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  1. "Well, normally I would say that there are no systems that could be reached from the hallway that the lifeboats are in, however since it is obvious that the lifeboat seems to have been hacked open, because we were not notified of the activation of the lifeboat doors, but rather the launch of the lifeboat itself, indicating that the lifeboat doors had to have been hacked open. This would lead one to speculate that the stairwell doors, near the hallway, could have been hacked as well." Riggs overhears this," That stairwell is right near Engineering. If someone was able to hack the doors open, they could have access to engineering. Normally I have guys posted in the stairwell to help wave off anyone who might wander in there, but with needing the manpower to help with the liner passengers I had to pull those guys. I would appreciate the help in searching engineering as I am shorthanded anyways."
  2. Give them time. Where there is a will, and a lot of money, there is a way. I hope everyone is having the best day they can.
  3. As you come into the main hall where the escape pods are. You notice that one of the doors that allows access to the escape pods is open. You see Riggs and the Captain near Captain Luckman who is groaning, then cursing quickly followed by a bunch of coughing. You can see that Captain Luckman holding a bloody knife with one hand and trying to reach into his pocket with the other. There is a stab wound on his left side bleeding profusely despite Riggs holding a cloth there. There is blood on the carpet and walls of the hallway. Wrench is stand near them, "but Captain Luckman I could apply enough….." he is cut off by Captain Luckman, "YOU DAMN TIN CAN STAY AWAY FROM ME, OR I WILL SEE YOU SCRAPPED FOR SURE." Captain Luckman is off into another coughing fit. A medical team runs into the hallway and lay down stretcher to carry Luckman in. They move hi as gently as they can to the stretcher and carry him the short distance to the med bay. There is not much room in the tiny Med Bay, but they leave the door open. You can Riggs ask, "Captain, who did this? "IT was Chuck." When I went to go get him and we got back towards the life boats when he grabbed me and pulled me next to one of them. He stabbed me and then opened up the life boat pod and got away." One of the med techs turns to Rigg, "I am sorry sir. I need you to leave the room so we can work on him." Riggs nods and leaves the room shutting the door behind him. A couple more med techs arrive Mr. Van Horton grabs one as she starts to go by, "Please have this food tested. We think there might be some poison in it." She nods and takes what she can into the med bay.
  4. Sarah shrugs her shoulders and says, "Might as well and we can take the food with us to have it tested as well." She looks at everyone, "gather your meal and we can have it tested over in the med bay." Everyone gathers their meals and the one for those absent.
  5. As you finish talking to Sarah and turn to talk to Wrench you discover that Wrench is no longer in the room.
  6. I would like things to go my way instead of fighting me every step of the way........ a smallish "story" to highlight my feeling over the last couple of days: A smallish community has gathered together over an old relic that has been discarded by a far-flung empire. The small community mends the broken relic and makes it shine like new and even adds on to it. some good things some bad things, but over all good things. Then one day an Imperial probe droid lands on the planet to check on the relic and find this small community doing quite well, more than just eking out existence, but not quite prospering. They are content with life, so the empire sends in the Star Marines to take back what is 'rightfully' owned by them. Some of the citizens of the community will escape to other systems and find other relics to worship, or even create their own. For those that remain though, they will be forced to pay the taxes of the empire and bleed dry and beaten back to a breath above stone age, before the empire content it has reminded everyone that, the relic is THEIRS and no one else may have it. So, content the empire will turns its gaze back to its other relics and leave the minor relic alone and almost forgot. The community will trudge on slowly and quietly rebuilding and maybe even drawing back some of its old citizens and picking up new ones until the Imperial Probe droid lands once again and the cycle is repeated. I just wrote the above 'story' but I think it sums up my feeling over the last four or five days. I just have to decide if I want to stay and worship the relic, or if I want to abandon this relic in favor of another one.... it would best if I made my own relic, just I do not have that much drive or time left in me.
  7. Sarah says," I do not think anyone messed with the food, but I am not 100% sure. I mean I have been serving people food, so I have been to the kitchen a couple of times and seen the cook making stuff, but it is not like I was in there the whole time. Before I went to pick up food that I knew he was making for you guys, I went to the bar and asked Wrench to help me carry it here. I did not see anyone other than the cooks in the kitchen. Over the Intercomm you hear, "We need a medic to the life boats on deck 1 NOW!"
  8. I took a look at OnePageRules' games. They seem 'familiar'...lol. Seeing those and coupled with Rob's response. I am defeintly going to do a BFG campaign. I just need somewhere to keep track of it. Just not sure where. Yeah I saw their AI rules and DL them. I think they might be a little useful. I need to full read them.
  9. Thanks, I will take a look at these. I have decided that I want to a Battlefleet Gothic 'campaign' by myself. I found some STLs online and had one printed at a library. it was pretty good, so I ordered another one plus a couple of bases. That was almost a month ago and I was told then they had a job in front of mine, ok that is fine.... I have not received an email that they are done yet. I need to email them and ask if they are done. The library is in my hometown that is about an hour away from me and I do not want to ask my mom or kids to go check on it. I think I will like the bases enough that I am ready to order a few more plus a few others and some order dice.
  10. I added to my collection of physical books, I also added the Religion and Rogues PDFs to my collection as well.
  11. I do not take that as an insult. I have tried to write before. I am not sure what my 'problem' is, I do a little bit of it then I get bored, usually 2 or 3 paragraphs in and I either delete the whole thing or leave it in a book somewhere never to find it again. I have thought about writing a couple of 'stories', but sometimes when I go to write, there is nothing there or sometimes something 'triggers'* me. *Not in a bad way, but suddenly there is a story in my head and it begs to get out...... most of these are at very inconvenient times... at work... driving... other wize in the middle of something I cannot just stop and take notes. Then when I go to write it down later it either is not there or, I cannot fully remember the 'details' and anything else seems flat and not right. I hate it when I notice these kinds of things. it sets my OCD off and I have to find a way to make me focus on other things.
  12. not sure why I even bother..... sorry had to get that out of my system. and I really hate people.... not everyone, just those outside my circle.....circles... I have multiple circles. there are you guys and game I play online that I have made a lot of friends at, my painting/gaming friends, and there are the ones who I deal at work, who I know around town or even if they are out of towners who frequent my store but have come to 'know' me. beyond that, I hate them. maybe hate is too strong of a word and I still would like to think there are good people out there, but overall, well I cannot say in a family setting. ..... I placed my whine in a spoiler, so you can skip it if you want to.
  13. ok. new post is up. Sorry it took a while. I had to mull over what I wanted to say and how to put everything. Joe of course is still in the background watching everything that goes on. So when Kanga gets a chance, he can insert his decision.
  14. "MAKE A HOLE!" you hear Riggs shout. He slips between Crystal and the door. The Captain hot on his heels. Scribe Layla stops chewing her food and looks at Crystal with horror on her face. Librarian Ruddick has his sandwich to his mouth and looks at Crystal then at Layla, fear showing. Sarah is quite taken aback.
  15. Wrench says, "The pod is really just around the corner. You passed them on your way here. There are no critical systems between here and the bar. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G8EbTXye4SISbKzvcO0S5rje-oHQHlJh/view?usp=sharing Try the link above, if it does not work let me know.
  16. I have decided to just use the racial templates from the Basic and Fantasy books. I made the decision based on the fact that the non-human races will be 'scattered' throughout the world. Yes, there will be some places that each call their own, i.e., a completely Elven Forest, but those elves will not be much different than the ones, living in the human cities. Sure, there will be somethings that will be different, like the 'forest elf' will have a 'survival woodlands' where s the city elf, may not, but then again, the city elf player might decide to take the survival woodland, for giggles.
  17. Yesterday was a heck of a day. Fresh truck came a day early, so the boss stayed to help, my co worker got 'sick' so I sent her home and asked the boss to come back near close, as you can not close the store with just one person, so I ran the store for about 1 1/2 hours by myself. I still got done what the boss wanted plus finished off the rolltainer of food that was started that morning.... I threw 3/4s of it. I did not hurt as bad I usually do when working that long of a day, I did hurt, but I threw fresh truck. Day off today, so doing laundry and trying to work on other things.
  18. Well today is my long day. 12:30 - 9:30. I have not much time before I head off to work and other errands. Snow on the ground and like 9 degrees out there. I hate the cold, but at least I can dress for it. anyways, I used some of my Christmas money to buy a couple of PDFs for GURPS, that I feel will help me in my fantasy 'campaign'. I also think I will purchase the Low- and High-tech books from Amazon. I am hoping I can get stuff sorted out and start up a group that meets on a regular schedule.... It is not a high hope, but a very tiny hope. We have been having internet problems of late as well. Went to go post this and it was out again.... but obviously it now back up... Well, I hope everyone is having as great of a day as they can, and it continues to get better for the rest of the year.
  19. Just as the words leave Crystal's mouth, an alarm klaxon goes off and before anyone can say a word, out of the view port of the longue, one of the escape pod hatches opens and one of the escape pods gets projected out. You can make out a figure at the controls, but it whizzes by so fast that you cannot make out any features.
  20. In one of the GURPS groups that I am a part of, a guy posted a link to a document he has come up with some anthropomorph races for GURPS. While these are way cool and there are some very interesting ones, shark person??? cool.., I can see some of them 'clashing' with some of the big bad nasty races, that I want to have in my game, think World of Warhammer from GW. rat people, and the oxen race, who look very 'beastman' like. So I am not sure of how many I will end up using. I still need to go over the document and look at each one.
  21. .... New year Same old broccoli... Boss ordinally gave me the week off, to recoup. I do not feel the best, no, it is not Covid, just tired and worn thin on my 'taking broccoli', that and 10 years of a fairly inconsistent schedule. Never know for sure when I will be off or even if the day off will be a day off. makes it difficult to plan fun things, like painting, gaming with friends. Well, I know it is because the other Assistant Manager called in on Sunday with Covid.... so, he is out 2 weeks. the new hire is also sick, so she is out as well. No rest for the wicked, as they say. Just for the record, I am very tired of making the CE Overlord look like a choir boy. I have been slowly working on my PbP. Also thought I would try to start up my Discord group again. I have been thinking of starting another group as well, but 'too many Irons in the fire' and none will get done. I did 'find' a new document that I need to look over. A guy stated up some 'animal PC races' for GURPS. the one I have skimmed through look cool and could add a bit more 'flavor' to my homebrew world. I hope everyone is have the best day/year that they can.
  22. Librarian Ruddick looks at you, "No one knows who built them. We have had a team there, but we are headed there to help with the excavation and some of us are going to help with the translation. We have been 'enroute' for a month now. Captain Luckman was having some trouble and needed his payment up front, so we just left Glisten two weeks ago. We have had some engine trouble, so it has taken us longer than usual to get here. Captain Luckman has done a lot of the work and has been very apologetic about the delay because of his engines. I will go work with Scribe Layla in making our list." He goes over and sits next to Scribe Layla, and she looks up at Crystal and flashes a grateful smile. Riggs listens to Crystal, then moves a little further away from the group motioning with his head for Crystal to follow, "Lieutenant, the Captain has bigger fish to fry then trying to find a possible bomber, she can help some, I can only help it identifying possible targets aboard this ship and help provide the manpower to capture and hold the bomber." He nearly spits. He looks over at Ibanez, "Whether or not you think you are up to the task of finding this bomber, you are it. You and your friend Joe." You feel the ship make the jump to Hyperspace. Riggs continues, " I suggest you use Ibanez, Ruddick and the scribe to help you figure it out." He turns and walks back over to the captain. Scribe Layla and Librarian Ruddick have their heads together with Ibanez, with Joe sitting near them, The Captain, Mr. Van Horton and Riggs are having a discussion. Even though the room is not big, most are keeping their voices low so as to not disturb the others. After about 10 minutes or so Sarah and Wrench come in both carrying trays of food and drinks. They pass out the trays of food and drinks to everyone in the room. Wrench approaches Crystal carrying a tray with two meals left, "Crystal, where is Captain Luckman, we figured everyone would be hungry and thirsty, so we brought some, but I do not see Captain Luckman."
  23. I hope everyone is doing as great as they can be. It is good to hear that GEM made it home safe and sound, also good to hear haldir's leg is mending. First day back to work.... grrrrrrr. back room is full and even have stuff on the sales floor. Why did I think a week off would be a good idea? I went through 4 'u-boats' and started on a rolltainer of mostly food, last 1/4 of it is pet food and got through about half of it before I had to start my end shift routine. I felt like I should have stayed after close and done more, but 1 I can not do it all and 2 needs the district's managers permission to stay late and burn the hours. Anyways, up a little early sitting in my chair, with my 'shadow'(*) leaned up against me enjoying the time with his 'pawpaw'. (*) My shadow, is my Dachshund. He is a merle colored Dachshund. It is forbidden to breed two merle colors together because of a gene that make all merle colored dachshund either blind or deaf, or a little bit of both. My Oscar is a little bit of both. He loves his mama and his pawpaw. Well here is to maybe me doing some 'work' today and things.......
  24. "There is a nip in the air. The cold won't be good for my crops. It never is." Sorry, if you know you know, if you do not well..... I bet you took an arrow to the knee.....either that or someone stole your sweetroll. First day back to work today, it has been an ok vacation, got done most of what I wanted to, though I did not play electrician, much to the wife disappointment. My youngest bought her brother the 10th anniversary of Skyrim, then proceeded to play it and not let him, though he is going through the Witcher 3 to finish it again with the DLCs. My PbP is still chugging along. I got another ship on order for one of my games, plus a couple of bases, rereading the rules. I think I remember most of them. need to do a play test after I get the new ship and bases, so after the first of the year. Got together with all of my kids, sister and mother yesterday. it was a pretty good day. I hope everyone is having the best day they can.
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