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  1. Yeah, I can strip the model, I've already done it a couple of times. Great advice, I don't know why I didn't think to just do a white primer for the non transparent areas...I guess I wasn't thinking about the fact I could just go with brown or black over the top without affecting the bottom layer. I don't have Tamiya Inks, but it may be worth me picking some up. I was gonna use either Vallejo inks or citadel washes otherwise. And I was gonna just paint the metal parts with true metallic paints, I don't have a lot of experience with NMM and I feel like it would be pretty overwhelming to try with this model. Thanks again for the advice, I feel like I've got a solid plan now.
  2. I've seen a few really good paintjobs of the Treasure Golem from Bones V, however none of them kept the transparency, and since I feel like it's a shame not to take advantage of the unique effect that the transparent plastic allows for I wondered if anyone has any advice on that. I've made a couple of attempts already, first attempt I found the gold paint wasn't adhering very well (even though I used a varnish in place of primer) and perhaps since I hadn't fully painted the gems I found they became difficult to notice amongst all the gold. Second attempt I painted the gems and then started painting on a black primer everywhere else, however I noticed this really darkened the transparent gems (since you can see through to the bottom coat on the other side of the model) I'm now considering whether to try using brown instead of black as my undercoat for the gold to stick to but I feel like even that will darken (and probably even muddy) the colour of the gems. So I'm just reaching out to see if anyone's had any luck or if trying to retain the transparency in the gems is more effort than it's worth and I should just go for a normal zenithal prime?
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