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  1. And I try to be all those things, but baubles are nice too. The diamond comes with me, like the toy in a happy meal. It's not that I intend to choose someone who is there for the diamond. It's more that a diamond (or any other nice gift) is an extra way of saying I love you.
  2. I intend to buy a diamond engagement ring (unless I am asked not to). It may be useless, it may have no value, but you are talking to a guy who spends his disposable income on toy soldiers. If it will make her happy, then it is worth it. Now I'm sure I won't be able to buy one of these giant rocks with no flaws and their own mortgage, but I will buy the nicest thing I can afford. No more, no less. The same holds true if I am buying a saphire or emerald or some gravel glued to a key ring. I certainly hope that my future wife isn't the sort of vulture who would refuse me based on the ring I offer, but that doesn't change that I want to give the best that I can. If the best that I can offer is something with a value inflated by current tradition and a foreign cartel, then fine, its still the best I can offer. Part of what makes the diamond special is it's "lack of value". It says " I think you are so amazing that I am willing to waste this big fat wad of cash just to find a worthy way of asking you to marry me. You rock my world, here's a pretty rock".
  3. I have to admit it, I don't care for the whole elaborate explanation bit. I would prefer for ears to just realize what the deal is. He could stand up and say something like, "You killed a paladin didn't you!!!! I'm not worthy to carry it, but I'm still too pure for this axe to hurt ME! You on the other hand..." No more Saral Caine Edit: I didn't like it when he did it with Klik either. I much prefered the sort of explanation that came with the magic cup or that freaky deaky shield.
  4. While many diamonds come from africa, it is not hard to find ones that don't. Most jewelers are happy to tell you where your diamond comes from, and those that aren't don't deserve your business.
  5. I'll stop buying porsches when they start costing more than a GW mini.
  6. no, I just saw the four + wolf
  7. I didn't. I usually just get impatient and drink the lard and bacon drippins once they get hot enough to be liquid. ever make the same mistake?
  8. When Episode 1 came out a local radio statio offered a large chunk of change to the first person to change their name to Obi Wan Kenobi. A school teacher in the next town over ended up winning. Mrs. Kenobi
  9. I knew I's seen this character before. That is uncanny. Lovely reds by the way.
  10. Wow, you are doing the stuff we had to do in design class, but for fun? UKHHH. I wouldn't mind If I never saw another colorwheel again. Try a 50 step grey scale. That was no fun. Does that book cover how the same color next to two different things will look VERY different? You can visually change the color of paint by putting something else next to it.
  11. Hey PTF, count me in on your cheer leading squad. Reading about your repeated paint stripping has given me new inspiration for some spaceships I stripped. Yer like a hero or something.
  12. My last name is cox you can probably see where that goes. I had a teacher who's name was Jasmine Hart because her folks liked the song "summer breeze" And I have a friend named Summer Lane
  13. Yeah, I've read shelves and shelves worth of old trash sci-fi and fantasy. It makes me wish for the days before my birth when I see the 0.25 - 1.15 price tags. As far as minis go, 6 bucks is about my limit. I started gameing with space marines, but once I saw the full retail prices, that obsession ended real quick. As of late I have been spending like 2 or 3 bucks each on various plastics, just because the metals are too rich for me and my college kid wallet.
  14. I'm sure that one of the first expansions will be Nazi Zombies
  15. Ok, first I must reveal the creative side in me that this discussion has unleashed. There seem to be two types of gamers that I don't care for. This is Bill the gamer. You all know him. He smells bad, he talks slowly with a nasal voise, and at gencon he will be wearing the same shirt for 4 days of gaming. He is into furries , I mean "anthropomorphic art", and his character has its own webcomic. When there is a female character in the group, he uses die rolls to try and force her into an awkward situation with him, I mean Pinto the barbarian. Bill has no social graces, and he makes you glad that your girlfriend is not with you. However, that relief is false because he has been stalking you and your loved ones ever since you said you'd play with him. Bill also fails to recognize personal space and/or personal (off limits) topics for conversation. Lastly, Bill doesn't know the meaning of the word NO and is liable to get angry or even more awkward if you ask him to cease his freaky weirdness. Despite all this you still play with Bill. Afterall, It ain't Bill's fault that he's a freak. Thank you Bill, you give gamers a bad name. This is Attention Wh0r3 Tina (sorry, I don't know if that word is off-limits). You may not know her, but you have seen her at a con. She is always followed by her loyal throng of neck-beards (such as bill). Tina is actually a nice person. Her one flaw is that she lives and breathes for attention. She is probably into LARPing, and will spend her whole time at gencon dressed as an elf with a steel bikini. She flashes false smiles and leads her followers around on a short sex-driven leash. She enjoys going up on stage in front of hundreds of overweight nerds and tanning in the glow from their zombie-ish stares. When tina goes home, temporarily gorged on the adoration of her minions, she forgets all of the hopeless men she left behind. Despite all this deceptive flirtation, you still enjoy Tina's company. After all, she can't help it if she's a faux succubus. Thank you Tina, you make it even harder for guys like Bill to identify "the limit". (and you annoy me) This isn't to say that there aren't many wonderful people who look like and/or enjoy the same things as, Bill and Tina. But at every large gathering of gamers that I have attended, I have seen these stereotypes. Bill is awful for the obvious reasons. He acts a bit like gollum with a sex drive. Tina gets a picture and paragraph mostly because I find her annoying. As a general rule, I don't care for people who can't survive when they aren't the center of attention. Also, Tina's presence makes Bill even harder to deal with. But now to the serious half of my post where I talk about personal experiences and what not. I see creepy guys from two perspectives. The first is just as an ordinary observer. I look at the Bills of the world and feel a little bit sorry for them. I don't know why they can't function at a normal level, but I am sure they would if they could. I am happy to game with Bill as long as he respects my personal space. At the very worst, all I have to do is answer a make-believe phone call that is summoning me away from the game. Sometimes you actually get lucky and Bill is a REALLy cool guy that just has a hard time starting a conversation. Then there is the other perspective. I have been dating my girlfriend for two and a half years. It may not seem like a long time to you, but when you are 19 two and a half years seems like eternity. Over the past years I have met/confronted many guys with varying levels of Billness. Sometimes you have the awkwardly staring types. These aren't so bad. If you want to sit there and stare like you've never seen a pretty girl, then go ahead, that's your problem. Personal space is a whole different ball game. People like to have their bubbles. If you repeatedly can't respect that, then its my job to politely ask you to stop. I don't threaten violence or shout or anything like that. Taking Bill aside from the rest of the group and pointing out the problem is usually enough. Bill may act a bit awkward around me and and my girlfriend for a while, but eventually he will learn his lesson and get over it. I think this happens even more in a gaming setting. This is partially because when you are playing a game, the girls in the group can start to feel like "one of the guys". Guys don't worry so much about bumping into one another, or making a raunchy joke, or doing something that puts "one of the guys" in an awkward spot. It doesn't matter if one of the fella's crawls all over me while trying to read over my shoulder or steal the last burrito. My girlfriend definitely has had problems with this. She is very much one of the guys in that she plays video games, watchs tv, eats meals, or just hangs out with my friends ( I say "my" because she met them through me) even when I am not around. But when it's time to wrestle for the last burrito, she probably isn't comfortable with that. A lot of the time Bill has trouble realizing that. Between his attraction and the idea that "its ok, she one of the guys" he may overstep his bounds. As long as he stops when it is pointed out, I have no problem with him. I can only think of one time this has happened with one of my friends, but I have seen it elsewhere. In my own situation I took Bill aside (at my girlfriend's request, I don't just jump all over people) and explained that she isn't always "just one of the guys." He was quite awkward with it for a while (I'm not overstepping my bounds am I? How 'bout now? Is this too far? How 'bout that) but eventually the problem faded away. But sometimes Bill can just get WAY out of hand. These are the guys who follow you around the game store, touch you repeatedly (and intentionally), and pull all sorts of other crap. These bills also can't take a hint. Suttle humor or a polite STOP may not be enough. I have had to deal with only one Bill of this caliber. This bill was actually the same one who had the "just one of the guys" problem. It eventually ballooned. In my case it started with awkward jokes and then escalated to be about 6 miles past the apropriate zone. I am an art student (as is my girlfriend) and one of the things that we do is draw nude models (I promise I draw far better than the pictures at the top, I had the highest grade in my figure drawing class). This particular Bill would always ask if I ever drew my girlfriend nude. He would also bring up the topic of what may or may not be going on between the two of us intimately. This would happen in public places like the dinner table (with lots of people there) or in other social situations. When you add to this a complete disregard for her space, he was positively going too far. Once, when discussing the nude model subject, he even said "if I wanted to see girlfriend's name naked, you couldn't stop me." Needless to say, I almost hopped the table and stopped him right there. Later his excuse was "I'm sorry, my friends tell me I have no tact." He used it like an excuse. This particular Bill almost refused to admit he had a problem. So, after much hinting and suttle warnings, my girlfriend had me take him aside (this was right after the "you can't stop me incident"). I told him in no uncertain terms that he was out of line, and he needed to correct his behavior if he was going to come around us anymore. This Bill is a nice guy and was a great friend until he met my girlfriend, so I had hope for him. This is probably why I didn't step in sooner, no one likes to hurt their friend's feelings. Anyway, after our talk, Bill made much awkwardness with his attempts to keep it clean. It got to the point where he tryed so hard that it was as bad as the initial problem. This is partially because this Bill is the type of person who hates to be corrected (he makes a scene if you correct him on a topic about which you are knowledgable, like say, wargameing). Anyway, Bill still likes me ok, but he and my girlfriend don't exactly get along. But the point is that with enough persistance, the worst of Bills stopped his freakiness (at least around us he did). Coincidentally, I later found out that this Bill enjoys DND. So he's a freak out in the normal world, and gaming attracted him. Go figure. HOLY RUSTING METAL BATMAN!!!! I just wrote ALOT!!!! Sorry if I have been rambling too much. I just enjoy observing people and how they interact, so this topic is right up my alley. But, I aint done yet. Personally I have had some girls get too friendly, but they always backed off if I mention my girlfriend. This sort of situation usually arises with girls who are mostly social outcasts, but I try to be nice to everyone. Sometimes people warm to the kindness a little too much. Good thing Bill aint interested in me. As far as drunks and frat-boys being a$$-holes, it is a little more exceptable. For starters, they are drunk. This isn't an excuse, it just means that they are acting out of character. That creepy guy in the game store is on his best behavior.
  16. I'm really digging this game. And those minis are definitely sexy
  17. Will you come run my local game store? The local (i say local because out of 3 or 4 "local" stores, this is the closest at 5 mins away) game store owner has a business degree yet seems to be not so hot at business. He buys next to nothing and then refuses to liquidate things that aren't selling. And since he isn't getting rid of the old stuff, he isn't getting new stuff. He always defends his decisions by citing how much he knows about business. If you point out how the other local stores are doing better than he is, he dismisses it because "those are combination stores, not game stores". He won't even acknowledge that he has any competition. He says the other stores make more money because they also sell comic books or RC stuff. The fact that they are also selling MORE gameing stuff than he does doesn't seem to matter to him. When you throw in the passle of gamers that his poor social skills have angered, it is amazing that he is still in business. sorry for the thread hijack/rant but hearing about a sensible store owner always gets me riled about the local clown.
  18. I kind of half expect thunt to have Ears fall apart in the next panel. He's sneaky enough to have everyone tricked into thinking ears is alive, and then killing him anyway. Besides, that would make the bad guy that much meaner so that it is more fun when one of the other characters takes him out. Also, goblins is waaaaaay overdue for a friendly character death.
  19. One holds it, or makes a mess. Or you get your squire to help undo your rear end.
  20. http://goblinscomic.com/ ooof. I always liked ears. For those of you who have never read the comic, it helps to start from the begining.
  21. ALL OF THE TOWNSFOLK!!!! The lizardman army packs. CAV infantry.
  22. I'd drill/dremel a small hole in the bottom of the book and then base it on a needle. Needles are nice because they are very strong and won't bend, but they are still very skinny. A drop of CA glue has been good enough to hold the needle in on most of my small flying things.
  23. There are some cats in reaper's familiar packs. You should be able to get them sepeate through the boneyard.
  24. This is her birthday party. The two folks flanking her are her children, my Uncle Woody the Great, and my Grandma. I hope I still have that much fuun when I'm 95. Hopefully I'll have more teeth though.
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