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    Making my sons laugh. †Studying the Bible. †Playing D&D (live and via PBeM). †Painting miniatures (duh!). †Reading. †Playing Civ 4 on the computer. †Good wine and good friends.
  1. Very cool sign! Thanks for sharing as I definitely don't Facebook!
  2. Posted this over at Troll Lord Games: First off, my heartfelt sympathies and prayers go out to his family. As I read the posts and considered, there have been few constants in my life. Much has changed, through various education levels, jobs, friends, family, even where I lived and went to church. But since my introduction to the game in 1978, D&D has been a constant part of my life. I have made many friends through the game, learned many skills, and have known much joy due to this game. When I get a little time to myself, inevitably my mind wanders to dreaming up fodder for
  3. Yeah, this is exactly what I came with too, thus my lament. The two sure sounded pretty interwoven. My guess is that you would go for the pure book and paper approach but you'd be left with the feeling that you paid for more than you would be using, strictly speaking. Of course, that's a reasonable choice one could make but you'd be wondering what you were missing. My bad. I've been away from the boards so long that I forgot to let folks know I was going. My brother and I have 2009 marked on our calendars, though, and I'm averdue to attend another ReaperCon...
  4. Ah, I had one other point. Regardless of what you think about 4.0 or WotC in general, I have to believe that they had to be the most reviled vendor at Gen Con. Think about it. Thursday night, before the weekend when the masses really show up, they announce 4.0. How many vendors there had 3.5 product to push? Granted, some won't adopt, but selling obsolete (ok, soon to be obsolete) material is TOUGH to do. Plus (and maybe this is reading a little too much into it, I'll grant you), WotC essentially declared war on everyone else in the D&D-related industry. They've reined in on Drag
  5. Aw, man! I was there too! Shame I missed you... I'm still not sure about all of this. I emptied all my bile about having to buy new books when 3.5 was announced (but that was my own fault I guess; we held off on adopting 3.0 until about two months before 3.5 was announced. That, and I'm a little more laid back these days) so I'm not going to flip out on that. I'm more of the crowd that eyes the whole computer component suspiciously. The machine's never really deserved a place at our role playing table and I worry that it reduces the social aspect of the game, but I'll have to wait
  6. Yeah, I'm a fan of this model too. He looks no-nonsense and the real deal. Nice!
  7. Wow. This I thought I'd never see, but obviously I wasn't looking hard enough. I can't claim to be elitist one way or the other, but I can't deny that as I read the news my reaction is disappointment. I've held Reaper in high regard as sort of a bastion of defiance against this plastic craze but that's a figment of my own romanticism. The fact is: 1. There's a raw materials reality: tin and the mining industry around it are in high demand and short supply. Things are tough for the metal-lovers because this means a higher cost, and... 2. There's a margin reality: the higher
  8. I have more money than I have painting skills...so a check's on the way.
  9. Yeah, no worries here, either. Turns out I've got a good bit going on and probably don't have the time to do this right either. With hope let's all say, "Maybe later...."
  10. SK...Priorities, man, PRIORITIES!! LOL Well, good luck to ya. Hopefully RL won't keep you out for too long.
  11. Congrats, Qwyk!!! Your first? I'm a three-time veteran, actually. Not many minis painted lately, but I'm having fun with the other kinds of minis! ;-)
  12. Welcome back! I'm sure you're in a sea of boxes...hopefully that's dealt with soon. I'm with Spike; this'll be fun. Let's light this candle!
  13. True enough! She may even forgive him for not being born Elven.
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