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  1. In short order Recruit Lopez is placed on the shuttle and Ruddick has the shuttle in the air, a few mintues later Ruddick lands the shuttle with guidence from Ibanez. On exiting the shuttle, Ibanez begins looking at the crates of supplies and with help from the rest of the crew, carrying them and getting them organized into a defensable ring using the shuttle and Scout ship as anchor points. Joe, Pita, and Wrench head over to the scout to try to find out what is wrong with it. Pita tries to start up the reactor, it takes a few minutes, due the reactor being shut off for so long, but it startes up just fine. She asks Joe to go to the cockpit and check things up there. Pita does find a few parts that have some wear and tear on the, but most have spares and the few others, that do not have spares, Pita can machine them quite easily. Recruit Jena Lopez wakes up in the middle if the preprations and Miranda does a quick check up on her and deems her fit for duty. Lopez helps out with the moving and organizing of the crates. There are two crates that Ibanez does not use, one is marked rations the other C4. [I figured I would use the C4 as I am unaware of the Traveller equvilant and also figure most every one knows what C4 is and would understand that better than if I tried to find C4s Traveller equivilant.]
  2. well the third key just quit. back to 1 day off. I will try to keep this going as best I can.
  3. Ok. New post is now up. The boss got the third key to agree to stay. However now her father has had a heart attack, so not sure where things are going. So we will still play things by ear.
  4. Ibanez thinks for a few mintues, “Sorry boss. I kind of lost my head there a bit. You are right, we should take the shuttle over to the Scout ship and set up a permiter around them both. Let Joe, Pita and Wrench take a look at the scout and see if it can be salvaged. If it can not, at least there maybe some of the tech or some supplies that we could salvage. Once Recruit Lopez wakes up she can show us where their main base camp and the other camps are, even though she said those had been destroyed, there maybe salavagable supplies there as well. Surily the beast did not ruin everything. I suggest if we are going to do this, we get started right away. while two weeks can be a long time, I suspect it will go by pretty fast.”
  5. Hello all... It has been a day. While I love the sun shining and need the vitamin D3, I do love 'gloomy' days. I love the sound of the rain. ...... it is 'misting' here and kind of gloomy, but not really so much..... Computers lags at just the right time to aggravate me, plus trying to print a 370 page document because I evidently love wasting paper. pauses and I have to run the printer checker, which 1st question always is "Is the Printer on?"..... I have turned it off once in the year or so I have had it. strangely enough it is the same question the wife asks me when she goes to print something..... it is just an aggravating day and I have to go to work later and deal with John Q Public and keep them happy...... sorry, like I said it has been an aggravating day and has put me in 'a mood' not foul, but not good either. I hope everyone else is having the best day they can and I hope it gets better.
  6. OK, well I spoke too soon... Third key has decided to quit, so after next Friday I will be back down to one day off. We will just have to play it by ear and see how things develop.
  7. *Sigh* Too good to last. the key holder that just was out due to medical leave has put her two week notice in. which means we will have to run with just three key holders again. meaning one day off for us. I can not blame her, but she says she might want to come back after a bit.... I doubt we will be able to hold her job open for very long... which will mean she will be moved down both in pay grade and in job title. I mean hells I would love to be 'just a cashier' again, but the pay cut would not be worth it. She and I talked and she says it just not work, but there are a lot of small things that factored into her putting it in. I just want her to make the best decision, she has quit before then came back and she was upset over the pay cut then as well.... Anyways, with the above situation, I have not worked on either of my PbP and have stopped work on my projects, there just seems to be no point in keeping it up. I will work on the PbPs, but World 23 is on hold indefinitely. Oh well such is life right? I hope everyone is having the best day they can and I hope it just gets better.
  8. Hello all I hope you all are having the best day you can have and I hope it just gets better. It is not very cold here, phone says 36 degrees, so we will run with that. I have to go out and walk the fence line. the littlest dog can get out and I need to find out where. He mostly stays inside the fence, but with the way the city has been the last couple of months, I would not trust them to return a lose dog or even hold on to it without putting it down at my expense..... I AM just a bit on the bitter side towards the city. I understand their stance, but does not mean I have to like it or them. Anyways, on to another subject before I get myself worked back up in to a tizzy and want to level the town. I finished reading the Players Hand Book for Castle's and Crusades. It has given me the 'old school' feeling. ... I know I know, I am just rambling. it is not like I am going to get to play it... I am going to read the Castle Keepers Guide next. Then start looking at the Monster's and Treasures book. I also am going to start detailing the 'starting' city. I will have the characters start in a small town, but plan on moving them towards the city. I also have found a document in which someone has made up the races from the Eldar Scroll games into C&C. I like them enough I have been thinking about using them, but I am not sure. Anyways, Hope everyone has the best day they can.
  9. Probably from a home that had to many animals. Code enforcement Officer city code is 4 dogs. We had 5, someone lodged a complaint against my female Bassett being too noisy, so had to get rid on my male Bassett. I am not bitter or anything.... I hope everyone is having the best day they can and I hope it gets better. I have changed my mind on my world 23, I am still going to do it, but I am going to use a few things that, I think will help me a bit. My 'starting' city is changing. I was going to use one I have 'made', but I need to redraw. I am instead going to use one that I have purchased in the past. I will be using the Castle's and Crusaders rule set, because it is closer to 1st edition, that I am use to. Anyways, I feel like I am repeating myself, so I hope you all have the best day you can have.
  10. Moring All, I hope everyone is having the best day they can have and I hope it gets even better. There seems to be a hole in my coffee cup, either that or i am drinking the coffee fast.. surely not. I had to wrangle the dogs to take them to the vet for their rabies shot..... Adult Bassett was ready to go, She knows what the harness is for. The 5 month old Bassett, not so much, plus the Dachshund, who is mostly blind and deaf, was not sure what was going on, but papa was on the floor with all of them. Get them all there and back again. Everyone is doing great, it is nap time for them, plus it is too cold to stay outside for very long. I have had my two cups of coffee and an apple. Still working on my Castles and Crusades game. I may have to start one on Discord somewhere, but everyone wants to do it 'live' and prefer PbP. not many people seem to want to do that anymore. On one hand it makes me happy, but on the other, it makes me sad, because I am left out in the cold, so to speak. MEH, Anywho, best to let everyone get back to their day plus I need to read more and take more notes. Hope your day gets better.
  11. Day 3..... I must be on something or something.... I hope every one is doing the best they can and not feel like a broken record..... I deleted my interest gauge for Castle's & Crusades. I know it has been only 3 days, but meh, I worked on my PF2 Beginner's Box PbP that I am doing on Discord. I really do like PF2, but there is just so much too it that I feel slightly overwhelmed. I am enjoying to Beginner's Box, maybe if I could get a in person group, I might be able to learn it better, but the odds of that are extremely low. Anyways, I hope everyone has a better day than it was before you read this post.
  12. Is that the 'green' one I have been hearing about in all the Mordheim circles? anyways, wow, day two, look at me go. I hope everyone is doing the best they can be doing and it just gets better. Sitting here reading the C&C Players Handbook waiting on the laundry to finish washing and just thought I would check in.
  13. I hope everyone is doing the best they can. I know things are difficult and they could be better and they could be worse. I stayed in bed till almost noon today. Just did not want to get out of bed. Just getting My Player's Handbook for Castles and Crusades finished printed out. Now to finish reading it then to print out the Castle Keepers Guide. I have already found something I want to change for my game. I want to change the Barbarian class to either Nomad or Tribesman class. A very minor change, but just something I think I would like to do. Well I hope your day gets better, even if it has been good already.
  14. My apologies for the confusion. I feel that confusion on most days. Lead Phosphate... sticks in my head for some reason. I will have to look it up. Things are slowly getting better. I have today off then back to close tomorrow night, then the next two off, followed by working both days of the weekend. My World 23 is coming along slowly as well. I have thoughts and i write them down, to maybe expand on at a later date or discard. Going through a lot of mu older ideas and either tossing them out or reworking them. I have all of my ideas written down in a notebook, but also am duplicating them in a text file.
  15. Hey all, long time no chew the fat. I hope everyone is doing the best they can. Life has been throwing poo at me for a while. While I am mostly covered in it, I am still treading on, kinda have to. I have quite a lot on my plate, but looking to put even more. I just put feelers out for another PbP, this will make three, if it happens. Work has settled down, so I do think three will be doable for me. Anyways it has been another year, same old stuff.
  16. Well, I have read the Quickstart rules for the new system. It should be more of what I am looking for. It I want to run the quickstart, but I have 2 PbP going already, and I think three right now would be more than I can juggle. My hours at work will take a dive next week plus I want to set the quickstart adventure in my world, which is only referred to as World 23. NOt sure if I want to even have a 'proper' name at this point, as most everything I like or come up with is taken, or sounds stupid.
  17. Ibanez thinks a few minutes, "From what I gathered from what Lopez said, this creature should not bother small parties of no more than 5, I also doubt that it would attack the shuttle, as it has not attacked the scout’s ship. I do not think it would hesitate to have a small snack, though, so you should still be wary. We also have 4 radios with us. Short ranged, but could be of use. If you take one, Pita and Joe take one and go check out the scout ship. Maybe they can fix what is broken. Ruddick can use the shuttles radio… come to think about it. I say, have Ruddick take the shuttle and fly around the area, anything as big as what I think this thing is, should be able to be seen from the air. Percy and Sarah can stay in the shuttle with Ruddick. Joe could go with you to explore the cave, as he said his general skill set could be beneficial, then maybe Percy could go with Pita. He hesitates. He is clearly torn, " I would like to see if I can find Pennington. I owe his father my life more times than I care to count. The next time I see Tom, I would like to offer him something more than 'your son is dead'. Sarah starts to say, " I will come…..," and Ibanez cuts her off, "Sorry Mame, but you would be safer in the air, and I can move much faster by myself. " Sarah nods. She turns to you. "As you are in charge of my security team, so I will leave the decision up to you, but Ibanez does make sense.
  18. Well, I have to add learning a new game system to the list. The game I was going to use, has been neutered by recent events. I like PF2, but it makes my head spin slightly, with all of the content, so I have had to pick up another one, that is closer to what the old game was. Anyways, I have some stuff that I have used before in other games. I will be porting it over to the new system.
  19. I am not really doing this, but I will be working on my world. my first set was a set of rules. I found, I think a good set that I can wrap my brain around and write with in mind. I have had a couple of adventures running around in my head and I decided at the beginning of the year to try to get them out, then well you know recent events, slammed into me and have thrown me off. anyways, I think I have found a rule set, just is going to require me to learn, which should not be too difficult.. Once the rule set is learned, then I will start, well I have a lot of the world in mind but need to get it more 'set in stone'. So in a way I am doing a World 23, so forgive me. and I could use thoughts and prayers.
  20. UPDATE: Not to get to into stuff, but due to Paizo and Troll Lords Games, I am in a better mental space, however, the storm at work is still going on. After next week, I should catch a break, just not sure how long of a break. I still have one hells of a storm raging through my head, but I am slowly getting back there. Starting to pick up little pieces and trying to get more on an even keel. Thank you both for being patient and supportive. I have decided that GURPS Traveller will continue, but I also am trying to learn PF2, which to me, is a little overwhelming. I am committed to learning the game. I also have decided that I am going to pick up Castles and Crusades, for my special project. I just have to start getting things finished lining up. Thank you both again.
  21. Ok, as, I think, I have said before, work is crazy. Up until the end of next week. Today is my first day off in the last 6. I work tomorrow then I have a 'guys' day planned on Thursday with my youngest son. So I am trying to get ready for that today. It is just a day trip and back to work on Friday. I will get back to this, but it might be a week or so. And as much as it sounds like an excuse, the OGL and wizards bruhaha, has put a slight damper on this as well. I was getting ready to try to write an adventure that I was hoping maybe to release some years in the future, as it stands though, the game I was going to use, well might be dead soon and no new content allowed. And no it is not for 5e, but an old retro clone, which some of you have played with me in the past. Anyways, I have work that needs done, even though I have procrastinated a good portion of the day away already. Please hang in there. Just have one hells of a storm going in my head and hard to focus on much beyond little goals.
  22. Well, you are correct, there has not been much call for any dice throwing. I am winging the hells out of this. I have a general idea of where we are heading, but basically not much more than 'oh this is where I want to end up, let us see how we get there. This is not the worst game I have ever ran, the old retro clone game where the party kept getting knocked unconscious in every room of the dungeon springs to mind.... That was no fun for anyone, I mean I am not against a TPK, but only if they do something so monumentally stupid, that they deserve it. And to be fair, in that game it was their dice rolling that was the issue. Anyways, I have been having fun with this game, Arkady and the way this game is going, has kept me on my toes.
  23. I added the haha thing cause you are right Crystal does think a lot. Not says she should not, as it usually give me some to think about throw at you guys........
  24. @Kangaroorex You are more than welcome back. Joe is still with the group. Go back and read the last couple of posts so you know what is going on. then just tell me what you want to do. I have been working a lot the last couple of weeks and for a few more to come, so posting is sporadic at best. I think I have a post almost ready to go up, but I will hold off on it till after you have posted. I do feel like I have not been running a great game as there has not much dice rolling, skill checks combat and the like, but I am having fun with this. Arkady has kept me on my toes. Welcome back.
  25. Word is that the other key holder will not be back till after the 18th. Until then I will have 1 day off a week, so I will keep this suspended until after that date.
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