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  1. The Sarcophagus was okay this morning the tackiness had not returned so Pledge / Future + heating seems to be one way to get rid of the tackiness. I have another group of figures (soft plastic non-Reaper and they were washed) that I primed with Vallejo acrylic primer (airbrush, no solvent) and they dried shiny and tacky. However I primed some of the same figures with Gesso by hand and they were flat and not tacky. I then painted the Gesso by hand over one of the figures primed with Vallejo and it dried flat and non-tacky, so I guess it sealed the problem. From now on I will base coat / prime all Bones and similar soft plastic figures with Gesso (it comes in black, white and grey).
  2. Thanks for the reply, I applied Miracle or Magic wash (Future / Pledge Acrylic floor polish + a small amount of black ink + rinse aid & distilled water) then put it in my dehydrator for an hour at 130F. When it came the tackiness was gone, hopefully it will stay that way. I went over some of the highlights with Army Painter light grey to bring them back up. Tempted to try a glaze or filter on the relief work on the lid to give it a green or copper colour. It is glossy so the final step is a flat varnish. I don't have any Reaper varnish (It is not sold in my area) so my choice is: Army Painter or Vallejo flat acrylic varnish applied by hand or a spray varnish of either: Testors Dullcote (lacquer solvent based), Army Painter Matt varnish (enamel solvent based) or Vallejo Matt Acrylic spray varnish?
  3. After washing Reaper Bones Sarcophagus in dishwashing liquid and water I spray primed / base coated it with Badger Stynylrez (water based acrylic polyurethane) dark grey primer using my airbrush, the paint was only thinned with a very small amount of distilled water and flow improver, however the mini was still tacky after 2 days. I then applied a coat of airbrushed Alclad II ALC 310 Klear Kote gloss acrylic varnish, let it dry, brushed on an acrylic based black wash, then after it was dry I dry-brushed with acrylics (Vallejo and Army Painter). The minis is still just as tacky as before and I do not have time to strip it and repaint as I need it for a convention game this weekend. I know Boned miniatures can react and become when you use solvent based paints (like spray can primers) on them, but in this case none were used. I guess the last thing to try is to hand paint on some flat acrylic varnish or spray it with Testors Dullcote (which does have solvent)?
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