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  1. Huh, I have not heard of this until now. I should check it out.
  2. Oh yes, is anyone here familiar with how Mordheim got it's own video game adaptation? Considering it's a thread for GW's re-emerging support of the specialist games then likely yes.
  3. I've largely bought Chronoscope minis for cool factor. However I wouldn't mind some minis that are good for an anthropomorphic transhuman science fiction game called Hc Svnt Dracones. Granted I could always just say the Nova Corps troops are "whatever they need to be" as they're in full armor. XD
  4. Lately I've been helping to raise two of my cousins as my stepsiblings. Since then they have willingly jumped into some of the games I ran, one of which being A Song of Ice and Fire Role Playing, and Yggdrasil, a viking fantasy game. The girl and older of the two tends to favor the more social and covert aspects of teamwork. Wheres the younger brother tends to favor frontline fighting and tactis. Still though they tend to prefer going straight into the action. XD
  5. I recently picked up a new (for me) rpg called Yggdrasil. It's a Norse Heroic fantasy by Cubicle 7. I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has actually heard of or even played it before. If you have played it what are your thoughts thus far? I haven't been able to sit down with a group and play it but here are what I think: -As with another game I've seen by Cubice 7 the artists here need a serious raise. The artwork is beautifully gritty and exceptionally well done. -The mechanics are simple and have an interesting twist however. You see after you decide a character concept you roll runes for your characters fate and these can come in to play for or against you at the player's and GM's discretion.
  6. Honestly, if you want my opinion on a game with great models... Brushfire by On The Lamb games.
  7. Just curious, where did you find the doctrines for the sisters?
  8. In my humble opinion, many of the current "good" series tend to pass under the radar. Then again I tend to enjoy obscure fantasy series. Aside from that... I'll third Black Lagoon. FUNimations been getting some good titles lately though. You can watch them on their own channel on YOUtube or on their site. A few new series that are really good are House of Five Leaves (a historical drama about a group of professional kidnapper, has some the best art I've seen in a LONG time) and Eden of the East (a romantic/conspiracy anime from the director of Ghoct in The Shell S.A.C has unbelievably solid animation.)
  9. Seeing as there's no active darkspawn players in Jax any advice I'll give you might be haphazard at best. Nonetheless I'll help how I can. The darkspawn seem to be based on magic and big monster melee. You seem to want to go the more magic route right? My biggest comment is that you should incorporate shooting. I've been playing Warlord since the beta tests and archers are just one of those things you should always consider.
  10. As cynical as I might sound for saying this... no matter what you do or who you are people will hate you for it. Some of these people may have even been specifically LOOKING for a reason to single you out. Best I can say is don't let it get to you, be a proud furry, and be a good example of a furry not what the media wants people to think furries are.
  11. Little problem I have... Wash isn't in a red shirt...
  12. So excited that you just can't hide it eh? And I think you like it. Anyway, all bad music puns aside congratulations on your baby. And I sincerely pray you make a great parent.
  13. Is she really that effective of a caster? She doesn't seem that versatile with just two spells, one of which seems very situational (Exploding Sacrifice.) Exploding Sacrifice is only situational if you let it be. Your Ghasts are a premium target for Exploding Sacrifice, use them if possible (a 3-track Ghast blows up at a 6" diam, which is bigger than any other spell). Necropolis - 1000 points Troop 1 Rhasia, Zombie Queen Familiar Zombie x 13 Ghast x 4 Sir Dauron, Death Knight Troop 2 Graverot, Ghast Ghast x 4 Troop 3 Railor of the Unbodied Skeletal Swordman x 8 Troop 4 Eikar, Crypt Bat Crypt Bat x 5 Luck Stone Honestly, with the disadvantage brought on by the Mindless S.A. I honestly believe a LUck Stone is a great investment for the Necropolis. EVen then the second edition Necropolis seem to be very much about their Leaders/Elites. It would seem that RHasia is your scariest model on the tabel, and possibly the most important to your stategy. With Crypt bats to harass the enemy they can keep enemy models away from Rhasia, or keep her safe from archers. Although I'm not sure about having Railor for leading skelies, is that troop meant to blunt the enemy attack? If so then he probably is one of the better choices.
  14. It's usually best to start off leaving the main plot simple. Players who are genuinely interested in story and/or character development and and I mean WILL add to the plot's complexity themselves. That's just my experience anyway. One thing I've made a big deal about is the culture/ethnicity of the NPCs the players interact with. So what kind of culture are we talking about here, are these a largely scholarly people for whom a wizard with responsibility is the norm? Or is it a society where magic is feared and even hated (like even being a wizard is reason for blackmail in some cases?)
  15. I haven't seen it so much with Magic here. It seems to happen more with D&D honestly.
  16. http://wedinator.com/2010/04/13/funny-wedding-photos-gotta-give-it-to-tanklimo-com/#comments You know what I know this isn't a FAIL but this thread also says "and other versions of hilarity." So I'm just gonna throw i a WIN.
  17. I built a Necropolis army for Megacon that pretty much stomped the competition. It was about 500 points. Given I was still learning some rules myself so I might be doing something wrong. Troop 1 Sir Athak Malek 3 skeleton archers Troop 2 Sir Azarphan Gauntfield 4 skeleton warriors 3 skeleton swordsmen Troop 3 Railor the unbodied 6 Wraith Harvesters
  18. You get an idea that will gurantee many readers... however it's Naruto fanfiction. I wish I picked up drawing earlier in my life.
  19. Wait a fan-made story that's actually well written? JD you have just performed a miracle. Although the troops themselves looked interesting too.
  20. Well if you're thinkin' in terms of theme you could go wit' elves.
  21. One thing I noticed is that the mechanics favor the events of your game happening quickly. That and the rules are quite simple. The real difficulty is making a game last for more than two hours.
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