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  1. As to the hoofed animals i am pretty sure they all have utters, but they choose to strap these down for conveniences sake. Picture if you will a Bovine Excercise Bra. It would provide the proper support and allow for plenty of fancy foot-work when engaged in adventurer-spearing.
  2. C'mon man! super glue accelerator is about $1, and it works perfectly with a STRONG bond. Although the spit thing is pretty weird/sweet
  3. word to hate hating on both editions of third edition it got all SPIKY and feats are confusing when you are 10 and your dad switches from AD&D to 3rd edition. And now the collectable minis, and the dire animals with fungusy looking spikes (aren't dire animals just supposed to be big, not fungal). GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I dislike the D&D but while we're on the subject i had this awesome dwarf with greater cleave...
  4. quick, by my watch you have 8 minutes to play another game and tie it up!
  5. today i was told that any model whitch survives an area effect spell (firestorm and the like) is automatically shaken. Then i was told that If it is shaken again (by using scare or a similar type situation) the model will automatically retreat. Problem is I couldn't find the part about firestorm/ball leaving you shaken in the "wonderfully organized" rulebook. If you know where it is please point me to a page number. If you know that this is incorrect then please try and exlain what may have caused this confusion. If you think I am detriment to the Human gene-pool please be nice when you say so. And finally if you are happy and you know it clap your hands
  6. Why not go to the local flee-market and buy one for cheap? There is a chinese guy around here who will sell you a wall-hanger qualtiy sword for about 10-15 bucks. by the time you buy all your materials you willl have spent this much anyway. Of course if you are just really cool and want to be artisticy and show off your creativityishness then the foam idea sounds like the way to go.
  7. They also make great scouring brushes. Just lop those feet off and scrub away, your dirty dishes don't stand a chance. The patented short-bristly foot hairs cut through grease and grime with only a low occurence of side effects (mainly dinner-ware which smells like old socks). Halflings also make good foot rests.
  8. ooooooh sounds dangerous. If i get the lye on me i will have to have my scales rewaxed. That would be inconvenient. I guess its time to get some more goblin kitchen slaves...
  9. yes please do share. I have seen you discribe what sin the dip, but not how to use it
  10. What I personnally would like to know is how to tenderize dwarves. Every time we have dwarf for dinner it comes out tuff and chewy. I have tried preparing the fallen midgets with whole cases of meat tenderizer, or even pounding them thin with a skullbreaker's ritual maul, but they still come out to jerky-ish. Please help, These pipsqueaks make my jaw hurt.
  11. I cannot emphasize enough how great this stuff is INSTANT BOND, no waiting at all for super glue to stick. And it is cheap too, accelerator costs less than the super glue to use it with. If you don't have any yet then get in to your car and drive to walmart and look in the crafty/gluey isle for a little bottle of accelerator. If funds are tight (by tight i mean you currently have less than $1 stashed away) then sell your child or your soul or your favorite t-shirt or even all three because this stuff is worth it
  12. thx for the tip. I think it might be because of the humidity. We've thunder storms all week and it is humid, and most cans say noot to spray when its moist outside (didn't check this one). There is also always the likely hood that i sprayed to much on because i have never used spray varnish before, just the bottles of brushable stuff, I think i will continue the brushable kind in the future. I am about halfway through re-inking and then dry brushing the lizard skin/scales the biggest difference in the post varnish models is the metallic paint. Both the Gw boltgun metal and tin bitz look gray and completely lackluster. matter of fact the boltgun metal looks like gray primer back to the brushes Note to self: don't ever ruin 18 models ever again
  13. Time to go find the inks and paints, this is gonna be a long night sigh........
  14. : BOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO *Joe has not had reason to cry in a long time
  15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAah I just put some matte varnish on my lizards and about half of them are a bit whitish with their details obscured. ARE they ruined??????? Will it dry clear? are they touch up able? Help help help help what can i do to avoid this i think i will go cry now this is tooo depressing hopefully they will look fine in a bit once they dry hopefully
  16. Thank you Ugluk, you just brightened my day. And I'm willing to make a deal about your 15 year old. If you can fix my lawnmower, or just make the grass stop growing, i would be perfectly willing to straighten your kid out. on second thought you dont worry about my grass and just go ahead and tell 'em that Joe said to Behave and if they don't i am going to quote one of my fathers lectures at them!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you guys wish i was more mature? I Don't I have a big lizard already (i converted a krung beast proxy since i dont care for the swamp-ox model) so if anybody wants to put him and the afore mentioned giant into the elven town to eat some peasants i would be happy to oblige. Hey you sculptor guys, just cuz I have a big lizard doesn't mean i Don't want more, big muscely lizards are always good for beating up on lostpict's crimson knights (just wish the red guys weren't so good at beating up every other member of my army) I am so proud of this thread. This much controversy, bickering, and pointlessness all because of me! Isn't it fun?
  17. I find that when i flip the mini over, squirt some super glue into the slot while it sits over the tab and then drip some accelerator on it it holds just fine. Super glue accdeleratot is the best thing ever, even better than sliced bread. You can buy it at wal mart and probably any where with a craft section. It comes in this little glass bottle witha plastic dropper. The way it works you just squirt some on whatever your glueing, and the glue dries in about 1.5 seconds, so you never have to hold anything, and minis dont have time to slouch over when you are glueing them into the base.
  18. Thanks, Wow chaz if you are reading this I apoligize for all us players who keep ragging on you about the delay, but we really like them minis!!!
  19. time to rant some more. Why is it that the reptus DON'T GET NO LOVE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! they have even fewer minis than the darkspawn!!!!!!!!! Necropolis Has 37, count 'em, 37 cards up. Thats 37 types of mini released. I'm not going to count actual number of minis because i am not sure witch ones have multiple sculpts. Reptus has eight. Darkspawn have about 13. Now i know that the necro book is cominjg out soon, but couldn't you at least finish the basic army lists for the other armies first? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
  20. MOOSEYJOE IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND Well Ok, maybe one person doesn't exactly count as popular demand, thanks ugluk, but I have never needed much prompting. I have decided the single most important thing i want reaper to do with the Reptus is make a really big muscley mini. I'm talkin a Lizard thatstands 9 feet tall and weighs 700 lbs. I would recomend the pit fighters, they are just asking to be really big and mean. The only thing that the reptus line (all eight types of miniature) needs is a Lizard giant, after it has this it will have reached the pinnacle of scaly goodness ...0.....0... ......^...... /\/\/\/\/\/\ ^^^thats the big mean tough pit fighter face^^^^
  21. what is the address for area 51. I'm gonna find out whats really going on. I cant seem to see any people, i see a lot of cars, but no people
  22. you should definately look into a bone horror. Lostpict has started using one of these and it is nigh unstoppable. When you combine the fact that it is horrid, making it necassary to roll discipline when you attack it, and the fear of the dead SA he is even tougher. When fighting low discipline armies the only valid way to fight him will be with archers. This is especially true of the reptus (stinks for me huh). The chances that one of my reptus warriors (Dis 5 Mav 1)can walk up and wound him is only 1 in 25. He also does a number on mages and other similar high point models.
  23. OOOOOo man!!!!!!!! i was gettin all ready and warmed up to make sweet post, and then golden eagle said every single thing i wanted to say!!!! I hate when that happens. O yeah. why not go ahead and play a friendly game of warlord against that catapult? It is just a game. Maybe you will even figure out a way to beat the pult and then you get to rub it in the other guys face. All I'm saying is that it is a shame that you would get so worked up over a catapult that you CAN'T have any fun playing the game.
  24. They look great! Personally i am not a fan of the orange/purple color scheme, but that is a personal problem I'm really jealous of your painting skills, and the fact that you have some war machine minis and I dont. Everytime I'm at the store i pick them all up and look at them, but i always seem to put the box back down. Maybe I need to take some home. Good Job
  25. speaking of pincushion! my first game of warlord i was using a borrowed overlord army and brought my mage up next to the archers in his troop. Silly little me was still thinking in "units" like 40k. Didin't think about the fact that my opponents eight bull orc archers could hit him 8 times (turned out to only be only 6 actual wounds). Needless to say the mage died with about 100 points worth of spells still uncast. OWCH!!!!
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