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  1. This thread has got me thinking back to the Dnd I played with my dad and sister when I was little. The adventures (except for 1) all sound sort of like this: 1.) I roll up a sorcerer and my sis rolls up a girly rogue (we played dragonstrike before DnD, and she decided she liked that rogue, so she never changed) 2.) I do my best to roleplay through the parts where we get a mission. 3.) My sorc and my sister's rogue, (plus a few fighters, clerics, or other things under my control) leave town. 4.) we meet a monster 5.) the whole party dies. must have happened a bazillion times. We got killed by zombie dwarves, a displacer beast, a wraith, a wraith, a wraith (my dad likes the undead), trolls, and finally a swamp shambler monster thing. I think we only ever completed a single module. It involved alot of wyverns.
  2. I paint the eyes before the rest of the face. Fisrt I put the black dot where I want it. Then I put a stripe of white on either side of it so that it is the right size. Then I paint the area around this whole mess, so it looks like an eye and not a series of black and white stripes on the mini's forehead.
  3. TOO TIRED FOR SILLY QUESTIONS!!!!!!! Why did I piddle around until 5:00 AM? (hint: I just discovered the joys of customizing heroclix) edit: the s is red because it didn't get in the word at first. Bad S. ninja's ar so bad S
  4. I actually liked the first Diablo better than Diablo2. Very cool story (although much of it was in the manual) and plenty of stuff to kill. Its only problem was that you couldn't run, so walking around in town got tedious. As far as getting back to your body, its harder than D2 ever was . When you died you dropped all your stuff, just like a monster. So lets say you were running from a big gaggle of Succubi, and they killed you. Now you have to get down there and pick all your stuff up, or leave the game and lose it all. If your lucky someone nice will come along and resurect you or help you kill all the monsters. If you aren't lucky, well lets just say it wasn't fun to die. I still play through Diablo every now and again, just because it is so fun. As a matter of fact, I think I have some monsters to kill anfter I finish this post. Dungeon siege was gorgeous. I played the demo 4 or 5 times before I bought it, just because I couldn't step away from it. But once you got past the demo area, much of the landscaping was no fun. And it had some seriously dull parts. Like the big swamp near the entrance to the goblins, being the person that I am, I cleared the whole thing for the xp. I almost quit the game right there. Same thing with the story. I never really felt like I was Playing a role. It was really more of an excuse to make me go from one town to the next.
  5. Future floor Polish 2 bucks for a bottle that will last years. It is VERY shiny, and hard as a rock. It is also self settlng, so it won't show brush strokes.
  6. My first monster was a hell hound. It was chained in the bak of a room, so my cleric summoned some astral dogs to lay the beat down on it. The first time I ever lost a character, was when a pair of zombie dwarves killed our entire 6 person party. Only the sorcerer's raven survived. It was quite embarrassing.
  7. I have this guy. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/album14/3039_G He deserves to be wearing the shiniest chrome armor with all those fancy earth and sky thingys. How do I go about learning this? Is there a good tutorial somewhere? More importantly, what color paints do I need to buy? Thanks in advance.
  8. Alot of the AT-43 stuff is gorgeous (for a prepaint). Those soldiers in the gray look awesome. The pointy aliens are a bit iffy, but thats mostly because they are all skinny and made of plastic.
  9. As long as it is a reaper figure, it is legal for warlord tournament play.
  10. Fallout 3, there's a sci fi rpg that I'm looking forward to. Awesome story and fun action. And it looks beautiful. With the shadow, I wasn't complaining about how contrasty it is, but the way it is pixillated and jagged. Maybe its not always so bad. I never played Dungeon Siege 2, but the first one, while being beautiful, had a lackluster story. Basically, there were monsters, the biggest monster lived a long ways off, you had to walk through a lot of pretty stuff to level up and go kill him. It was mostly a grind game. It was fun, and had some cool new ideas (like the pack mule and experience system) but it was still a grind.
  11. Well, when my family's copy of potter came to me I read it in a single day, that way my sister could have it sooner. Not a bad book. The second half is far better than the first half.
  12. Operation WW2 uses 1 mini is 1 guy, and has a points system. It is 20mm.
  13. I dunno, some of those graphics are leaving me a bit cold. Part of what made dungeon siege so sexy was its epic picturesque landscapes. these screenshots aren't as amazing. for instance, look at that fellow's shadow. http://www.gamespot.com/pages/image_viewer...p;sid=undefined I'm sure its a fun game, but definitley not awe inspiring.
  14. But what if he fought some other 15 foot tall guys? He'd worry about the axe snagging as much as regular humans imho. Then there's the metallurgy. Exactly how are those spikes fastened to what is otherwise a sharp edge? It's either a morningstar or an axe, there's no such thing as a morning-axe. That race makes their weapons from giant crystals, so I'm willing to cut them some slack on their smithing skills. I just think it's silly to complain about a 15 foot tall alien race that makes things out of crystals not having realistic weapons. If that frostbite wanted to be realistic, he would have been a 6 foot tall human with a hatchet, not a 15 foot tall Dragyri with a giant crystalline axe on the planet samaria.
  15. To be fair, that fellow is like 15 feet tall. I don't think he is worrying about his axe snagging on something. He can probably power through pretty much anything that gets in his way. Far sillier is this model http://www.dark-age.com/showimage.php?id=283.
  16. Well if you need me and my boys to eliminate any key trouble makers the going rate is $80 a head + materials. Any special directions may involve additional payment. And we don't do minors, just too squishy. Call me at 555-THUG, or you can reach me at my office at the union. Tina is the secretary, just ask for Joey the Tooth.
  17. http://www.otherworld.me.uk/ this what you are looking for? make sure to click the box at the top to get to the webstore and see the cool pig faced orcs.
  18. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhh you said it. HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time someone says that word another reaper product gets pushed back a month.
  19. Guess who has too many lizards and has recently started painting orcs instead? No not me, I can't have too many lizards. But I have started painting orcs. And there is 1 reaper sitting in the collection. He will have to receive extra love in preparation for the calendar. My beefcake is on the way.
  20. While well supported games may get more changes, too much change is very bad. Take warlord for example. It has gone through tons of changes in a short period of time. Sure, the core mechanics are still the same. You have a target number, I roll a d10+modifier, I hope I meet or beat the target number. But the armies have completely changed. They don't even use the same philosophy when building cards anymore. At least in my locale the rapid machinegun fire of change has successfully murdered the game. There used to be a game every weekend. Now you can hardly pay any one to play. The local crew has moved on. The core book is pretty much useless. Pages 68-112 are completely invalid, as well as the 4 build your own army pages. I don't know about the campaign rules, I never used them. Pages 47-67 contain the core rules and are some what OK. That leaves 46 pages of fluff and painting guide that are still ok. A 144 page book that has 46 valid pages in it? That's pretty hard to sell to a new player, especially once you explain that those first 40 pages are a story book. As for the painting guide, it is nice, but has nothing that can't be gotten for free off the interwebs. There are also the half dozen army books that are also useless now too. Hopefully now, on our the third or fourth set of official data cards, with the dust settled, warlord will grow into the all shadowing behemoth of fantasy that it deserves to be. But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of its early players have gotten chased away. Supporting a game by making new material is good. It keeps play interesting and gives players something to look forward to. Flip Flopping on everything is bad, it chases people off. Edit: please excuse me if I have an even higher than normal amount of bad grammar and spelling in this post. I just noticed I was tired. Silly me trying to argue while I'm tired. sillyjoe is gonna go to bed now.
  21. Those things in the vid were HUGE!!!! I was thinking ti would be this teeeny little larvae, and then it just kept coming. It was like 3/4 of an inch long.
  22. I had an art teacher who used to say the same thing. We would complain about having to learn to do this or that thing and she would say "you have to learn all the rules so that you can break them later"
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