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  1. I'd like to see the 03464 Ice toad mini, but perhaps scaled up in size, from a 25mm base mini to a 40mm or so so as to be mechanically "Large" for D&D or PF.
  2. I should clarify, the texture rolling pins come from GSW, the texture itself is bathtub silicone, the DAP 300 stuff works good and you can get it in lots of colors, so if the paint gets scraped off by furious play, it isn't too noticeable. Spread the silicone on a little under a millimeter thick - the roller will push a little bit ahead of it. Then use a squirt bottle with some soapy water to damp the surface before using the roller. Wet the roller too. Soapy water cleans up any that sticks. Takes about 24 hours to cure. But to be sure leave it a few days. when it dries its still flexible. The silicone can be painted directly.
  3. Need to do a bit of highlighting and finish his base, but I couldn't get the burninating song out of my head once I got close to finishing him, so now you can't get that song out of your head either. Dragonman Cleric from Next Level Minis.
  4. I put to use Black Magic Craft's tutorial to make a textured battle map, primarily to use for Frostgrave. The rubber matting can easily be acquired at Canadian tire, 3' wide and bought by the foot. This piece was an off cut I did a proof of concept to test out colors and material, and it turned out pretty good. Its super durable, able to be rolled up. I used some greenstuff world textured rolling pins for the pave stones, cobble stones and cracked ice. Rattle cans for most of the paint (one was a testors spray can that survived from its last paint job on a F9F model I did decades ago!) Some white wash to make it look like snow collected between the stones. Larger 3'x3' version in the works.
  5. Really hard to se anything that could be added. Maybe the base could be given a bit more lighter color? Really good job, It would easily stand as is.
  6. Forgot I took these, cleaning up my phone. If anyone was interested in the process. First, color on black prime. Then second color added to start two tone process. Spots were added with brush and toothpick for smaller spots on blue. Red and orange lots of stipple blending and layering past this point.
  7. The colors are really well done! I like how you did the face!
  8. This and the red were complete a while ago, but for some reason I had a hard time motivating myself on their bases.
  9. This is another rescue miniature that came in a bundle labeled "Reaper", though I can't find it on this site or any other manufacturers, only one other instance of it shows up on Google image search. So if anyone knows, please post. Trying some freehand on the back. I like the "sun skull" design of the rest of her adornment. Maybe she will lead a warband where that will be their standard. Edit: found out this is an OOP Reaper "Lady of Darkness" and 03060 is very similar.
  10. I bought up a bunch of lots of used minis a while back and have been working through them. This was in a random pack labeled "Reaper" but I can't find it in the catalogue. Some of these lots made me sad, they were labeled "Used adventuring party" What happened to make these minis unloved? A broken up campaign? TPK? Players vs DM fight? So many questions. Sir Garrick for scale. Since this mini is a bit smaller scale, I suppose she could be a child, but I decided to practice blue hair imagining her as maybe a gnome? Maybe an apprentice charged with keeping track of the scrolls? You decide her story!
  11. I really like these style of hobgoblins, the semi segmentata/banded/samurai armor. I hope Reaper do more in this style, I really want to see a hobgob with a tetsubo.
  12. Painted these guys a while ago, did a little bit of touch up on them. For the life of me I couldn't straighten those swords, but I'm happy with the layering I did on the skin tones.
  13. I just had this problem, it worked uploading the photos if I posted the topic then uploaded the photos by editing the post.
  14. What's the plural on that? Trying out a few different color schemes before these see action. Personally I'm leaning towards the Night haunt gloom that the center one is based, but wondering what everyone else thinks.
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