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  1. so do we conclude that Nefsokar and Necropolis are lucky to have some of their faction SA's apply 100% even if up to 25% of the army is merc?


    I don't think it's a really critical "omg br0ken" issue... I don't think I've ever played a game where faction SA's were the deciding factor. Weight in the scales to be sure, but not an insurmountable weight.


    I assume you've never played the darkspawn then ::P:

  2. The (Warlord) under her name signifies Product Line, not Role.

    She's an Elite.


    I put that there so people know which line ot look in when they want to buy the model later on.


    As for stats - I don't know, but this Warlord can speak with an English Accent!


    Now I certainly have to buy that mini, even if I don't play the elves. Who can pass up an English Accent?


    I do'nt know why I associated the warlord with her role, I should have caught that ::D: .


    And thank you for the prompt response.

  3. I have only one problem with swarm armies, and that's the fact that it's pretty much just swinging the odds of the game in your favor, by giving you more dice rolls and higher probabilities of hitting (especially since this system is very much based around the number 10 and no matter how sweet your unit is, or how many points he's worth, or how much DV he has, a 10 is a 10 is a 10). I think swarm armies are just a manipulation of the statistics behind the game, but I really have no qualms with playing against them - though I will almost never field one.


    To put this in perspective - a 173 point model (Sir Dauron) against 110 points of Bull Orc Fighers(That's 5). We'll say Sir Dauron uses the terrain to his advantage and only 3 bull orcs can engage him at a time. This gives each bull orc a MAV of 5. So first round the bull orcs have a flat .4 chance to hit. Dauron has a .5 probability to hit the first round. We'll say he gets lucky and hits 2, and the bull orcs get unlucky and only hit him once. So then next round two more Bull Orcs step up into the place of the dead bull orcs (who each have a .2 probability of getting back up), and they now have a .7 probability to hit. This means 2 of them are probably going to hit. Sir Dauron falls down to a .4 probability to hit, and we'll say he gets lucky again and hits 2. That still leaves one bull orc up. This is discounting his horrid special ability, but the Bull Orcs are also shorted 63 points, which could be used to buy about 3 more. So 63 points less of bull orcs have a high probability of defeating Sir Dauron, with one still standing at full health at the end of the battle. This is also assuming Sir Dauron get's excellent use of terrain, almost to the point that he's backed into a corner. Under almost any other circumstance at least 4 bull orcs would be able to engage him with good use of terrain. This is how swarms manipulate the statistics. One shortcoming of this model is that it ignores defensive strikes in a sense.


    Another thing to add is I made a chart about how to maximize units and their relative strength, and I think I found I could field like 40+ templar knights/Ironspines with Sergants and 1 captain.


    Also about the idea of adding in 60 more points of grunts so to speak, I don't think 2 crimson knights or 3 skeletal breakers are going to make much of a difference, especially considering they also get about 2-4 more units.

  4. Here's a quick army that I used to devastating effect, I never fielded it again because I thought it was blatantly broken and absolutely ridiculous:


    Sir Broderick 78

    Templar Knights x8 216


    Sir Conlan 30

    Templar Knights x8 216


    Sir Conlan 30

    Templar Knights x7 189


    Sir Conlan 30

    Templar Knights x7 189


    I'm pretty sure at the end of the game I had well over half my number. Only army I could even see having a shot at it (that's not also a swarm army) is a Mage heavy Darkspawn army, other than that I think this army could pretty much run the board. It could lose to someone with a flyer with a ranged attack I guess, but it would take hours.

  5. I am going to have to agree here with Shakhak, calvary in melee definitely seem to lack luster. Also paying for first strike on that MAV 2 model is a very very risky proposition. I've played with Lion Lancers in three games so far (with Sir Danel leading and Sir Damon bringing on the pain) and have never seen a Lion Lancer succeed in getting a first strike. The least amount of Lioin Lancers I've played with is 3 also. Sir Danel also rarely succeeds in his use of First Strike. I definitely think Lord Vandrian has about 100x more use than Lion Lancers or anything else, though I am going to be trying different uses of the Lion Lancers (such as combining them with knights and charging in when the knights engage).


    Also, why is does every calvary unit have two damage tracks? Also I actually thought the Crusaders would have the awesome calvary, but their calvary are a joke compared to the Overlords. Less MOV, Less MAV, Less DV hurts.

  6. Trencher is a great SA. especially if you have a Cleric 3/14 with Innate (Holy Burst) to stick in the middle of a formation of Knights and Ironspines to keep em fighting. You don't need healing spells and can load up on cheap Dispells to nerf your exxpensive AOE spells. And if you target them to avoid the Cleric, she just heals up the wounded.


    I don't think another model effects the point cost of another model within the faction :P. I agree, and would never contest the usefulness of Templar Knights, I don't think I've ever fielded a single crusader army without at least 6, and I've been playing Crusader's since release day. However, it just seems odd to me that a model can be thrown from grunt to adept without any point change, I thought adepts were a bit cheaper and that was the reason you could field less than the number of grunts. The point disparity before was alright in my mind because the Tomb Guards were adepts while the knights were grunts, now it just seems bizarre to me.


    Ask Ken (who's name on this board I forget) how he liked Trencher in the tournament yesterday. I got two Halberdiers behind Freya and she was just mowing orcs down left and right. Trencher is useless unless you decide to field reachers in your troop. So... do it! Yes this means you don't have as many adepts... but that's a small price to pay for them hitting as hard as they do. And as an added bonus you get 2nd line troops ready to go when your adepts bite it. Reachers are also excellent "coup specialists." Qwyksilver has done that to me for excellent effect - your front line soldiers cut down the tough enemy, and then the reacher, who hasn't made any actions (but who has contributed support!) can take one move to charge around to the stunned model, and another move to coup it.


    It's my dream to one day have a halberd for each trencher in my army. Then I'll add in a totem and call it a win. Imagine warriors attacking at MAV 4 on defensive strikes! Yeesh! Freya would defend (twice!!) at MAV 6!


    Trencher is definately worth it - just bring some reachers for goodness sakes :P


    Not contesting on the usefulness of trencher, I certainly love it as much as the next person. See above as to my reasoning :P.


    Again, I love the knights and don't think that the knights are not worth every single one of the those 27 points, all I'm suggesting is that tomb guards might be worth about 2 points more than the 26 they go for ::P: .

  7. I was looking over knights again, since they got bumped up to adepts and everything, and I was reviewing their point cost with other models of like ability. I find the shield maidens to be pretty close, as they are one less point and you swap 1 MOV and 1 MD for 1 MAV. What I find to be odd is the tomb guards, as they're one point less than the knights, but I guess my question is - is trencher really worth undead, 3 discipline, and one point? I was just contemplating fighting the nefsokar in an upcoming tournament and was just wondering about the price of the tomb guards in relation to other warriors of the same calibur.

  8. I think I'm realizing that in warlord some models are easy to use and some models are difficult to use, and that's ok because it's more fun pulling off tactics with difficult models.

    Your original post gives me the warm fuzzies, I love it.


    Also what I have quoted above is exactly what I've found to be true in the game. Although I also find that the harder a model is to use, the more they pay off once you figure out how to use them correctly.


    I always think of rogues when bring this up, for the longest time nobody in our gaming group would play with them, then one day Aundine the Darkspawn rogue took out a bull orc, a captain, and three skeeters. Then people gave them a chance, now I see them almost every game.

    I see the same thing happening with Cavalry models. At first they were shunned, now that people are giving them a chance and learning to use them more useful tactics are being found for them.


    You kidding me? You know I've used Marcus Gideon from the get go ::P: . Man I love Marcus Gideon :wub: .

  9. How about this for an idea: you can only take adepts from one of the armies included in the alliance? First this limits the number of high DV models you could possibly field and also limits the number of shooter types. Then maybe as a "faction" ability you could make one adept model a grunt, but couldn't be a shooter type. The second part may be a bit complicated though.

  10. I have a few questions about models I've yet to use and was wondering what people thought of them:


    Lady Jehanne, Herne, Isarah, Saramonde, Light Lancers, War Dogs.


    How useful do you find these models to be? Do you take them frequently in your lists? An example troop (or army in Lady Jehanne's case) would be cool too.


    Also after using hospitalers, I'm not sure if I can ever go back to the army of Justice. Hospitalers seem to be the bread and butter that keep the Crusader army together. Between them and two clerics in the army I think I'll be able to devise a good darkspawn fighting army finally.

  11. One thing I would very much like to see is an adept with a new special ability, like monster slayer, but called undead slayer or something like that (and marcus gideon get it as well :P). Maybe add in a rule that marcus gideon can be fielded as a leader when leading these units (since the book does say he is training undead slayers :P). Make it like +1 against undead or something. I think that would be a defining and fun special ability to add to the crusaders.

  12. Played rather fun army last night and did pretty well with it, considering at the beginning I was pincushioned between reptus and elves with the reptus mage throwing fireballs at me :P


    Duke Gerard


    Divine Favor, Greater Magic Armor

    Templar Knight x7

    Hospitaler x2

    Lady Devona

    Fireballx2, Iceshardx2, Bolt



    Sir Conlan

    Bandage x2

    Ivy Crown Skirmishers x6


    In the beginning I got hit pretty hard by an elven volley then two fireballs that floated my way. I pulled through in the end though, with Duke Gerard even coming away uninjured (though no hospitalers left). Used the hospitalers as adepts, found the Ivy Crown Skirmishers to work out pretty well actually. Was a fun army overall.

  13. so who is this new Sir Theo character that seems to be coming to shelves soon? Sounds like another mini I'm going to have to pick up, and it says he's a Justicar so I imagine he's either a hero or a captain. Though I won't deny that a sergeant that could take an elite would be nice :P

  14. Athak = Sergeant (not a unique one)

    Sir Osric = Unique Elite


    I like the first list, but I would almost surely group the Knights into Elsabeth's unit and use the Breakers to screen them.


    I've been toying with the notion of putting Vandrian into 1000 points.


    The Crypt Legion list you've posted I'm not a fan of, maily because you have no way to employ Necromantic Surges, which to me is the #1 Crypt Legion ability despite most people raving ab out Dark Energy; in combination they really work well.


    Dauron is probably a liability in this size game, but if you've found that he works more power to you.


    I love Zombies, but in this case I'm not sure why you chose them to go with your Archers. They are a powerful front line unit (combined with musician).


    I like the zombies iwth the archers for 2 reasons, 1.) in games I've played I've noticed people greatly fear necropolis archers, and keeping them protected by the zombies (who lack mobility anyways) is a good way to keep them from having to cover long distances and still serve a good purpose.


    Although your point about the necromantic surges is a good one. The best I've used the crypt sublegion is when Moandain is on the board. Other than that, I've had varying success. Best army I used included Moandain and Dauron in a 1000 point army. Dauron had GMA, and I think a lot of luck, but he pretty much destroyed a troop on his own.

  15. Here are two of my favorite 1000 point armies:



    Elsabeth Briarkiss

    Skeletal Breakers x7

    Sir Osric


    Sir Athak

    Crimson Knights x6



    Skeletal Archers x6


    Lord Vandrian






    Crypt Sublegion

    Lord Kentaur

    Skeletal Breaker x8


    Lord Dauron



    Skeletal Archer x6

    Zombie x3



    Skeletal Warrior x5

    Wraith x4







    Here's one I haven't fielded but would like to try someday:

    Judas Bloodspire w/GMA

    Crimson Knight x6

    Sir Osric


    Sir Athak

    Crimson Knight x6



    Skeletal Archers x7


    If you can't tell I enjoy elites.

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