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  1. I am getting ready to paint my reptus warriors, and the only warrior pic i have noticed is the one on the card. I'll admit i haven't looked that hard, but if you could point me towards some pictures of the reptus warriors which i could use for guidance, i would appreciate it.
  2. Ok, so let me get this straight (sorry if i seem a bit slow). I need to make a couple of balanced troops of mid to large size, and then get a couple of big bruiser types to take on the big monsters. A troop full of archers to use their marksman ability is not a bad idea either. This I think i can do, thanks for the advise, and if you have anymore PLEASE feel free to leave it.
  3. While I'm thinking about it i could specifically use some guidance on facing a "fast attack" type army. My most common adversary has put together a necropilis army with a huge cavalry troop (remember its non corporeal so terrain doesnt slow him down) and then a whole pile of flying things (Bats, gargoyle, and that mean little succubus). He can potentially have me fully engaged by the end of turn one . Whats the best way to wipe those walking corpses all over the table? >>>> lostpict, Just remember lizards eat dead things <<<<
  4. I am working on building a reptus army. As a relatively new gamer I can use all the help on tactics I can get, but with the reptus, this is a problem. Can all you wizened commanders give me some tips on what to do? The reptus need some love too! I've read all the undead tactics I can stand, it's the lizard's turn now!
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