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  1. If they'd like people to come up and run some demos (and for the occasional game or so) I would be more than happy. Unfortunately Zona Rosa is a pretty long haul for me to play there regularly, but I'd love to get some new people into the game. Do they have a website up yet or anything?
  2. Yes I dropped by for a few hours to chat - I'll have to get a game in next time, hopefully we can have that large play area or tournament session you were talking about. Since I live in the area I would be more than happy to organize it next time to make sure we can get things going. Just for those interested in the KC area, tomorrow night and next week on Tuesday I'll be at Tabletop Gaming running some games (they got a larger store with more tables) - I sure hope this isn't the store that you guys have been talking about, if it is I will probably head back to 31st Century. I'm going to
  3. I've been talking a lot with a couple guys about temberthil - I'll be honest, I really don't like a lot of the faction, but darned if I don't love the Oakhearth Warden. So I've been talking about making an army out of these guys and this is what I've come up with (I'm making an army because generally it makes me like factions better): Tembrithil - 976 points Troop 1 King Thelanor Anenfel Drys, Dryad Dehanis, Druidess Satyr Warrior x 4 Oakhearth Warden x 5 Troop 2 Arthrand Nightblade Drys, Dryad Oakhearth Warden x 6 Troop 3 Centaur Archer x 3 Troop 4 Galdanoth, Sn
  4. I would be interested in coming to this - I have a number of new players that I play with also, maybe I can turn it into a group outing. I'll see what I can get together, but I'll be there for sure.
  5. Factions: Crusaders, Necropolis, Sisters (also have enough dwarves to field an army) Favorite: Hard to pick, but I think the sisters are #1 Next faction: no question, the gnomes
  6. Recommending factions to some players that are just getting introduced to the game and trying to suggest them some fun armies. What do you guys think about the following army? Troop 1 Broodmaster, Dragon Rider Gaan-Hor Warrior x 9 Troop 2 Gam-Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder Gaan-Hor Warrior x 6 Troop 3 Crymorian Warrior x 6 Seems like it would be a great all flying army - it could take most by surprise and with the Gaan-Hor warriors you'd use broodmaster/crymorian warriors to take out any spell casters / ranged models / first strike models. Once you've accomplished that it seems lik
  7. Also another army I am thinking about trying out once I have more angels, but it is really just a gimmick army since it eschews the use of faction abilities. Troop 1 Samantha of the Blade Wings of Vengeance Armor of Mettle Magic Weapon Angelic Warrior x 4 Troop 2 Angel of Vengeance Book of Tactics Armor of Courage Angelic Warrior x 3 Troop 3 Kyra and Lavarath
  8. I've been looking a lot at Siellendra and I really like the bang she can bring for the buck. I thought about making something like this: Sisterhood - 1000 points Troop 1 Joeliyn, Leader of the Blade Siellendria, Spell Sister Isabeau Laroche, Paladin Bladesinger Sister x 4 Blade Sister x 2 Troop 2 Callindra Silverspell Siellendria, Spell Sister Blade Sister x 2 Chain Sister x 2 Troop 3 Nicole of the Blade Siellendria, Spell Sister Bladesinger Sister x 3 Bow Sister x 2 Troop 4 Volendria of the Blade Albatross Amulet Also, I got the Kyra and Lavarath
  9. edit: misunderstood, I still think sacrificing 100 more points is a bit over the top with absolutely nothing to stop it.
  10. Really there's only one thing to say about the Vampire list at all: Judas can fly. I think that's all there is to know :P.
  11. Hmm I have a lot of stuff, I hate to think about it honestly lol. Crusaders I could probably field more than I care to admit to, I'm only missing 5 models from having a complete faction (Kristaria, Isarah, Saramonde, Garr, War Dogs) and have many many multipes of the others that allow it. I mean, 12 painted justicars? Can you tell I'm a fan? In Crusaders I could probably field about an 8k army, with about 2k or so painted. Necropolis is much harder for me to judge for some reason. I have 12 or more crimson knights that I know of, but I think my force would only fall in around 5k
  12. I would kill to see the Crusaders get a paladin - Big tough model with high DV and a pretty tough melee (of course Smite(Evil)/2 is necessary!) with healer and very limited clerical abilities. Think Nai-Khanon stats + Marcus Gideon cleric abilities. EDIT: As an elite, many of the leaders already fill this type of role but I don't feel there is a single elite that lives up to the paladin name.
  13. Why the Army of Justice? Why not default Crusaders? You've got a valid default list, you can't possibly use 2 of the AoJ FAs vs the Reptus, another seems unlikely to make a difference and you didn't use the 4th! Mercy would rock Reptus with their ... poor... Dis. And you forgot Shock!?! Again with the Reptus Dis, that should have saved you half a dozen Jade Strike/Warmaster attacks. Shock vs the Krungbeast... PS Well I forgot about it(shock) on the first round and then never got another chance as my calvary got engaged. Also the reason I couldn't play as the default force
  14. Double post again in this thread! So looking to throw a question out there to you avid Crusader players: how do you take on a default reptus force as the Army of Justice? I got run over today using the army listed above, with my opponent still having nearly half his army on the board after he layed the melee beat down on me. I've been trying to think of what I could have done differently (other than remember my units have shock) and I can't really think of anything, he pretty much just layed the beat down on me. His army was: Krung Beast x2 Khung-To Nai-Khanon Reptus Warrior x
  15. Bah, I took pictures but it turned out I was taking a movie (which apparently doesn't want to copy off of the camera). Tuesday I'll have pictures up of another game, plus I'm not sure I want to post pictures of the absolutely smashing that the army of justice got handed to them today by the reptus.
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