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  1. As Crystal watches the group, she notices that most of the group is shocked. The ones that are not shocked seem angry. All of the guest for the most part, go back to 'eating', or rather attempting to eat, a few just push their plate towards the middle. Riggs attempt to divert the groups attention away from being stuck works for a little bit, as some stay quite and the a few of the guest relay to Riggs the information that he seeks. The conversation seems to be winding down, when the ship lurches and drops out of hyperspace. Everyone looks stunned by the turn of events. Riggs and the captain exchange looks and they both get up and hurry off with a quick, "Excuse us."
  2. [ Fast forward to the dinner] You all arrive at the dinner. The dinner seems to be in full swing. Marcus' laugh can be heard over the general chit chat of dinner conversations. Which cuts off as your group arrives. Which includes the Captain and Riggs and their 'dates', both of which you recognize as security guards, both of which look out of place wearing the dress clothes, while they do not look uncomfortable, they both look like they should be wearing uniforms and holding weapons. The man wears a white tux that matches the captain's dress white uniform. The female wears a stunning red long dress that has a high split on both sides. Her long dark hair is up in a ponytail. Marcus comes from around the table, it appears he has had some drink. "I am glad you guys could make it." He scans your group. "My, my." He smiles slips a little, for an instance. "Please come sit down." He gestures towards the table, "I have saved you a few seats." As soon as you all take your seats, the waiters serve up a salad to everyone, they take everyone's order and head towards the kitchen. The dinner goes fairly quietly as everyone is more or less busy eating. There is some chit chat amongst the other winners in which it comes out that all of the winners with the exception of Crystal, Joe Ibanez and Marcus work for Luxor. Which ends up with questions being ask of Marcus. Marcus listens to the questions then holds up his hands. "Yes, most all of you work for Luxor, however you all have eaten at the Black Hole. These three, were selected because they were handy. The Star was needing to launch, and we needed three more winners, so I selected them and yes before you ask, I was selected because this was my brother's and my idea to help promote the Black Hole and Luxor Luxory Liners." "Mr. Von Lichtenstein. I do have a question about the 'lottery'. Who is your brother?", ask Riggs. "My brother is Marven Foreman. He took the idea straight to Mr. Van Horton. Mr. Van Horton thought it was a great idea, mostly because, I think, that most of the winners would be his employees who have worked very hard, in the past few months. Marven and I are brothers in name more than blood. Our mother adopted us both when we were little and decided not to change our last names." He looks at Riggs. "You may also be wondering about the explosion of the nav computer. Yes, it was me, however I did not know that would be the result." he sighs heavily, "The Black Hole has been bleeding money for quite a while. I took out a loan and ended up defaulting on the loan. So I went to the mob, they loaned me the money. Long story short, I owe the mob a considerable amount of money. Last week,", he sways drunkenly, "Little Joe Mercer came to see me. Said he had a job for me. He said if I did the job, it would clear my debt. I was ecstatic… I just did not think it through…. very .... It was just supposed to scramble the computer, not blow it up. Now we are stuck." with that he falls silent. He sits there with slumped shoulders. Everyone has stopped eating their meal or has stopped what they were doing and are staring at Marcus. Riggs stand and motions for the security guards at the door to come over, "Mr. Lichtenstein, I am placing you under arrest for the destruction of company property plus the stranding of the passengers and crew of the Star. You will be confined to your quarters until such time as I can turn you over to the proper authorities." Marcus starts to say something, but Riggs continues on, "MR LICHTENSTEIN, be grateful that I do NOT place the charge of attempted mutiny to the list, as that will allow me to execute you at my earliest convenance. DO I make myself CLEAR?" Marcus, stares at Riggs and nods. As the guards arrive, "Take this man to his quarters and lock him in. He is to be confined to quarters and if he resists in ANY shape or form you are to shoot to kill." Marcus visibly shrinks into himself. Marcus gets up slowly and allows himself to be escorted to his room. Riggs turns to the dinner party, "Might I suggest we finish our dinner?" He puts on a smile, "I know several of you have worked the Cleopatra refit. I know it went well, however reports only tell half the story, so I would like to hear from those who worked on the Ol' girl. She was my last assignment." with that he sits and take his suggestion and starts to finish his meal.
  3. The Miranda looks at Riggs, " As far as I know the only Aslan and Zhodani that can be spoken is just enough to have us blown out of the sky." "Let us not bring that incident up. This ship has no defensive capabilities whatsoever and as far as offensive, I mean, I could have security hang out the airlocks and shoot with their rifles and sidearms, but seriously, we would just have to surrender." Riggs pauses for a moment," I guess the best thing we can do is go to this party and see how that plays out, then wait till we exit hyperspace and see where we are and how that is going to go. I for one do not have a problem with Crystal acting as diplomat." He looks at the captain, who nods her ascent.
  4. "In answer to your question, Yes, Luxor could survive the loss of it's CEO/ owner and the Star, but the loss of three out of five of its main sources of income, while it probablly would survive, it would be greatly reduced in income. As for a personal vendetta, well I do not know for sure, but he has made a lot of enemies both on the board and off. I mean in just the little time you have known him, how many people do YOU think he has made mad?" The captain looks unhappy. Joe, Ibanez, Percy and Miranda gather around. "Wrench, go ahead and tell them the news, I am not sure I can bring myself to say it.", says the captain. Wrench looks at everyone, "My deepest apologies everyone. I got the old hyper drive computer installed, and we will be exiting hyperspace, however for some reason the computer has set a 5 hour exit time. That is not even the worst news. I do not know where we will be exiting out at. We could end up on the other side of the empire or even outside of the empire. It seems the Mistress is having her way again.
  5. okay, new post is now up. The game is still fun, but I had some 'facts' that I needed to work out and they were just not coming out. This game is very flying by the seat of my pants kind of deal, and it is not something I am use to. Also Sci Fi is out of my wheel house, as I have been a Fantasy guy for.. well since I started centuries ago.. That and the fact that I have gone on a slight tangent. Add to the fact that I have been prepping for a 5e adventure with my kids. Not making excuses just the facts. I will say that this adventure does have my interest, because of well sci fi, flying by the seat of my pants and you tend to keep me on my toes. I also have the GURPS Mysteries book and have tried to keep this interesting for you as well. again, not really what I am use to, but it is fun. anyways I have rambled on for longer than I needed to.
  6. Riggs listens to you, " I understand about the not being qualified, but you are what I have to help with this. Yeah, Joe, Ibanez and you have very little background as you were the last of the winners. I agree, with the whole 'you might be the fall guys', I just do not know for what. I mean sure there has been this explosion with the nav computer, but that would be small potatoes. I mean even if the Star was lost with all hands with the Mr. Van Horton on board The company is just large enough to take that hit even with the loss of the Star herself, which could be considered a large investment, as to replace her would be astronomical in terms of credits and lost manpower. Sorry if that sounds callous. I think it has something to do with Mr. Van Horton's new business proposal. Miranda said she was hired to interrupt the jump to Meractor. I have asked her who hired her and she says she was approached by a rep of Gene Corp, but that does not track well. Gene Corp is into genetic research and not liner travel, so I see no reason for them to want to sabotage Mr. Van Horton's new business venture. They are a very small corporation, hells their security team is like three or four people. Mr. Van Horton does like to micro manage everything, but he does not remember who pitches ideas to him, unless it is someone he knows and he does not know a lot of the employees. He knows the board of Directors, his secretary, and he knows the Captain and myself, but only because he has been on the ship with us for the last month sticking his fingers in every aspect of the ships running. He has learned to trust the captain and to a lesser extent my abilities, but even that, only goes so far. I am sure he signed off on it, or else he would have pitched a fit about lost profit. In fact that may be why most all are company employees. I can see him definitely approving the drawing as long as most were employees, so that they could use vacation time… in fact," He looks through the files, "Yup, just what I thought. Every one of these employees have more time then they can carry over, and this trip will use up all of the overage and even bring them down to around half what they can carry over to the next year. After hearing your question, Riggs looks through the employee records of the winners that are still in his hands, "No, they could not fly this ship, all but one are more what you would call 'support', meaning welders, cooks stewards, maids there are a couple of 'engineers' in the group, but they could not run the ship, not on this scale, none of them are pilots. A couple of them had the same project manager, the project manager of the Cleopatra's refit, but he died 5 months ago. Poor guy walked in to a store that was getting robbed and the gunman took him out, but it may have been for the best for him. He was under investigation, the company suspected him of embezzling funds. Cleopatra was 50 thousand credits over budget at the time and 3 month behind schedule. Anyways, he was replaced and the Cleopatra was finished, what about a month ago? When his replacement took over the job, the engineer requested a transfer, citing conflict with the new project manager." He looks thoughtful, "I just had a thought, the Cleopatra is supposed to rendezvous with us at Meractor. Then a week after we arrive, the Nefertiti, is scheduled to rendezvous with us as well. I hope they is not having the same problems as we are. Those two plus two others and the Star, are then main source of revenue for Luxor. It is a 'big show' for the governing body of Meractor, to help influence them in to signing a contract with Luxor." He sits back and sighs heavily. "Cleopatra and Nefertiti, while not as large or as luxurious as the Star, together they can carry around 250 each and both will be full and since the Star carries rough 500, they equal what the Star can carry. Now including the colonists we picked up we are only transporting around 250 people. That will be around 750 souls. It is a good thing both of the Pharaohs are being refitted and are not in service. They carry the same passengers complement as the Queens. I hope this is just aimed at Van Horton, and not Luxor." He sits silently and seems to stare out into space. "When I asked Miranda about her exit strategy, she said that she would be contacted on Meractor. Now that tells me that one of two things would happen. Either that this is aimed at just throwing us off schedule by a bit or…. " He pauses. "Or who ever sent Miranda, sent her on a suicide mission and there is no exit strategy." He stands, "Well, I need a shower and to get dressed for the winners dinner tonight. If you want I can provide Joe, Ibanez and you with some plus ones. The Captain is taking Murdock, I am taking Miranda." He looks over at Percy, "I suppose that with Wrench, Sarah and Percy, that would cover your plus ones. I will have a couple of extra security personal working the area. I will be back later to pick Miranda up and we can all go… " He trails off, staring over your shoulder as the Captain and Wrench, who has been gone only about 30 minutes, enter the room.
  7. Apologize, I am have a bit of writers block here, I am working on the next post, but just have some issues getting it out.p
  8. When Crystal asked Percy about what happened, he looks a little sad. "This was about 4 1/2 years ago. In that time no one has had any more information." After your comment about making sure Percy knows how to use the pistol. Ibanez gives you a wink, "I will make sure he is fully rated on the weapon, Boss." Riggs sits at one of the tables which has several folders which he is looking at, he glances up and see Crystal approaching. He motions to the chair on the other side of the table. As you sit, he says, "I have some files on a few of the 'contest winners'." He looks at you, " You have to understand that we do a minimal background check on our guests, between that and our minimal security staff, things do tend to slip between the cracks. Having said that it seems that all but four of our winners are employees of Luxor. The only ones not an employee are Marcus, Ibanez, Joe and you. Marcus' background is squeaky clean, too clean. Not even a reprimand for being late on his taxes. So, either I need to fire my background checker, or Marcus has had a background built. I also can not find out which executive authorized the contest, nor what criteria was used to determine the winners. Looking at several of the other background checks, I can make the assumption that Star employees were high on the criteria, not one of the employees has served less than 10 years, which would give them the 'vacation' time needed to take this trip. All of them probably do not know each other as none of the have worked together. A few yes have worked on the same project, but never at the same time, for instance, two worked on the refurbishment of the Cleopatra, but one worked inside and the other only on the engines which came near the end of the project, which the inside was done a whole month before the engines got reworked, in a different repair bay altogether. One served as a steward on the Cleopatra, but was off when she was under refurbishment. Now that would give them the ability to open your rooms. We might ask them what they know. What do you think?"
  9. I have yet to read all of the PDF. I am mostly a GURPS GM and have recently picked up 5E, but have run an old Retro Clone, Labyrinth Lord. DDRPG has caught my attention, So I intend to read more of it, but it might be a while as I have do have two PbP of GURPS Traveller running and at some point, I want to run Dragon Heist in 5e. Having said that, I am very curious about DDRPG and look forward to more. I mean, I do love the stuff you have done to date and have listened in a bit on a couple of your games at Reaper Con.
  10. Percy grabs Crystal's bag, Wrench, the steamer trunk. Sarah giggles quickly, she looks at Crystal, "Sorry, I just had the mental image of how we look as a group." She turns to Percy, "Percy, tell me more about your passion for the steamer trunk." She shoots Crystal a look and worriedly says, "Please be carful." Percy shoots Crystal a worried look as well, "Well…." He launches into a story about how his grandfather started and ran a steamer trunk factory on Glisten and how he had spent years of his childhood running around the factory and learning how to make them. His father had no interest in the factory and had spent his years working for Luxor, hence how he had come into the job on the Star. His dad had been a executive until his untimely death with his grandfather at the steamer trunk factory. Which was unusual, because his dad did not like the steamer trunk factory, but his grand father had him to come see something and they had both been killed during a break in, in which nothing was taken, but the cops could find no other leads, so had closed the case. Percy had hoped to inherit the factory, but come to find out, the factory was deep into debt and the bank had for closed on it. It was a blessing that his grandfather had taken his tools and some of his design sketches home a few weeks earlier, so Percy had been able to inherit those. A few guest as well as some of the Blue Scribes pass the party by in the halls, but none the party knows. You finally arrive at the suite of staterooms and before you can get close to the card scanner, the door slides open and there is Ibanez, with a slight grin on his face, he points to ceiling above the door. There is a freshly installed camera. Ibanez steps back and lets everyone in. As Wrench passes through the doorway Ibanez says, "Wrench they need you back in the bridge. Crystal, Riggs is inside and wants to talk with you. Miranda and Joe are working on the other door. They are installing the other camera. " As Percy draws closer Ibanez pulls out a pistol in a holster and hands it towards Percy. "Welcome to the team. You can borrow that one until you get your own, then I would like it back." Wrench leans a bit closer to Percy and says, "He told me the same thing about the two he loaned me." He uses the air quotes and then also holds up two fingers as if to emphasize the number two. Percy takes the offered pistol. Wrench moves the steamer into the hall of the suite then turns and says "I will be back." Again using the air quotes, and you hear him say, "I like these." Sarah gives a light chuckle while watching Wrench. Percy also watches Wrench with a slight smile on his face. After Wrench leaves the room, Percy turn to Crystal and Sarah, "Does he know he used them wrong?"
  11. The Head Steward glares at Crystal and then Sarah, she opens her mouth, but Sarah interjects and mimics Crystal's shark tooth grin, "My head of security is correct. If I ever see you touch Percy again, I will have you not only fired but I will ensure that it will follow you to any other job you wish to pursue." She turns to Percy, "My dear Percy, would you please finish assisting Chief Cooke here and then you may help escort her and I back to our staterooms, after which, I believe I can find suitable work around our staterooms, that will more than likely take the rest of the cruise." She shoots a glare at the Head Steward. "Now you will leave us and if I ever see you run rough shod on any employee again, I WILL fire you on the spot." The head steward turns and leaves. The door shuts and Sarah turns to Percy, "I want to offer you a job, if you would like, if not I understand and will take steps to ensure that the head steward is replaced for the next cruise. Course that last one is a given, she will be replaced. I also want to point out Percy, that the job offer is NOT because of the head steward. You have been attentive to my chief of security and myself. You have proven yourself trust worthy to us and we could use someone to help us out, course as small as our team is, you would have to be able to shoot and maybe other things as we need." She raises an questioning eyebrow at him. Percy stands there a minute listening to Sarah's explanation. "Ms. Van Horton, I will would like to take your job offer, but" he hesitates for a minute, "I would like to make one humble request. My goal is to try to make steamer trunks, I learned from my grandfather and I have been saving every credit I can to help start making them. I would like still to be able to do that, as a side business for a while. I just do not want you to think that I am not grateful for the opportunity." He has a tear in his eye," I made a promise to my grandfather that I would try to 'rebuild the factory." He wipes away the tear. Sarah smiles at him, "What you do on your off time is YOUR concern. Though I will not lie to you, 'off time' maybe little and few between for a little bit." Percy smiles, "That is fine. My time off here on the ship is much the same way. All my tools are back on Glisten anyways. I mostly draw up plans on board ship." Sarah says, "Now As far I am concerned you are hired, but my chief of security, I am sure will want to do a background check, so we will need her approval." She turns and shoots you a look. " I am sure she will need to talk to Chief Riggs, for your background check." Percy, "I am not worried Ms. Van Horton." He turns to Crystal, "I do not want any special treatment and I want you to know, whether or not I am hired, I will not let your little secret out. " He then motions Crystal to sit back down, when she does he begins to wrap her foot again. You notice his hands tremble a bit. After he wraps it, he places the ice pack against the ankle area and wraps that into place, he then grabs your shoe and places it in his pocket. He then gets up and opens a small locker and produces two crutches, "If you think you need them, it would allow you faster movement for a bit." At that minute the door opens again, this time it is Wrench, "I am here Ms. Sarah, Ms. Cooke," He looks at Percy, "Mr. Idontknowwhoyouare." He cocks his head sideways, "Ms. Cooke, why is this gentleman wrapping your foot?" He looks at Crystal. Percy turns to Wrench, "I am Percy. Please come into the room." Wrench comes fully into the little Med Bay. The door slides shut, "Chief Cooke, Twisted her ankle." which he uses the air quotes, to which Wrench mimics. "Percy, I do not understand what that means." Wrench, she is pretending to have a sprained her ankle, so we are wrapping it to help further the ruse. It would help if you went a long with it." "I understand Percy. Chief Cooke, I could carry you back to the staterooms if you desire. Oh, and now I know why Chief Riggs mentioned crutches." He uses the air quotes in mimicing Percy. He turns to Crystal, "Riggs mentioned you wanted me to look at the an on your , Ibanez and Joes former rooms. I have done so and they were tampered with. Someone reset the scanners, presumable to enter them and then reset them again so that the next hand would open it up, regardless of who's hand it scanned." Percy looks thoughtful as he finishes wrapping Crystal's foot. "Chief Cooke, the scanners could be set up that way, but it would require one of two things. Either proper security clearance, which in this case would be one of three maybe four people, Chief Riggs, the captain, and the head steward. The fourth might be Mr. Van Horton, I do not know for sure how much security clearance he has. The other thing that the person could have some good hacking skills, not that the scanners are high class security. Not to lay suspicion on myself, but I do know enough about the scanners to be able to figure out how to do it, but I have been working with those scanners both here and on my previous liner. They should be up graded, but it was, I figure decided not to up-grade them prior to this cruise. Now I can understand that, as newer scanners and enough to replace everyone on ship would be astronomical in price. Now listen to me ramble on." Sarah turns to Percy, "Percy, that is one of the requirements of this job, If you have knowledge that you think it valid then I want you to say something."
  12. Riggs listens to you, "Percy is a good kid. He NEEDS someone to look after him, but he is a good kid. He has an obsession with his grandfather's Factory. The Head Steward runs rough shod over him for his "lack of work ethic" and she keeps a close tabs on Percy, but she crumbles to those with more authority than her, Chief. He is almost as good as Mrs. Van Horton in fact. I can have Wrench sent down. I saw the winner's dinner on the itinerary this morning so it is a priority. The Captain and myself, both will be in attendance with our plus ones. Also, if you need crutches, I have a pair I can loan you for few days. Well I better go get Wrench and send him your way. " He hangs up his on his end. Percy, places the ice pack in a towel and then places it on your foot and gets up and grabs several wrap bandages and sits back down and gentle begins to wrap your foot. As he touches your foot the door slides open, "PERCY!!!!!! LET GO OF THAT WOMAN'S FOOT THIS INSTANT!!!!!" the woman that come through the door fills it. Her beet red face is scrunched up in fury. She reaches down and grabs Percy by the collar and hauls him to his feet, "WHEN I AM THROUGH WITH YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET A JOB ANYWHERE. THIS IS YOUR LAST OFFENCE, YOU WILL CONFINE YOURSELF TO YOUR BUNK FOR THE REST OF THE CRUISE. THE ONLY TIME YOU MAY LEAVE IS TO USE THE FRESHER. I WILL HAVE YOUR FOOD BROUGHT TO YOU." "But head Steward she sprained her ankle and I was helping her." "YOU WANT TO BACK TALK ME NOW? I OUTHA,…" She raises a hand to hit Percy, he flinches just a little, but braces himself for the blow.
  13. It takes about 5 mins before Riggs calls the med bay, "Riggs here. Crystal is everything alright?"
  14. Percy blushes, "Ahh sorry. Pick it up and dial #3#6337#2255. That will ring Riggs pager and alert him to call med bay 7.
  15. Steward Percy smiles at your kind words. When you grab him, he blushes. He then nods, at your words, "Yes ma 'me we will get you to a med bay. He leans closer to support more of your weight, as he does so, he whispers, "you can use the comm system in the med bay." he raises his voice back to normal levels, "There is a med bay just around the corner ma 'me. It is mostly for low berth emergencies, but there should be an ice pack there. If we need to go to the other med bay we can." he turns to Sarah, "beg your pardon ma 'me, but could take this steamer back. I hate to be a bother," Sarah nods her accent, shooting Crystal a worried look. Percy seeing Sarah's worried look says, "I am sure it will be fine. I am pretty positive it is just sprained, though I am no med tech, we are trained in rudimentary medical procedures." It does not take long to reach the med bay. Only about 5 mins, during which time Percy tells you that his grandfather worked in a steamer trunk factory back on Glisten. Once you are in the med bay he sits you down on a chair right next to , " I apologize for the story, it is apart of what we are taught to do, kind of distract the patient from the pain." he does brake out an ice pack. He sits on the floor and removes your shoe, "Sorry, just in case someone comes in it will look like I am examining your foot, not trying to forward with you." He just sits there on the floor seemingly ready to grab your foot at a moments notice.
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