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  1. I love the idea by qwyk, I think that would fit Razig very well. I also think the idea of having tons of plunder is a great one for pirates, it just makes sense. I do think though that Razig should still have to meet the requirments of the item to use it. As far as the expert loading think, that's more powerful than you give it credit for. I think gun is what keeps the bone marines pretty balanced in the game, maybe if you limited it to leaders only, but that would still be a very powerful ability in my opinion. I mostly think that the treasure idea is a really good one.
  2. Crusaders It may be just that I like the fluff, but most times I put marcus gideon on the board he cleans up pretty well. Last time I fielded him, he pretty much single-handedly took out a troop of Razig's units. (Sadly Razig got to him and I couldn't roll for anything). Almost everytime I've fielded Marcus Gideon he usually drops 4+ models. The other times that he hasn't he's either, a) been completely teamed up on and attacked in every way possible or b.) gotten singled out and rolled poorly. Only drawback in my eyes is the lack of tough. Another unit I love is halbarad, I can never get enough of fielding such a powerful cleric. Other than that I don't really field any of the other crusader elites. Sometimes I field Damon, but he simply doesn't measure up to his point cost in my experience (that could also be due to the fact that no one has fielded a large model against me when I have Damon on the board). Necropolis Sir Osric. Sir Osric. Sir Osric. It could be that I've just been very very lucky with him, but every single time I've fielded Sir Osric he has survived the entire battle (granted I've only fielded him four times so far). Sir Osric just does not seem to go down, especially in larger games. Also, his ability to heal himself is invaluable, and something most melee elites do not have access to. Another big time winner I have found is Nivar the wraith. Incorporal + rogue = pain. He can pretty much move through anything, so he has a very easy time hitting someone's rear. Only drawback, again, is the lack of tough. Otherwise, I've only field Sir Dauron once, but he performed really well, pretty much single-handedly held off a troop. Gauntfield has only disappointed him, MAV of 8 is pretty much a waste when anyone on the board can take him out. Like someone above me said, one shot wonder. Those are most of the ones I've experimented with.
  3. Just have a quick question regarding why Sir Damon does not get the Judgement special ability. Was it considered too powerful when he was fighting large evil monsters for him to get this? Or is it possibly just a misprint? Just wondering, because at a massive 211 points I would have assumed he got the Judgement special ability. If anyone can clear this up for me that would be nice.
  4. See, now there's a nice easy way to handle solos and larger elites. His name is Sir Damon :P. No more wasting multiple models on taking down that one big guy, and then Sir Damon will hopefully still be in good enough condition to get some heals.
  5. Are you forgetting the Angel ? Gotta luv it ! Only problem with the angel is that he's already running 280+ points before you add spells or equipment on him. It's also tough to put a model out on the board that can be pinpointed by archers.
  6. I've used him only once, but he did a pretty good job. Cleaned up the Orc cleric warlord pretty well (not by himself mind you, the bloodseeker came in and cleaned her clock first).
  7. I just wonder why in the world you'd take Gerard anyways :P I've noticed the captains get me more bang for my buck. I'll have to wait till the Justicars get out on the board before I say too much bad about Kristiana, if you can even field her with them.
  8. that and is HOly burst really that great? Looked to me like it healed everyone in AoE/2, not just your units.. Maybe I"m just skeptical.
  9. Is the value of Kristiana a misprint? She's got, by far, the worst stats of any warlord in the game and the least amount of special abilities.
  10. **Edit** someone got there first and I didn't realize there were more posts, new forum layout just was saying it is indeed true that you can only have a max of 10 bindstones, if Moandain has Greater Magical Empowerment
  11. Now the question should be, Are these Justicar Knights going to be able to hold the line against such vile creatures as Crimson Knights? or will Justice crumble under the foot of this evil. Yes, but it's the Bull Orcs you should be worried about. The Reven is Coming. Under the foot of the Neutral maybe . . . are you indicating that there will be a grunt with the holy special ability..?
  12. So who is this infamous third warlord we are hearing about, or are we misinformed.
  13. On that same token, the bone horror could easily drop down and wipe out Ian or Valandil, hope he doesn't get hit, and take off next round. It all really depends on positioning, but yeah the army definitely needs some range.
  14. This is an old army but it still fairs pretty well, could use some archers in retrospect. Lord Ironraven Templar Warriors x3 Templar Ironspines x3 Troop Standard Halbarad Bandage x3 Bless x1 Divine Favor Greater Magic Armor Sir Broderick Templar Warriors x3 Templar Ironspines x3 Troop Standard Marcus Gideon Bandage x2 Lesser Magic Armor Sir Conlan Bandage x1, Bless x1 Templar Warriors x3 Templar Ironspines x3 Troop Standard
  15. To revive this thread, how about post some armies? I'm thinking try to post a 1,000 point army and a 750 point army, more if you have the time. I will also do this when I get home.
  16. Same. I also keep a handwritten list of my army - each model has any upgrades/equipment clearly listed under their name, and each caster has their spells written there as well. If any questions arise, my Army Roster is public knowledge and I was forthright at the beginning about what I had. I do not actually declare what spells I took aloud, although anybody is welcome to look at my roster to see them. I also take care to put a Checkmark next to each spell as I cast it. I have learned from this that I tend to take 20-50 more points in spells than I actually end up using before my casters die, so this system helps me fine tune my force construction as well. Interestingly, I have found that rarely do the equipment seem to matter to me - since most add +1 or +2, and I either roll 10 or 1-3 the whole game. "You need 8's or better to hit, 3 shots" "3,2,10 . . . 1 hit" I would recommend at minimum declaring all equipment that changes Data Card Values and all force upgrades - as well as the corebook's suggestion that you be honest about Data Card Values. if your opponent asks you for Varaug's DV(12), and you put Greater Armor on him (+2)(because you plan on lowering his DV with 'Enrage' and the +2 means that hurts him less, that's why!) you should declare his Modified DV (14), and when you Enrage him by, say 5, you should declare something similar to "I am enraging Varaug for 5, so his MAV is now 8 and his DV is now 9". This is not official - just my advice. The people you play against are likely your friends, and you probably want them to continue to be so. This style of play encourages this kind of thing. I agree here with ReaperBryan, and the group I usually play with only reveals spells in the event that they are asked, and they are always asked.
  17. That really makes me re consider whether or not I want to play the Crusader faction.
  18. I was really hoping the Lightbringers would be like the "main" army, with the subfactions being Justicars and Ivy Crown, and to get the Justicar bonuses you can't take Ivy Crown guys and vice versa.
  19. I believe the bindsoul things are like a free thing to do so to speak. And you can break multiples.
  20. That does sound like an awful lot of fun.
  21. 10 bindstones mean 10 more levels of spells, so throw 10 more undying hosts on there.
  22. I've noticed Crusader is getting a TON of new models coming up and I was thinking about something that would be really fun. As most have noticed, crusaders are going to have tons of calvary. I was thinking a good idea for a solo would be one who rode a pegasus. A flying knight would be incredible. I agree we already have one flying solo, the angel, but just throwing out an idea.
  23. That is a really good idea, thanks.
  24. Not the wraiths, but yes the Crimson Knight rule is from the Necropolis faction book. I was just wondering what people thought of the viability of those two troops or if it would be better off to go with one like that of which was posted before mine.
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