes and prepare your wallets!
  6. Hey all, I painted the studio model for the new Librarian Sophie! I love how she turned out. She got a BIG UPGRADE from the original bones model. It's so clean and detailed!!
  7. thanks! She was a lot of fun!
  8. thanks! I'm going to ReaperCon to rock some colors and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum
  9. why spend time with family when you could be getting con crud with a bunch of excited strangers?! Heh! Have fun!
  10. Thanks Oh man, thanks. I've been practicing my patience by painting big- CVP says I'm "the most impatient miniature painter [she's] ever met", so I've gone from picking minis that'd take me 2-3 hours to ones that'll take me 8-16. It's helped me push my tiny ones further. Thank you!!
  11. Thanks! Are you going? Got anything in the works if so? C' : Thanks. I'm trying to polish these. I yearn for the gold.
  12. You captured the character so well! And the fur looks fantastic. Nailed it!
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