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  1. How does your troop fair in 1,500 point games Lord Baasen?


    I like to try to field Judas and spread 6 crimson knights out over two troops. Athak leading the other one. Of course my troops usually look something like:


    Judas Bloodspire

    Crimson Knight x3

    Wraith Harvester x3 (gotta take advantage of that trencher)

    Chattel x2

    Nivar or Sir Osric, depends on my opponent



    Crimson Knight x3

    Wraith Harvester x3

    Chattel x3



    Lots of points *edit*I think in the 780 range*edit* but it also puts alot on the field. This is also if I'm not building my troops for card efficency.

  2. I just have a few questions:


    Tips and tricks for using Lord Ironraven effectively? He sure is one big target.


    Tips and tricks for using Templar Ironspines effectively? Point for point I find the knights to be a much better deal.


    Do you guys often fill up on your spell pool or leave some off?


    Bandage or Bless?


    Typical equipment?




    I also have a little bit of advice from my experience:


    Knights, you can never have enough to those guys. Ironspines are worth the cost to back them up also. MAV of 3 on defensive strikes is nothing to snuff at.


    As others said before me, standards and musicians all the time.


    Valandil is very useful. I often have fielded him in place of archers, because I feel putting him on the board with an array of spells and possibly some magic items turns out to be more effective. Of course this was before the indepth article on fireball, so I'll have to try it out again.


    If you put halbarad on the board, give him some greater magical armor. Not only will he be quite the spell caster, but once he's done with that he'll go around swinging his hammer for quite a bit longer.


    Marcus Gideon. The rogue special ability on anyone with 3 attacks is a force to be reckoned with... especially when they already have a MAV of 4. The crusader's answer to Ymrilix.


    Battle Nuns. 'Nuff said.


    Last but not least, the lions. The cheaper of the solos, these guys give you extra cards and alot of extra power. Dis 9 on these guys is a good thing too.

  3. Instead of Ironspines, might I suggest Unforgiven? They have Runner/2, and combined with a Musician, on the first turn you'll be able to move 14 inches. The second turn you should be to charge the archers. Yes, you'll probably lose a couple, but you also force march the heck out of your warriors. Give them a Musician also. Those extra inches are totally worth the 15 points! I'm playing Crusaders in a campaign and every unit that can take a Musician has one!


    Wild Bill :blues:

    not a bad idea, I just hate putting musicians and troop standards in the same troop, it gets expensive, but I would assume is worth it in that situation.


    As a dwarf player, I'm sure you feel my pain :unsure:

  4. I'm looking for some advice here on dealing with factions that have good archers. As the crusaders, in low point games, I have a hard time justifying putting my archers on the board cause I don't really feel they are worth the cost. The problem is the other factions all have archers that do seem worth putting on the board and they end up hurting bad. This last game, 500 points for each army (2v2), I put out only warriors and ironspines (leaders of course). Before I ever reached the other side of the board, more than half my templar warriors were out of the game, this was almost 1/3 of the points I'd put on the board, and it was only with three archers.


    I know putting my warriors in front always helps, and that's one thing I did. Other than putting archers and valandil out on the board, what else would anyone suggest?

  5. I do notice that this question is the one that's asked most frequently.

    It's because the split up of movement is a huge tactical advantage when someone has a troop with archers and breakers for example, and playing as Crusaders in a 750 point game, this makes my life rough lol.

  6. I was wondering, all actions of the same type must take place at the same time right? So does this mean you can't move your archers and shoot with them and then move your grunts into melee? Also with a spellcaster, would you have to launch the spell, then move everyone? I'm just wondering, if anyone has an answer for me. Thanks ahead of time.

  7. MAV of 4 and Dis of 9 makes him great for converting units. Also he has the fearless special ability, which Bathalon lacks. Also MD of 15 makes him awesome because then you don't have to worry nearly as much about those iceshards and fireballs heading for your troop, your cleric is still going to be up to bring those templar back, even has a good shot at it when the witch queen, moandain, and ashkrypt start throwing spells around.

  8. Bang for my buck:


    1st: Sir Osric, maybe I'm lucky, but with a wraith harvester backing that guy up he is TOUGH to take down, and now that I can heal him, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.


    2nd: Nivar... this guy is just flat out amazing


    3rd: Marcus Gideon. Maybe I just love the fluff for him too much, but every game I play against the Nefsokar I try to put him out on the board and collect as many skulls as I can. He's only really let me down once or twice and that was due to poor positioning on my part.


    4th: Guantfield, great for going for a high cost unit that you need to hit.


    5th: Halbarad.. always needs greater magical armor though, always.

  9. I would like Duke Gerard the best, but 298 points + spells is rough to field for me, maybe I'm just too used to cheap troops from the Necropolis. Before the point increase I would have said Varaug was by far the best, but now I would have to go with Khong-To for a point by point value. It's hard for me to field anyone on the board with less than 12 DV against range, it becomes far too risky when you have as bad of archers as the crusaders.

  10. It is my understanding from the wording you can declare mercy on any attack(melee) that would reduce a model below it's last damage track. Also, if your leader does indeed hit the ogre than I believe you can use him to do the mercy instead of having to pick a grunt, because technically all of their damage takes place at the same time.

  11. One more question, do bandages require LOS? Early in the book (I don't have it with me) it states all spells require LOS, but then every spell states that it requires LOS, while Bandage and Cure do not. Thus I'm wondering if Bandage and Cure require LOS?

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