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  1. I thought they would exclude each other a bit. The last time I ate at a german place, I ordered meatloaf and there was a sausage in the middle. Nothing vegetarian about that.
  2. vegetarianism and german food go together?
  3. ok, i wimped out half way. emailed the professor and she said it would be only a few points off if it were a day late. Judging by the other papers i've written for this class, that means I'll probably still get an A or a high B. Such is life. Now, it is time to go home to bed. This makes me feel like an old man. A year ago I would have pulled the all nighter with no hesitation.
  4. Well, I have a paper due tomorrow at 2pm. Somehow I had gotten it in my head that this paper only needed to be 4 or 5 pages long, which is no biggy. That would take most of tonight, but be thoroughly doable. So, with this length in mind, I've put this paper off until the last minute and focused on the other end of semester stuff. I checked the syllabus after dinner, turns out this is a 12 to 15 page paper. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wish me luck, I have to generate 12 pages of the symbolism used to portray the virgin mary in medieval paintings, and I have to do it tonight.
  5. Oh wow, that was hilarious. I got so sucked into the mall ninja that I missed my class today.
  6. Well that is good to hear. I was beginning to worry as it seems like the warlord forums are slowing down, but maybe that just means there are fewer forumites playing.
  7. whew, I was starting to worry that I wouldn't get a reply. It seems like the community has slowed down an awful lot. I guess my next question is what does the future hold for warlord? While I am certainly still going to show my friends the game, I will feel bad if I drag them into a game that is dead in almost every way. How many people are still playing?
  8. I've never had that much trouble stripping. I just throw my metal ones in some pinesol, and then toothbrush them a few days later. This of course leaves stuff in the cracks, so i just throw it back in the pine sol. It takes maybe 3 or 4 minutes every time they pop out of the cleaner. 5 bucks for a mini is totally worth the cumulative 20 minutes of my time it takes to strip the suckers. The last time I pull em out, i just take some needle thin tweesers and grab any paint thats left in the cracks. Not hard at all.
  9. A few of my 40k partners have expressed interest in warhammer fantasy. This move away from sci fi has sparked a hope in me. Maybe they can be switched to warlord? At the very least I can get a little use out of the lizards while I make them try it out. So its been a while, and I have fallen out of the loop. What am I gonna need to make some warlord happen? I have tons of lizards, and I'm sure I can put together enough orcs from various companies to make a suitable warband. But what sort of lists should I go with? What can I do to make their mouths drop at the sheer awesomeness of W
  10. i like the bit at the end. time for me to learn a new language.
  11. If you want to make rocks, it can be done very nicely using pine bark. The layers give it a slate like appearance.
  12. Oh, now THAT hurts! You have been invited to every game that I have run (well all of them with more than an hour's notice). And I know the way to G'ville, but not your free time to game. Has it been soooo long since the days of our Reptus/Elf alliance clearing board after board of our foes? <snif> Glad to hear that you have enough time to rejoin. Cheers, Brian fair enough, maybe it would have been better to say that ALOT of our group stopped playing about the time they switched cards, and then I upped and made matters worse by going off to school. Has warlord acti
  13. Howdy folks, I'm not sure how many of you folks remember me, but I'm back. I am starting to get back into minis again, and I haven't been to this website in over a year. I guess I should reintroduce myself. I am junior in art school at East Carolina University. I've got 60 or 70 painted reptus as well as a fair chunk of other reaper figures. At the moment I am starting up a 40k army so that I can play with the locals, but I do miss warlord. My group stopped playing it around the time they switched to the data cards where every model had about a million tracks. At the moment I have
  14. AHA!!!! I have made a discovery. My recipient was John Lee. Not only did I never fill in my end of the bargain, but I never cleaned out my messages either. I am serious though, I 'd like to mail you guys a mini as an apology.
  15. So, a a year or two ago I was participating in a miniature exchange on this esteemed forum. This coincided with my dropping out of warlord as well as the reaper community. My mini never got mailed. Between my absence from this forum, and moving several times, I let it slip through the cracks. Today I found it (a bit worse for wear) in a box of miniatures stuff. I feel absolutely terrible. The way I figure it I owe some people some miniatures as well as an apology. I can't imagine how I must have frustrated those who were involved. Something like that can really sour a positiv
  16. We have 3 stores within twenty minutes of my house and another opening. And I can tell you which does the most business and why. Discounts. The one that is farthest out of town in the shoddiest building with the least space still does the most business and stocks the most product. Here is how they do it. 20% discount if you buy online. That means it defrays the cost of shipping, or, if you elect to go pick it up in the store, its just a straight up discount. And they like it too. Everything they sell on line brings less profit, but it is a guarunteed sale, not a gamble that sits on the
  17. Well, the reptus came out, looked real sexy, and now are serving as lizardskin suitcases for the undead. I ended up using a force that worked pretty different from my normal style (my normal style is to have more minis on the table than a goblin horde). I used: Khonger -Great Magical suit of protection uselessness Nai Khanon Pakpao -Great Armor of tinfoil - counterspell x 3 - Iceshard - Ice-what-ever-they-call-the-improved-iceshard Warriors x 6 clutchlings x 3 Uru trolls x 3 Uzskuluz the awesome -teleport -cure2 x 2 -crimson embrace -searing p
  18. Well, The Bat beat Superman (aka minmax the superhero), so it isn't that surprising that he dropped spidey.
  19. So, the lizards get to have a go at it with the necros this thanksgiving. Any good ideas? My dear old Dad is useing a tuned and tested Crypt Legion force which stars moandain and the spectral minions. I would go with the dragon turtle, but moandain will eat that low MD for breakfast, so he is out. I'm thinking a heavy compliment of archers might do well in plinking the wizard before he gets me too bad. Maybe some Melee bruisers and a wizard with dispel (or is it a cleric spell? I can't remember) would be of service. I'm open to suggestions, I haven't gotten to play
  20. I usually just go with magic paint. Nohing is better than the real thing. I would check out brushthralls. I think their guide to osl has some weapons in it.
  21. Well today my free time led to the end of a zelda game. "A link to the past" has been conquered. 56 lives total, none lost on final dungeon. "Link's awakening" is almost done, and I've only died 13 times on hat one. Now to finish off the new one and then get back to "majora's mask". Did i mention I got a vehicular manslaughter on halo today? Yeah, too much video gameing.
  22. I spend too much time on video games. I am currently working on 4 different zeldas between sessions of smash bros, Halo, and sudden strike 2 (old but still awesome). I've been working on getting a 360 fixed back up so that I can stop bumming Halo time off my friend's consoles. I beat somewhere around 20 games last school year. It's baaad. Thank Goodness I never got into WoW, I'd still be under. During the summer I seem to read alot more, but when I have all this work it seems to be work, eat, work, game, eat, work, game, sleep, repeat. By the end of th
  23. Just kidding, I could never have that done.
  24. The procedure isn't so bad. I went to germany to have it done for my 18th birthday. It looks real cool, but when folks touch them they are always weirded out by the weak line through the middle. The cartilage can't reform itself into the same network so it loses some of its strength. Some folks say i look crazy, but I don't think it is any weirder than gaugeing your ears or getting a tattoo. The best is how convincing my Link costume (main character from zelda) is when i go LARPing.
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