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    Good food, good wine, desert walk-abouts, classical music, western & vampire movies & old giant creature movies. Collecting miniature figures and building fantasy tabletop terrain.

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  1. Thank you...appreciate the tips. Prior to my posting, I had checked out both Copplestone and Blue Moon...neither had anything that I could use and Copplestone was not a US company. Some years back, Old Glory had a great boxed set of metal redneck/hillbilly miniatures...but I can no longer find them (checked them out prior to posting also)...
  2. I am currently working on a Post Apocalyptic tabletop fantasy game with miniatures and 3D terrain...it involves characters vs. zombies, biker gangs and redneck hillbilly factions like the characters from such movies as (The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other such movies). 1. My characters are covered by Reaper (great selection of figures). 2. My zombies are covered by Reaper (great selection of figures). 3. I have 1 redneck figure (Bobby Jo with rifle). I am seeking information on where I can find biker gang miniatures (rough looking with weapons) and redneck hillbilly figures to go with Bobby Jo, again with weapons. I am seeking contacts in USA (only)...metal miniatures...28mm. I welcome any/all suggestions and tips. Peter Kris
  3. I am trying to follow the directions that received from (Guindyloo) in regard to importing photos to your text box...here is the process that I have listed; 1. Start typing your foundation text... 2. Go to your favorites file and select file that you want... 3. RIGHT click on the picture that you want... 4. LEFT click on " copy image link "... 5. Leave picture and return to foundation text page... 6. RIGHT click anywhere in text page... 7. NEW MENU will offer " paste "...LEFT click on " paste " to get web link of photo... My NEW MENU (7) does not offer " paste "...WHY NOT & WHAT DO I DO???
  4. I hate to deliver the bad news...but here it is... I got the photos that my friend took and put thru a program that removes the backgrounds... I am completely devastated with the results...90% of the photos were washed out bland and semi colorless (not bright and colorful like the actual pieces)...on about 60% of the pieces my friend cut off jungle palm trees and/or half of the piece image. I refuse to post (if I could post) images that are completely (in my opinion) worthless and trash... When I confronted my friend about these matters...my friend went into a tirade...telling me that she did it for free, took her time away from her art projects and that she has no time to mess with my crap and that from now on...do the crap myself and don't bother asking her for any help or information!!! So since I don't know what I am doing (computer work wise)...I am sorry to say that there will be no photos posted of my table top jungle terrain project. HOW DO I DELETE FILES FROM MY FAVORITES LISTING??? Sincerely, Peter Kris
  5. I have no such icon on the lower left bottom of my screen...nothing even close to any you described...
  6. Thanks for your help and information/directions... I have to take this slowly...step-by-step...so I can understand and learn... Where and how do I find Windows Paint on my computer? My friend is using a cell-phone...but...it has no USB attachment/cable... I am familiar with the camera memory card...I did all my own photo work when I was (Paul-catdancer)...with a Canon Hot-Shot camera using the memory card... Currently my friend is working on the photos (clearing out the background)...OR...something like that (???)... I will see what have when my friend finishes and transfers the photos to my computer...
  7. My friend just finished taking the photos of all 20 project pieces...BUT...my friend's camera does not have a USB cable attachment...SO NOW WHAT???
  8. Glitterwolf; Once my pictures are taken (haven't been taken yet)...You said that I could use a (1) Photo Editor Program...I have no idea as to where to find such a program on my computer...(2) Use Windows Paint...where and how do I find that on my computer? You also said that I need to resize the photos to under 4MB...how will I know when I have the right size? Peter
  9. SHADOWBOX... I haven't heard that term in about 50 years...it was a type of diorama and was often seen at the major model & miniature shows & conventions... It was usually an armor diorama with the view (viewer looking out of a port hole in a tank) of the landscape and/or the enemy on the field of battle... There were some fantastic ones with the view being the rubbled town walls & buildings as seen through the tank port hole... Brings back some fond memories of when I was active in regional, national and international model & miniature shows & competitions!!! Your shadowbox has the same name but is not the same item!!!
  10. THE END IS IN SIGHT: I am going to finish the final building later today...thus finishing the agreed upon commission of (16 scatter pieces & 4 building ruins)... I will ask my friend to take the photos of the project as soon as they are free to do so time wise... HERE IS THE LIST OF THE MAJOR ITEMS USED FOR THIS PROJECT: 1. XPS FOAM...all foundation bases, all large rocks, all building ruins & walls... 2. Small plastic plants...BANBALLON (110 piece bag)... 3. Jungle palm trees...WOOHOME (60 piece bag...5 assorted sizes)... 4. WOODLAND SCENICS...(Dark green turf, 32 oz. bottle)... 5. Mushrooms...AIR DRY CLAY... 6. ELMER'S WHITE GLUE...(4 oz. bottles = 5 bottles used = 20 oz.)... 7. CYANOACRYLATE...(Super thin 1-3 sec. liquid glue...2 oz. bottles...11 bottles used = 22 oz)... 8. Artificial flowers assorted...WALMART... 9. TWIGS...Outdoor yard pickup... 10. DIRT...Outdoor yard pickup... Other minor items were light green grass & burnt grass by WOODLAND SCENICS, paints for rocks & walls (black, white, granite), casting resin for jungle water hole...etc...
  11. No, I have no cell phone. A friend does and they will be taking the photos...
  12. Hi Guindyloo;


    I just posted a message in regard to the table top jungle terrain commission that I am working on...when the work is finished...I want to have photos taken of the pieces...BUT...I will need all the help I can get to post the photos on this site so the members can see them...


    Could you be of any help , like you were with my (red dragon eye avatar)?


    I wish I could do all this tech stuff without having to ask others...but at 80+ years old...I am a complete computer idiot...


    Peter Kris


    1. Guindyloo


      Absolutely! Just let me know when you have the pictures and we'll work through getting them posted here!


      You are not a computer idiot! The technology progressed very quickly in recent years and you can only know things that you've been taught and it's especially difficult to learn these things without someone in person to show them to you. I think you're doing very well under the circumstances!


      Please don't ever feel badly about needing help. Everyone needs help sometimes and I'm more than happy to help whenever I can.

  13. I have been very busy...working 6 & 7 hours a day...7 days a week...on the (jungle table top fantasy terrain pieces)...a commission that is due to be finished on June 19, 2023. The final agreed upon contract was for (16) scatter pieces and (4) building ruins. The (16) scatter pieces are done...as well as (2) ruined buildings... I have (2) building ruins yet to build... Once the project is finished...I want to have photos taken of the pieces... Once the photos are taken, I will need all the help I can get as to how to post the photos so that you'll can see them... I just want to say...looking at the pieces myself...I think it is some nice work for an 80+ year old who is nearly completely blind!!! Peter Kris
  14. Glitterwolf,


    I'm getting to understand most of the forums and topic titles...BUT...I am completely lost about one...what does this one mean?


    Topic:    Randomness: the 18th sequel



    1. Glitterwolf


      Hi, Randomness is a thread where we just talk about all kinds of stuff ( Except Heavy topics like politics and religion which is not allowed, this to keep things friendly)

      It runs for about 1000 posts and then a new one is started with  new title.


      The title the 18th sequel is a bit of a joke, every random thread that starts again gets a new one.

      Just look in there and you can talk about your every day stuff, ask questions about things, post a joke etc etc.


      Do remember.

      You can get people's attention/ask them to see something by summoning them.


      Start typing @

      The  the name of the forumite you need.

      A list appears, CLICK ON THE NAME IN THE LIST.


      It will then look like this:

      @Peter Kris

      Now you're getting a notification that I mentioned you so you know I wanted you to see this and maybe react.

      You can do that everywhere, it helps a lot in conversations and such.

  15. Glitterwolf, If my son can do that (I'll find out)...how do I go about to resize the pictures and how will I know what the right size is? Peter
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