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  1. I like a nice mix in my zombies. My theory is that the fresher they are, the faster they run. So when my little sis gets infected, she'll be a regular undead track star. Give her a few days, and she'll get that proper shamble. Variety is the spice of life.
  2. Isn't that one of the breakfasts at Cracker Barrel? One of my favorite breakfast add-ins is biscuits and gravy. And there damn well better be crumbled sausage and lots of pepper in that gravy!!! I dunno, probably. It's a meal at most breakfast places around here.
  3. I like my pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup. But if we are having our choice of breakfasts, then I am going to have to order the country ham (extra salty), grits, two eggs over medium, biscuits with apple butter, seconds on the grits, and LOTS of orange juice. I'm also a fan of porkchops at breakfast, and I prefer patties over links. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day.
  4. Oh, well in that case there aint no problems, the metal ones are great.
  5. They aren't horrible, just not really good either. My main beef with them (besides how gappy they are) is their lack of hands. A lot of them just sort of blend the gun handle and wrists, with a vague suggestion of fingers somewhere in there. Youu might try some of these guys for your unarmored types. http://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/range.php?range=FW Look at the Neo-Sovs, the partisans, the citizens militia, the mercenaries, and the scavengers. Edit: They aren't plastic, but they are pretty cheap.
  6. was baking in a so-hot-it's-hard-to-breath sort of way earlier, and then the rain came. now, at 3 in the morning, it is nice and comfortable outside.
  7. But is it just the past of some future time? I've always felt that it was being told as a legend, and therefore framed as if it were in the past, even if it is really in our future. wow, this nerd should go to bed.
  8. How much conversion work are you willing to do? There are plenty of barbarians who could work if you are willing to bend arms and legs. Also, how beef cakey can this fellow be? Does he need to be puny or will a barrel chested north-man work?
  9. You sold your soul for a good first try didn't you. It's ok, admit it, Satan offered you a first mini that looks like something in return for your eternal soul.
  10. a monstery thing. I painted it, I don't think i ever took it's picture though. I spent HOURS trying to sculpt some attractive hands, and failed utterly. I eventually just gave up, slapped a head on him, and stuck some stuff in his paws. He's got good feet though.
  11. Here's my first. Man o man did I ever get frustrated with this thing.
  12. I have those em4 combat zone guys sitting on this desk right now. While they are passable, I would by no means say that they are "nice" miniatures. They have lots of gaps and the plastic that they use is pretty fragile. They aren't bad enough to make you go "ew, what the heck is that?"when you put them on the table, but they don't hold a candle to GW's plastics. I just don't want you to get your expectations too high. o, right while I'm thinking about it, I have a particular dislike for the trooper with the assault rifle in his hands. Rather than sculpting a hand to hold it, they just wadded a flat piece of putty in the general vicinity of the handle, its pretty gross. As for the metal prepaints, I have the gang and my pa has the blue troopers, and they are both nice, but the gang is painted a bit better. The metals are all very quality miniatures.
  13. As I look farther into No limits I am getting very excited. It has a road warriors add on, and I just happen to have spent the day watching the mad max movies and post-apocalyptifying some cars.
  14. Wow, the No Limits stat cards and activation system are almost EXACTLY like Dark Age (and boy howdy do i love me some dark age). Of course, they copied the Dark Age stuff from VOR.
  15. I actually really enjoyed assembling my space marines. It's one of the few things I really liked about the game, the models lended themselves very well to customization. None of my Moon Blades is standing in quite the same pose (except a few that were all 1 piece) . So reaper, feel free to commision some special moosey addition plastic lizards complete with an excess of parts and poseability.
  16. Holy mackerel that movie was a roller coaster. That was the most fast paced action romp I have seen in a loong time. I expected it to be a let down, but I won't hesitate to give it the rating of best movie so far this summer. And I surprised myself by not minding bumblebee as a camaro. Normally I'm one of the folks who is ticked off about any sort of changes, but I liked the little fella. And the CG characters were amazing. At no point during the movie did I ever feel like "hey, that's CG", which is a big deal. I remember having potc2 ruined by my lack of belief when it came to the the kraken at the end. The robots had weight, excellent lighting, and dynamic movement. Only 1 think I want to know. What happened to the mountain dew robot?
  17. I've had a lot of fun playing micro armor in an escalated cold war setting. Russians vs. Germans, Brits, Frenchies, and US.
  18. Yeah, thats pretty much it. Kinda bummed. Edit: He's had insolinoma for a while, and recently developed several large (for a ferret) tumors in his lower abdomen.
  19. at some point could you sell a weapons sprue? I lke those aliens, and I would like them even more if I could change what they were holding and make more tha 6 unique ones.
  20. an egg you silly hobbit you. what have I got in my pocket?
  21. Because the alien overlords will not be pleased if they do. Care to elaborate?
  22. flying + range attack = broken model in warlord not that It wouldn't be fun to fight the flying fire breather, but all the dragon has to do is kill the archers and mages and then he wins. Normal groundlings can't fight him while he's flying.
  23. you have one. The doctors left it inside you during your last check up. I wish i didn't have to wash these dishes
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