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  1. ok maybe not a asteroid crater maybe an dormant(?) volcano, still not real sure. I tried a few softwares to work on my map... not real super happy with anything. Still trying to mesh everything together.
  2. Thank you both for the suggestions. I am not a really a drawing person. I do occasionally draw, but most of my 'training' is in drafting. I can do most of what I want in Libre CAD. I have done some hand drawings in the past and like to doodle every once in a while. I did a drawing two(?) years ago of a campaign map that I would love to work over, however I do not want to mess up the original. So I thought there might be a software where I could take a picture of the drawing and then import it and 'mark it up'. I probablly will not use it much after so free is the way to go for me, plu
  3. Any one know of a good free software for drawing? I have a handing that I want to use and I want to be able to upload a picture of that into a software and maybe draw on it on my laptop.
  4. Hello all. I have decided to start a new world for a Fantasy GURPS game. I will be using MS One Note and Word to get my thoughts down, but I could use a sounding board. Discussion may help me define this world better. Basically I will combine two worlds that I have made before. and add new content. Most of what I will doing here is the higher level stuff. even touching on stuff players may or may not ever see of be concerned with. I may even add drawings to this thread. Drawings will be both hand drawn stuff and stuff drawn in CAD. both of which might help get my ideas out.
  5. A new post is up. Comments are welcome.
  6. I hope everyone is having the greatest day they can.
  7. 14:00 Over the PA system,”This is the captain. Will all non-essential personnel please depart the ship as soon as possible. We are at one hour till we cast off moorings. That is all.” For those out and about, techs start packing up their gear and head towards the gangway to disembark. 14:45 “This is the captain, in 15, we will break moorings and make way towards the jump point for our first jump. Which will take us approximately 76 min. At which point the crew will finalize their jump calculations and 5 minutes before the jump, we will dim the lights in the Vilani tradition. Ple
  8. hey all, please forgive me if I do not go back and read the last like 20 or pages that have happened since I last poked my ugly mug in here. I hope everyone is have the best time that they can be. My PbP is still going and still has openings still. I have kicked around the idea of doing another PbP. My kids fantasy game has died. I know we are all busy and I think it has just ground to halt. I am just not sure what world I want to use. I have one, but is on the dark side. I do like world building, but it takes a lot out of me at times. I thought about doing it on discord, but
  9. I am debating on banning the bard anyways. I have never been a fan of it. I am just kicking it around for now. I want to use a city map that I bought from 0one. it has buildings, but it is mostly open for the GM to do what they want. it also has an dungeon that could be attached with it, but I am not sure. I am just playing it more by ear than anything. I have a couple of adventures that I want to run and kind of trying to construct a world. I have a world, but it is on the dark side of things and I would not want to offend anyone, so if I go that route I may do it via discord.
  10. All right, I have chewing over how to do some things, that and working this weekend... during a bloody sale with a city wide garage sale going on.... makes for a tired person. and the new Xbox one ,,, well not new, but new to me. I also have been kicking around the idea of doing a fantasy GURPS game as well... my kids one has fell to the wayside. I sent Kanga a PM and will pick things back up in the thread here this week.
  11. for the folks reading here is the Itinerary for the cruise: Itinerary 062-1120 Leaving Glisten 076-1120 Arrive in Overnale system for refueling 085-1120 Arrive in the Egypt system for refueling 099-1120 Arrive in the Meractor system 106 - 1120 Arrive in Overnale system for refueling 114 -1120 Arrive in the Egypt system for refueling 122 - 1120 Arrive in the Glisten system. Launch Day. Boarding 12-14:45 Launching 15:00 Captain's Dance 17:00- 22:00 Captain's Dinner 18:00- 22:00 Lights Out 0:00
  12. My apologizes for my prolonged absents. I have been occupied.... My Oldest son gave me his old xbox one.....
  13. lol. One of the reasons I love PbP, is I can tell each player information without the other(s) in on it. and with out having to either us leave the room or have everyone else leave the room.
  14. The steward follows you to the door of your room. He/She places his hand on a rectangle that is on the door which now glows a soft blue, “This is Steward(they say their name), configure for passenger, (says your name). Please place your hand on the rectangle and say your name.” After you do the door opens and a computer voice says, “Welcome, Passenger (your name).”
  15. for the sake of those who may or may not be reading I will post a part of the conversation that is more or less the same for both players. other parts of it are for the players to reveal or not at their discretion.
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