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  1. Me ME ME I would, I would!!!!!111one1!1!!!!!!1111
  2. A good part of my problem with the whole thing is that IMO little to no thought was put into it. A dragon with only 6 tracks, come on! A dragon compared to the normal models would have at a minimum twice that many tracks. Dragons are just nigh invincible, its just not realistic. Sorry, but to me that's just stupid. Yes, elves are supposed to be fairly strong mages, but come on, we're talking about an undead liche warlord here that should be stronger than any but the strongest elf mages. No way an elf captain mage should have that great of a CP. Not only that, they get the best spells too. It seems like the elves excel at pretty much everything, as well as most of the other factions now being completed whereas factions like the Necros and Crusaders are being left in the dust. What bugs me most is with all these new cards, there's no way they've tested all the changes thoroughly. Wait until you get some min/max masters out there who've seen all the new stuff and can work with it some and I guarantee there will be some gaping holes with uber munchie armies created. I beg to differ. Had you not noticed that judas can fly? He also has 7 damage tracks. Hardly the same vampire he used to be.
  3. They're in your car, which was just stolen. I wish I didn't always read the name of this thread as "corrupt-a-witch"
  4. your brother does good work.
  5. Fine, but now you can't eat, drive, write, give hugs, draw, use a remote, pet the dog, or doing anyhting else you use your hands for. I wish I knew why kaizer's post count was locked on 141
  6. it does use a wash in that you are using extremely thin paint. It's not a wash as in spread it everywhere and let it collect in the recesses. If you go to brushthralls they have a superb guide on how it works.
  7. I don't know. In a picture that is blown up to probably 3 or 4 times normal height on my screen, I can see no jaggies. So they must be pretty small.
  8. come on, join me, I'm lonely there are about twenty forum memebers on right now, so one of you has to see this. http://reapermini.com/beta/chat/
  9. CHOMP!!!!!!!! Edit: I had a 1 on the end of my explanation point. I hate it when that happens.
  10. you didn't but without it your life feels meaningless i wish I didn't have a pudgy gut.
  11. Out of the two people who have given my girlfriend problems in the past, only 1 was a gamer, and it was never in a gaming setting. They are both just creepy dudes. Neither one of these guys could seem to see the difference between funny and innapropriate. It's one thing to make a single stalkery joke which makes everyone (including the target) laugh. It's quite another to invade someone's personal space, amke the jokes repeatedly, and raise off limits topics in conversation. That said, she isn't a hard core gamer herself, so I have never brought her into a large gaming environment. However, I have seen these same type of creepy tactless individuals quite often at different cons and stores.
  12. You don't have to vacuum anything because your house burns down. I wish I had muscles like Conan
  13. They stop posting without making wishes, but that mean they don't post at all. I wish I could earn enough money to live comfortably without working.
  14. but how often did they sniff you? I have noticed some weirdos who make me glad to be male. No thank you, I don't want to be squished, prodded, sniffed, or confined by any sort of unwashed gamer geek.
  15. ok, so I just watched all their other songs on youtube. Every single one is a riot. You should see their home site here. It is done like a dnd book.
  16. O wow. You have no idea how many people I am going to send this to. That was amazing.
  17. I really I wouldn't mind all that much. There was a time when the word newbie next to my name really bothered me. So I promptly engaged in some rabid post farming (the thread was called "come post with me", I believe it has since faded into the void of the interwebs). Needless to say I got in trouble with the powers that be (I think ladystorm was the first one to bonk me) as well as several forum members. It was interesting seeing how people reacted to it. Some folks, who's names I have forgotten, got REALLY mad. Other folks didn't mind and posted right along with me. One that I remember in particular was Ugluk69 (I hope World of Warcrack lets him go soon, I really enjoyed his posts). So after several pages worth of slightly hidden name calling and aggressive typing the thread got locked down, thus solving the problem. But it showed an interesting contradiction. Many people have said that post count does not matter, but then at the same time people get in a huff when someone "needlessly" inflates that count. If it really didn't matter, then no one would care. Anyway, a year or two after all that nonsense, I find myself here with no care about my post count. Go ahead, start me over at zero. Delete my account. I can always join again. Heck, ban me by ip. I can change that too. It just doesn't seem right to get in a huff over a number. Who cares if we are all boosting our counts? I personally don't mind the farming, especially when it is done through fun and entertaining games like this one. Edit: not that it matters, but I joined two years ago this saturday. So that would put my farming annivrsary some time in the next week or two. All that time here and I still can't spell worth a durn. Edit #2: I lied, my original misbehavior is here. Sorry if dredging this thing up is a no no. I wish I never had to sleep.
  18. May favorite part is actually the interior of the coat. is that detailed all sculpted or free hand? Either way it is amazing.
  19. because we can, DUH!! where did kaizer's posts go?
  20. It does but the friendly folks at reaper won't allow it. I wish I knew why kaizer had his posts chopped.
  21. but base size still is the value, now you can just tell exactly how tall that base size is. There is no worrying about elevation levels or how tal a wall is. When my hill giant stands behind a big rock, we don't have to worry about whether or not that is a level 1 tall rock or a level 2 tall rock. Now we can just say: his box is poking over the top of that rock, so I shoot him.
  22. Ok, this I don't understand. As long as we aren't using some wonky Corridor LOS nonsense, why can't other LOS systems support shooting at something behind a window or a hole in a wall? If you can still draw a line through said hole from base to base, then you have LOS. Now things become an issue of Cover rather than LOS for hiding. *shrug* ~v that is essentially what is happening. I am drawing a line from the space over my figure's base to the space over your figure's base. This allows me to go through that window. It should only be the rare fidly moment when you even have to worry about the boxes. But when those moments do come up, now there is a rule to deal with them.
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