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  1. Yesterday I traveled to Greece. I traveled around Korinth for a while. I ended up going back to Athens....... it was not very nice. The plague has gripped the city. One of My favorite friends was killed, Phoibe. I will miss her greatly, but I will get my revenge. I am currently in Paros, I am helping my mother out, as she has been having problems with them. They kidnapped an admiral of hers and I have gotten him released. Many have died by my hands. The quarry where they were holding the admiral is littered with the fallen. many who were Spartan kicked from the top level of the quarry. 3 merc were answering the call to have my head, only one person was the sponser for that bounty, he died having never seen my face. I returned to the quarry and finished the job. Now I am ready to head back to Naxos and talk with my mother. I am sorry,,, That was my adventures in AC Odyssey yesterday. Many Spartans and Athenians were sent to the gods... and even a few mercs. NO one messes with Kane the eagle bearer........lol I hope everyone is having a great day.
  2. "I agree", Morgan says around a mouth full of eggs.
  3. That morning at breakfast: "So what should we do now?"
  4. I am drawing my manor house in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting). It is not blueprint quality as the walls are most represented by a single line. instead of the dual line that shows how thick the wall is. I am trying to keep door ways and all of the furniture to a one to one scale. it helps me with being able to place it all. Fireplaces are 10' in length, but i feel they are meant to be slightly big since they have to 'heat' a large area. I have posted a picture of the house itself over in my inktober thread. please feel free to make comments or suggestions. Just do not be hurt if I do not use any of the suggestions. I know where I want this to go, but I can not think of everything.
  5. I hope everyone is have a great month. It has been a while since I posted, not including the pbp i am in. Coffee has been had and more work on the country manor has been finished...... wait do I really want to use that word????? oh well, I have worked on the basement, not finished, but not far from it. I worked on the 1st floor (2nd story) that has a large ball room and bedrooms in the wings of the house. the ground floor is complete other than either labeling everything or making a legend. I am leaning toward using a legend as there are a lot of bits in that layer. 1st floor is mostly done 2nd and 3rd are about in the same spot, I think. I think the biggest thing I have left to is all of the secret stuff the players can not see. I have some of it done and some of it is drawn in my head. It would be nice to have it finished by the end of the month, but I do tend to work hard on it for several days then take a few days off. I do have other maps that I want to draw, so there is those drawings i could start and work on as well. Whelp, I need to get back to it.
  6. The basement is not finished just yet, I turned to the 1st floor, the first floor (2nd story) has a large ballroom. There are bedrooms in both the wings. I am thinking about instead of labeling everything, just making a legend and calling it good. the only thing that might throw a loop into that is the 'couches' and tables, both are just rectangles.
  7. "Those were not rats. Why would wolves come to a mill? " Morgan does a quick search of the area around the mill.
  8. no need to be sorry. we all have our moments. we are family here and we all pretty much understand. sometimes is VERY hard to see the good when something crappy happens. I hope things work out for the best.
  9. by all that is holy..... i will have to use this......
  10. I hope it is the bootist day ever.
  11. Morning all, I just posted a picture of my inktober challenge. The ground floor of the Manor House is done barring labels and room numbers. I have started the basement and the upper floors. making a lot of progress on this. I will have to restart the writing of the adventure here in a few months, I know the direction it is going to go, so I am not too worried about it. I do need to start up a PbP to run through my first adventure, just not sure if I want to try to do it as GURPS or Labyrinth Lord. I love both systems, but because of the skills I really do prefer GURPS. I know there are not many GURPS fans here, but that is ok I still love all you guys and girls.
  12. Here is a picture of the completed ground floor of the manor house............labels would help this, but I am working on the basement and still have the upper levels to work on as well. tables couches bed wardrobes fireplaces bookcases, just to name them.
  13. I believe I have the ground floor done, other than adding in the numbers for each room, for the adventure. Coming along quite nicely.
  14. hit wolf #2 damage roll was a 6....... where were these numbers when I rolled stats......
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