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  1. Mr. Stormberg's tribute was especially touching. I was really sorry to hear of DCS's passing. I'm 100% with TKD, those initials meant D&D to me as much as anything. I'm profoundly disappointed that such a loyal guy would be mishandled in such a way. I think I'm going home to flip through my 1st ed. PH tonight...
  2. Warrick nods non-commitally to Robert's warning but sees the wisdom in his words if a distinct lack of empathy. But Robert's tender side is for Mykayla only, he figures, so he shrugs off the comment easily enough. The Scout's faces twists into disgust as Tanaar provides again the concoction that is supposedly helping against whatever unnatural aging that is taking place within him and does his best not to taste it as he drinks. After drinking it, he tries to offer Tanaar a look of thanks mixed in with his revulsion at the taste of his medicine. Now prepared, Warrick actually smiles determinedly as Robert offers his confirming nod. He may not be long on graces, but he's as good a hunting partner as I've had... The frown returns to Warrick's brow as Cuchulainn offers his warning. He fixes a glance at Robert that suggests, "I'll kill if I have to, faith's covering or no," but says nothing as he and the Ranger melt away from sight.
  3. Warrick nods determinedly to Robert's suggestion. "I would like to be at the front, and I agree that these cloaks may be useless against the dead. Though there are those among the living that may hunt us as well. So I will be wearing my cloak just in case."
  4. It is not until they have landed and Tanaar begins speaking that Warrick finally opens his eyes. It was all the Scout could do to keep from screaming the entire trip and he is sure that he has fractured his steed's ribs from clutching the poor animal so tightly. He would be amazed that the horse apparently did not suffer in the same manner except for the fact that his mood has only darkened with the unannounced magic. "While I appreciate the speed with which you bore us hence, Tanaar, I do not do so well as my horse, it appears, when it comes to flying. A word of warning might have been courteous. Those of us that do not regularly transform into flying things are not as accustomed to such an experience," he grouses. His frustration only worsens as he realizes that he was not nearly as gruff as he inteded to be, but the edge of his recent fear cut much of the energy out of his statement. Warrick walks away from his horse a bit as if unconsciously blaming the poor beast for the harrowing ride. Coming to the edge of the devastation he touches the ground and rubs the dead soil in his hand. His anger refocuses to the task at had as he hopes Jesset has somehow not been made to witness the hideous damage that has been done to her former home, but he suspects that and worse awaits her. Again he hopes that her measurable fortitude will carry her until they are safely into each other's arms, but... No! Such thoughts must be banished! She is alive and well. Her brother will delight in torturing her by keeping her alive to witness his evil. Fool that he is. For if I do not manage to kill him, she surely will.
  5. Sorry. Been a little busy with the newborn in the house... *rubs bleary eyes* I'll update...
  6. I guess I'll be in the extreme minority. The poses and details are great and improving as usual, but the turn toward the oversized weapons is losing me. One of the reasons I got hooked on Reaper minis so early (and often) was that they looked great for my D&D campaign. Enough realism and proportion to look heroic and yet not over the top or cartoony. This, as evidenced by the last few greens, has gotten left behind. When it comes to Warlord, I kind of like the over the top look. But the DHA line is leaving me out.
  7. Thanks all! And, as promised....here she is on her birthday: Birthday pic and here she is with the boys: Family pic
  8. LOL! First off, thanks for all the well-wishes. We're all walking zombies right now but somehow still smiling. I actually DO have pictures (I promise!) but I keep forgetting to forward them here at work to post. My life is not my own at home and I have virtually no computer time these days... Pics tomorrow, I promise! [And don't give up on me just yet, Heisler! I think I will need the painting break! My mother-in-law will be in town that day so I may be able to slip off...hopefully....!]
  9. I tend to agree with Heisler's take on this even though I'd likely buy Reaper d20 stuff if I see it. The thing is, this segment of the market seems so saturated right now I fear the response would be "ho-hum, here's more d20 junk I'm not going to buy." But since my instincts have proven me an idiot many times in the past, I'd go with the numbers. What I am out of touch with is how well this stuff sells period. I pretty much quit buying pre-made modules, etc. years ago. I prefer the home-brew approaches and tend only to buy setting references and the like. I'll thumb through the modules and if I see a really cool idea I've never thought of before, then I'll consider buying it. What I don't know is what the younger generation of RPGers are doing out there. Are they buying this stuff by the metric ton or not? I have seen many examples of d20 tripe sitting in the discount piles and not moving from there. (But re: my instincts statement above) I know if Reaper does this they'll do it with class (e.g. - attractive artwork, clear descriptions, high creativity, quality presentation, binding, etc.) but will it sell? What will it pull in? Dunno. I see Reaper is trying to diversify their product line. Probably an expert management call when your primary raw material is now threatened in its production and prices. I'm just not sure this is the right area to move into...
  10. I realize my contributions have dwindled to practically nil here, but I still have many friends here that would probably like to know that I became a Daddy for the third time this weekend. My daughter Bryn was delivered at 11:41am on Sunday, May 1. She's the smallest of the bunch weighing in at 6 lbs. 2 oz. and measuring 18 1/2 inches long. She has LOTS of hair but a rather quiet disposition (which is just fine... ). Mom and baby came home the next day, amazingly, and her two big brothers have absolutely doted on her which is another joy to see. Thanks for sharing in my joyful news! Pictures to follow. -BP
  11. Very glad to hear that CD is doing well. Relieved too. Also glad to hear so much good is going on in LSH's life, but you'll definitely be missed. Once a week is kinda light but I like where you were heading with things, M-TLH, so I'm like LT, game for whatever. RL has been stressful but happy for me too recently...we added a baby girl to our family! We had her on Sunday and, amazingly, my wife came home the next day. Since then it's been sleepless nights and great joy, especially watching the two big brothers dote on their little sister. I'm still around though, so let's get posting!
  12. Mmmmm....nyah. You face isn't purple enough just yet... Okay, Okay!!
  13. Sweeeet! Nice exit strategy LSH. And then, not a Full exit at all... >=)
  14. Thanks. Just doing my part to keep up with the rest o' ya. Have to turn it up to 11 now that LSH is back...
  15. So...is Shan out too? I mean, I know he's not with the group at the moment... Well, thanks for the smooth transition and WELCOME BACK TO THE DRIVER'S SEAT 'HAMMER!!!
  16. Warrick slumps slightly as he reluctantly gives in to those possessed of more wisdom than himself. "We're going nowhere, Ilde, for now. But as I listen to the truth of Robert's own words, I would say more help is better than less. If you feel your oracle sends you to aid in our fight, then I welcome you, Eldon, and any others that would join our cause. But I warn all of you, I no longer care for this city, its needs, quests, undead, or otherwise. I will rescue Jesset. It just seems that what we were committed to as a group and what I now must do are joined somewhat." Warrick regards Cuchulainn for a moment and nods. "I appreciate your concern for my health. I also ask you to continue with that concern, for I will have none of it myself. I will free Jesset of her brother or die trying. My own physical maladies bear little influence on that course. Thank you, priest." Before he leaves the stables, he locks eyes with Robert and bows slightly. "Thank you," is all he says, knowing that the other man best understands what Warrick means by that. Returning to the Queen, Warrick quietly makes his apologies. "My lady, please forbear and forgive my offense. One who I love is missing as a result of this attack and I was departed from reason for a time. In fact, I am still much departed from my reason, but that is why one has friends such as these," he adds, looking to Stern. "In some situations, one must rely on others to think clearly while one cannot do so for themself. My humble apologies for my curt behavior. And my condolences for your own loss." Bowing low, Warrick stumbles slightly on his rising, but steadies himself on Stern's strong shoulder. Patting the Paladin's armor slightly, Warrick wanders off under a tree's shade alone, and cries.
  17. I really struggled with option B but went with A after all.
  18. Warrick's scowl only deepens as the Hin makes light of his situation. Dangerous thoughts cross his mind but he is aware enough to still distinguish who needs to be slain and who is clearly uninformed about the loyalties of love and the skills of those trained to move in the darkness. However, Robert's words appear to penetrate. Warrick shakes off the hood of the robe and regards the Ranger. Warrick knows that Robert probably best understands his plight. "Your togue is as accurate as your bow, apparently. I'd have your bow, friend, in any situation. But I warn you that the kind of death I intend on inflicting cannot be considered noble or honorable. And frankly, the techniques I am familiar with are not methods that others are usually comfortable with." The Scout sags under his depression, rage, disease, and helplessness. New tears well under his eyes as he looks pleadingly to the Ranger. "What do I do? What would you do?" Warrick idly places Jesset's saddlebags on her horse, eyes still locked with the Ranger's.
  19. "My tears are my own. And I work best alone," the Rogue growls. As he continues to the stables he hears Sterns say, "No, Stern," he calls over his shoulder. "The failure is mine. For any others to claim it is to dishonor the bond that Jesset and I had. And I will make it right or die trying." The Scout bears no ire for Eldon's comments as they only barely reach his hearing. Instead, plans and directions are working out in the Scout's mind. At the stables, he let's his cloak fall open as he readies his steed and Jesset's. He carefully places both saddles on the horses fully expecting that the second one will be occupied again. Soon.
  20. So enraged is Warrick that he pays no heed to questions asked or company kept...no matter how esteemed. "You'll die at my hands!" he screams again at the departing dragon. The Scout's eyes tear freely even as they watch the departing shadow. Wheeling on Stern with a rabid look, he rages at the Paladin, "He's taken her, Stern! That ____ of a brother of hers has stolen her away!" Returning his glazed eyes to the retreating speck in the sky he adds, "You'll burn in all Nine Hels! My hand will make it so!" Returning a fierce look upon the young Paladin, Warrick practically snarls, though his tears seem strangely juxtaposed on the enraged mein. As Warrick pulls his cloak about him Stern sees Warrick bears his backpack and Jesset's saddle bags. "I am going for her," is all he states. As he spins on his heel and walks purposefully to the stables, Stern notes, perhaps for the first time, that the Scout is fully capable of flowing with an assassin's gait. We shall soon see how you like uninvited visitors.. Warrick melts into invisibility as he draws his magical cloak completely about him, musing murder with each step.
  21. That is the least of the reasons that Stern disturbs me, but it's on the list... And the Crown Royal is all mine. None for the Gnomes.
  22. eeeeYeah...character sheet...uh huh...I've got a team of drunken gnomes working that assignment right now...or was that my school paper....? I'll get back to you.
  23. I've been away from the boards for a while. Any update?
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