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  1. I don't know about brown stuff, but I have used green stuff to stick one thing to another. So far nothing I have stuck in this way has popped off.
  2. I know a lady who was on the original American Gladiators. She auditioned on a dare and unfortunately got on. During her interview she said something like "I know you want me to say I ain't afraid of no gladiator, but I don't even really wanna be here..." The only part they aired was "...I aint afraid of no gladiator..."
  3. So my lizards came out of the box for the first time in a looooong time. I am glad to report that we busted many heads and took no prisoners. And might I add that I finally used the dragon turtle, and found him to be AMAZING. High defense + deflect is awesome. It's like haveing a mobile wall with warmaster.
  4. I must apologize to my recipient. Your mini is done, but I left it an hour and a half drive away, so I can't mail it yet. I should be able to send it to you next weekend.
  5. I have dropped a large mini bowling ball style into a troop of my smaller minis. The whole store almost died laughing. I think I must have chipped or bent a half dozen figures.
  6. I am pumped about halo, but enemy territory stole my life for a while. Dear lord was I excited when I saw a new one was coming out. I have to say that I enjoy the first Halo far more than the unreal games. I wasn't as big a fan of halo 2. What would really make me giddy would be a multiplayer bioshock. Could you imagine how fun telikinesis fights would be? Or how about the crossbow traps? You could do it like Team fortress custom (think enemy territory but you design your own class builds using a point system). Everyone is a splicer and has x amount of adam and $$ to spend on their character. You could have multiple builds saved so that it was easy to switch.
  7. I'd Just go with bid boris from heresy and add some hair. But I always wanted an excuse to buy big boris, so I might be biased.
  8. Whats wrong with the actual minis? I've lways thought the orc was especially cool. In case you can't see the picture, he is missing half of his arm.
  9. I will agree with the reptus being more time consuming to paint. I have an army of reptus, and I have done an army of Reven for a friend, and after the lizards, those orcs just seem to fly by. As far as game play, reptus are in it for the long haul. They have beastly high defense and ok offensive ability. And we get a dragon riding warlord thing. 'Nuff said. Oh, since everyone has been giving money saving advice, to some some dough on the lizards you can proxy using some of the lizards from the DHL army packs. When I bought mine they were like 4 for twelve bucks instead of 3 for 16. Thy are also easy to paint and blen well enough (at least to my eyes) with the other lizards.
  10. My girlfriend had a roommate who was a morning person. She is a night person. So every night at about 9:30, roomie is going to bed. Every night at about 2:30, girlfriend is going to bed. Every morning at about 5:45, roomie's alarm goes off. Every morning at about 9:00 girlfriend's alarm goes off. They were always at each others throats. "I'm not the one coming in at 2 AM!!!!!!!" "And I'm not the one using a hair dryer at 6AM!!!!!" Add onto this how light the roomie sleeps, and the situation only gets worse. The light from a cell phone will pull her out of a deeeeeeeeep sleep. So things like typing and homework are out of the question. This same room mate had other quirks. She wouldn't eat meals anywhere but in the room. So three times a day, she would go to the dining hall and bring her meals back. She also wore her pajamas all the time. She would get back from class at 3 in the afternoon and change in preparation for her 9:30 bedtime. The only really bad thing (besides the bedtime disagreements) was her boyfriend. He flunked out after the first semester, so he would come to visit some weekends. So girlfriend would have to find a new place to stay for a few days, or sit there in the sex pit with roomie and her guest. My current room mate is only odd in how accomplished he is. At 19 he has a pilot's license, scuba and nitrox certification, and EMT certification.
  11. Well, its just not meant to be with this computer. Not enough RAM and a practically non-existent graphics card. I can play, but when anything starts happening, I can get up to use the bathroom between frames. And the towns? I think they have other people and buildings in them, but I'm having enough trouble just walking around. So unless you have some sort of an idea on how to supersize my gaming abilities, I'll just have to wait for a new computer. Right now I have an Acer Aspire 3623 on loan from my dad. It's a nice computer and with a little tweaking its low ram (256) doesn't cause any problems outside of gameing. As nice as it is, I plan on replacing it as soon as possible. It's packed full of my Dad's pictures from Iraq and only has about 6 gb left on the hard drive. I got they cdkey from shop4gameing. They sell the full game at a discount, but part of that means that they take out all the extra stuff (like the free trial key) and sell it separately. It was just the fastest way to get one, and at only $2.50 it wasn't exactly wallet breaking.
  12. Update: I bought a trial key from a site on the web. If it turns ou tto be a scam, then i'm only out 2.50. Now I just have to wait for them to get my confirmation email and send me that durn key. Why the heck doesn't guild wars give out the trial keys for free on their website? seem slike the best way to get people hooked if you ask me.
  13. So, I've though about it for forever, and now I am finally getting guild wars. But I want to make sure it will run on this comp. Solution? I'll just use a trial key to check it out. But the one that I have been given doesn't work. It says it is already in use. So I was wondering if any of you reaper peeps has a Guild Wars trial key that I could use. Thanks for your help.
  14. Im back to school at ECU. Should be lots of fun. wish me luck
  15. or those times when you can only get 1 ot 2 other people. I know I'd much rather have a pile of people in my party than go one on one with the dm.
  16. How does one ohysically hurt someone's feelings? Did mike rip this fellows feelings out of his body and then hit them with a chair?
  17. I would be all over this sort of thing. Especially the no Dungeon Mster part. Something that you could just sit down and play with or without other players. It would be especially nice if it had the ability to have an overall quest beyond "go down in this hole and kill stuff." But even if it was never more than a game of go squash the monsters, it would be a blast.
  18. I'll agree with you there. That's a large part of why I'm not in a roleplaying group at the moment. I get tired of the prestige classes with fancy races and minmaxed abilities. I don't want to be in a group with Pinto-the-half-dragon-half-stone-giant-psionic-barbarian-lore-master.
  19. yeah, something like Leopold would have fit him much better.
  20. it is grim now, but he keeps saying the funny will come back.
  21. That water is awesome. How do you sculpt it?
  22. if it makes you feel better I could start addressing you as "the mean old goat"
  23. I really like this, I'm looking forward to the fina product.
  24. To be fair, Beowulf is even more fantastic than those legendary samurai swords. He is far from a "regular" human. He is strong enough to swim in full armor and wrestle sea serpents. He pulls the arm from a man eating monster. He can fight while at the bottom of a lake. He even manages to slay a dragon with a dagger. Beowulf isn't a regular guy, he is mythical character on the same level as hercules. Edit: I suspect that many of the over the top miniatures that we see are a representation of exactly this sort of character. The man who is strong enough to carry a 150 lb sword. The kind of guy who can sleep while in armor and then get up and kill abyssal soul munchers without his morning coffee. Not "regular" humans.
  25. Make sure it is the spray kind. If Bill sees you with a REAL mace he is liable to perceie that as nerd-flirting and not a physical threat. Sorry for all the bad humor, it's late here
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