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  1. Mr. Van Horton makes his way towards the bridge at a fast walk, followed by his daughter, which in turn in is followed by Ibanez, Joe, Crystal with Wrench bring up the rear. Sara stays far enough behind Mr. Van Horton so that she is out of arms reach. Ibanez is exactly a half step behind her and to the side. You make your way onto the bridge, you see the captain near the communications station listening to a head set, she seems to be listening to the distress call. She looks up and sees Mr. Van Horton, she motions to the Comms Officer, which turns the distress call onto a speaker.
  2. Alright folks... This has been a difficult post to write. It is still not done, so please bear with me just a bit longer. I knew where I wanted to go with this, however I did not know HOW to get there. The new job has made it a bit difficult as I am focused on that even when I am home. I will get back to it.
  3. Well... I took the assistant store manager job at my store. I really did not want it, but I felt like life has been pushing me towards this for a while. I will try my best, but we are in the crap now. Very few workers want to work. We are behind on our freight because of that and we are not getting any help form our district. I took the job on Wednesday and already regret it, but I would have to step up and do a lot more work regardless of my potion. Anyways, Life is hard then it gets worse, then you die. Thanks for listening. I can kind of understand. I use to program cnc machines. w
  4. Alright, New post is up. Last weekend was a little busy, and I went back to work on Monday. Wednesday I took over as the new assistant store manger.... not what I waned to do, but, I did it. we are working out my hours, but it looks like I will be fairly busy most of the week now. NO, I am not shutting this down. We will continue, if you both want to. it might just be a once a week thing till I can get my feet under me balancing work, home and the game. You can reply to the last post or even here or as a PM.
  5. Mr, Van Horton watches the captain, walk out of the room. He stands up and as Crystal starts talking to him, he turns his head toward her. “You will not escort me anywhere. I am going to the bridge, if you insist on getting in my way, I will have you arrested.” He starts to march off towards the bridge when Sarah strides up towards him, ”Do NOT talk to my friends that way, ….” she is cut off as her father tries to backhand her. His hand is stopped halfway to her face as Ibanez grabs a hold of it. “UNHAND ME OR I WILL HAVE YOU ARRESTED AND THROWN IN JAIL.” Ibanez releases his hand and
  6. No, Mr. Van Horton is currently without guards.
  7. The clouds swirl around the ship, some of the guests see shapes in the clouds and it becomes a game to some as to what the ‘shapes’ they see. A couple of hours later the Star climbs out of the gas giant’s clouds. All of the crowd have wandered off to other distractions, so it is just your party and the captain and Mr. Van Horton, who are seated at a table and have been going over papers the whole time. The captain looks like she would rather be anywhere else. She occasionally looks at her watch, she seems to be relieved when the Star heads up from the clouds. As the Star orbits the gas giant,
  8. hey, no worries. I have a had a week of hey I will do this for like 2 or 3 hours.... 12 hours later.... crap.... I wanted to something else to day... maybe tomorrow.
  9. Sarah watches the jump back to normal space in awe,”It is sooo beautiful.” The Star travels the two hours to the Gas Giant. When the captain comes on the intercom,”Attention passengers. We are getting ready to descend into the planets atmosphere to begin refueling. There maybe bumps along the way. The forward dinning area will have the best view, for those wanting to watch the clouds. Please be cautious when traveling about the ship.” With that the Star begins its descent into the planets atmosphere. There are bumps here and there but for the most part, it is a fairly smooth ride.
  10. Ruling It is not implied that you would keep her from harm, just that Sarah told her father more or less 'Who would attacker her on the ship in the middle of Hyperspace, jumping to who knows where and the fact that she had just made friends with a marine, a navy officer and a merchant marine... not to mention a robot that might or might not be a little on the psychotic side.'
  11. Alright again sorry for the delay, Work has started 'heating up'..... lol. I and working until next Monday. As I know that Reaper Con is starting next week, which I am unable to attend this year, we will take it slow, but I will not cease operations.
  12. As you all are eating breakfast in the main dinning room, Sarah tells you that she convinced her father to forgo the guards as she had a few friends who were former military and she was sure would protect her from any harm. The captain comes one over the intercom, “Attention passengers, we will be exiting hyperspace here shortly, please prepare yourselves. Once we exit hyperspace it will be two hours until we reach the gas giant where we will refuel.” Sarah says,”So guys tell me how many jumps have you made? This is my first and I am just a bit on the anxious side. Any pointers?”
  13. Hey all, I popped in to check my PbP and to tell everyone, I will not be attending the Con this year. There is is just so much going on. Life has conspired against me and multiple issues have cropped up. I really can not blame any one thing. I will probably crawl into a deep dark hole and not emerge until late September or October. I hope everyone going has a great time and maybe next year... though.. even that is.... even more in doubt than ever before.
  14. New post is up. Sorry for the delay, I got a new group running with GURPS, half of which have never RPd and the other half have had very minor experience with RP.
  15. Sarah takes Joe on the GRAND tour. The engines although well maintained look ancient. Sarah explains that since the engines needed replaced, her father use some of his military connections to wrangle a new jump drive and better engines, which will be installed once the ship is back from this 'trail' run. Wrench does explain that the engines have never been completely replaced, just the parts that needed to be fixed at the time, since the engine was installed over 50 years ago. She show Joe all of decks 3 and 4, plus she gets Joe a tour of the bridge. The bridge looks like it has not been updat
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