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  1. "Should we try on the the doors that lead in?" Morgan asks.
  2. I do not mind, but for the sake of others who may or may not end up wanting to play, could you post results and more or less what you are doing and reasoning behind the choice u=you end up choosing.
  3. Yeah it is a fairly closed group, because it is not as popular as D&D and there is a lot of rules to the game. You are right the die hards will not let it die.
  4. I hope everyone is doing well. First cup of coffee has been consumed. Thursday was a fabulous day, I took a trip to see Ludo got to see my mom for an hour or so as well. I needed the minication. then Friday morning woke up to take youngest to school and found a text asking me to work that morning..... I owed the boss anyways, but still wish I had satyed at Ludos. Last night I had problems in the middle of the night and do not feel the best today, while trying to do laundry and do the RPG work that I had slated for yesterday. I did get to see my sons play last night. it was very good. anyways, I need to go get more coffee.
  5. Sorry Kanga, yesterday was a very unplanned busy day. I am looking at 100-150. I kind of hate to set a hard limit as I there are two templates that are on opposite ends of the spread, Colonist at 40 point and the Starship Commander at 140 points. If I start you at 100 the Commander is off the table, if I start you at 150, then the Colonist has 110 points to put into skills and such and that is a lot of points to spend. This I feel is the biggest drawback of the templates. So Step one is to pick a template that you would like to play. I do want to point out that if you pick the Starship commander, you will not start with a ship.... not saying you will not get your own, but you will not start with one. Also please note that I will allow some of the other races from Traveller in the game, I want to promote the "You are on thr frontier of HUMAN space, so I would like more humans than aliens in the party.
  6. Here is a list of the templates. The only thing I want you to do is to pick one or two that you are interested in. If you want a description please feel free to ask. After you have settled on the one you want, we will proceed from there. I will be away from my computer the rest of today and tomorrow, but will be back on Friday. I will still be able to keep tabs on this. Traveller Templates Academician 85 points Athlete 100 points Attorney 74 points Belter 95 points Bureaucrat 65 points Capitalist 80 points Colonist 40 points Dilettante 70 points Diplomat 90 points Doctor 95 points Entertainer 90 points Journalist 65 points Marine 130 points Policeman 110 points Politician 70 points Rogue 90 points Scientist 90 points Soldier 130 points Starship Bridge Officer 100 points Starship Commander 140 points Starship Deckhand 80 points Starship Engineer 100 points
  7. While I really like the original Travellers life path build, I am am more familiar with the GURPS buiild. so we will go with that route. Give me a bit and I will post a list of the templates.
  8. Yeah I like a lot of the source books, because while I might not use the while source book i might just use the one evil idea that I pull out of it.
  9. I like a good mystery, but I would use that and the horror book to add to my existing campaign.
  10. I am toying with Traveller, if you will understand that things may not be the way they should be, just because I want a few different things and the fact that I am 'newish' to sci fi rpg. Also I want to do things a bit differently on the characters. I want to more or less do them here in the open.... if there is a secret, then PMs are fine... but I would like anyone who wants to 'learn' the system see what is going on. Edited to add the following: List of Documents that you will either need or find useful. If you are a new player and are interested in playing It would be useful if you had the GURPS Lite rules. The Skill Categories and the Combat Cards PDFs would be helpful. All three are free to purchase at the SJGames website. If you have played before GURPS before in Third edition, then the GURPS Update would be helpful as well as some of the skills have 'changed'.
  11. Morgan will slowly move into the room, not really sneaking, just trying to be carful and watch everything. *My spider senses are tingling*
  12. GOT one word... GURPS.......small villages run in terror....lol I am glad you are back to normal.
  13. Yeah there is a steep curve, but once you have leaped over that curve, it is cool.
  14. You mean we will have burned through another thread?????
  15. Yeah, but the source books do help. I do have a good imagination, but a little help from the source books is always a good thing.
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