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  1. That thing is cool. Well the cop in me wonders if that thing would violate any city ordinances.....hmmmm (we have and ordinance against anything that shoots a projectile being considered a firearm, so a paintball gun, bow and arrow, bb gun etc can not be "discharged" in the city limits. Kinda dumb I know, but hey I only work here. I wonder if a trebuchet would count cuz, damn, it would be cool to have one.) Now you gotta make a ballista, and have a war in your back yard!!!!!
  2. Oh more orcky goodness. I have yet to assemble my Varaug. You have done well killer of mice.
  3. Very refreshing!!! A non-blue crusader hmmmmm I like it!!!! I like it alot!!!!!
  4. Very nice....I think he deserves a bigger base so he doesn't tip over. Overall great job!!!
  5. Well I just have to say I like this mini.....alot. Nice job IMHO.
  6. What the Reven really need is..................Dantral....nuff said.:)
  7. Well here are two dwarves I painted recently. Gragg was a Christmas present from Matsumoto....I like him!!!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats alot of candles on that cake!!!!!!
  9. I really like Kak'Urgh too, and use him alot. I love Narg's figure, its beefy. If I start to lose a game I could throw it at my opponet to "distract" them. I like to put GMA on him and send him out to kill. I love the look on an elf players face when they realize they have to roll a 10 to hurt my Narg tank with all their pretty bows. I like to put Ombur (Thanks SE!!!) with him to keep Narg in tip top shape. The last advantge Narg has is that he is an orc while Andras is a weedy humie in a can. Anyway our local overlord player has defected to the Reptus, so I won't be facing Andras for a while.
  10. I love Narg, but his 108 points is pretty hefty for what he gives you. That 3rd attack really makes his cost jump. I still wish he had Warmaster. As much as it kills me, I'd rather have Andras for the points, and ability to bring 2 Elites to the field. Kakurgh is quickly becoming my Captain of choice. I didn't want to point out what a vastly superior captain Andras is, but now that someone else has mentioned it, I'll agree. I see I've inflicted enough pain on at least Reven player. PS *scoffs* I scoff at you *scoffs* I have killed Andra so many times I can't count that high!!! Of course I am an orc so I can only count to three, but thats ok......right???
  11. I would never leave you Moosey, my friend!!!! There are too many cool people on these boards to ever leave!!!! I love yall!!!!
  12. Narg is hands down the best captain in the game!!!!! And I am not predjudiced at all, just ask me. I have yet to put my Varaug together, but I will cause he is a tank!! Kiakara, now thats another story she kicks butt, but in a different way!!!!
  13. Well my love of minis is too great I guess. Playing WOW has inspired me to buy more Dwarves and paint more orcs (I have sooooo many orcs to paint). My wife absolutly hates WOW cause now both of my sons and I all play it, and my offer to have her create her own character for the game resulted in one of the dirtest looks she has ever given me. Oh well the novelty of the game is wearing off, which is good cause I need to play more Warlord!!!!!
  14. He looks like he is saying "Holy crap this 150 lb sword is heavy!!!!" He looks pretty good my orcs wanna meet him mano y mano. We gotta work on yur base-fu my friend I can hook u up w/ some ballast, but u gotta get yur own static grass!!!!
  15. Cool mini, painted quite well I must say!! My only criticism is that everyone knows that Durgam is a complete drunk (hence 1 MAV) so he should have a red nose like one......J/K Great Job!!
  16. Da Moose is loose!!!!!!!! Happy happy B-day little green buddy. Your lizards are almost as cool as us orcs!!!!
  17. 100 Games!!!!!!! Oh awesome Spike I bow to your greatnees!!!!! Keep up the good work. I think I've played about 30 games all told. I have Lunk, he is primed black waiting to be painted on my shelf of shame (to borrow Lanse's term). Yagun Oog is just too good for me to use Lunk so far, but I luv Lunk (in a totally strait way). GO REVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Very nice color choices!!!! I like!!!!!
  19. And Minis are deffinatly tangiable. But NOT a bottomless pit. WoW has claimed to many of my friends. I think it is because gamers as a whole are fairly obsessive. How else do you explain Rules Lawyers? THis is also why I don't play 'those' sorts of games. I know what happened to 6 or so months of my life when I got the SIMS. And that didn't even have an end goal. UG- Kick Feanor's hind-end for us here in Montana. None of us could ever manage it. Evil your request is my command.....it was close, but the Reven prevailed!!!!!!! I was down to 3 minis but the elves were defeated!!!!!! It was a fun game, and we had to drive though a blizzard to get home. To be back on topic my orc in Wow is lvl 23. I think Wow will be a diverson for a while, but minis are my first love!!!
  20. Yea!!! Im travelling 50 miles to go fight Feanor's Elves w/ da Reven........wish me luck!!!
  21. That is a cool dwarf!!!!! Great Job, I have not even pulled mine out of his blister yet. Great Job!!!
  22. Coolness Durak!!!! You were'nt a kiddin when you said the baby was comin!!! Congrats!!!!
  23. Well my father in law has been wanting me to try WOW for a long time so Amazon has it on sale for 39 bucks w/ free shipping so I bought it. My wife even let me pay for 6 mos service in advance. Holy cow what an addicting game. My dad in law, his son, a co-worker of mine, and I use Team speak so we can talk to each other. I, of course, have an orc warrior (in feathermoon) Lvl 21 in a week. The bad news is I have only partially painted a dwarf since getting the game. Bad Ugluk....addicted Ugluk!!!
  24. Well I have bought all the Reven that I am going to buy, going to sell my Crusaders to get another player into the game, and am giving my Elves to my nephew to get him into the game. I am still an orc though, however I have recently decided my second Warlord army will be th Dwarves. This is what I have bought so far: King Thorgram, Magara, Kara, Thengil, Fulumbar, Freya, 8 Warriors, 6 Shield Maidens, 6 Halbrediers, 6 Swift Axes, Thorvald, Snorri, Durgam, 9 Piercers, and I plan on getting Gargram. I have fought both the Reptus and Razig with the Dwarves with success, and have stomped my Dwarves with the Reven. I am looking forward to using the Dwarves more, I just can't use them against my beloved Reven.
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