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  1. when you roll a tough check is that a free action for the model to get up (if they succeed) or does it count as activating a special action? I didn't really see anything specific in the book, or maybe i overlooked it.

  2. I'm looking for a consensus on the best tactics to take down tough solos. When fielding the crusaders I find it fairly difficult to take down the DV 12+ units that come innate with the Reptus and Reven. I was wondering if anyone had a good way to take down those such as Uru, the Krungbeast, the River Trolls, and the big bloody evil demon from the darkspawn, without putting valandil on the board.


    Also, as a side note, I also have a hard time using crusaders archers. I have a hard time justifying putting them on the board when I can throw two ironspines in their place. Is there a trick to them I'm missing, or do I just have archers as awful as the Nefsokar?


    One day when Crusaders have calvary, I will be past these problems.

  3. As someone who happens to play both Crusaders and Necropolis I would still say that Fear of Undeath should take effect on all units on the board at all times. It is not nearly as powerful as mercy, pain cage, warcry, sokar is near, bane, or the elves special abilities. The application of this special ability is also not as significant as any of those. With Sokar is Near I also feel that should be applied to everyone on the board, because at some point in the battle those guys are going to be coming for you.


    To sum up, I think if either faction is out on the board and is your enemy, then the faction ability should apply.

  4. What I would say also to do, suck up the extra 28 points (find something to take out) and replace Azarphan with Lord Kentaur. For his point cost he is amazing, and he gets tactician, which can make all the difference in a 750 point game.


    Also magic items do have their time and place. In a game against the reven I managed to take down an entire troop of Bull Orc Archers and Goblin Skeeters with one bloodseeker. Of course he was packing the Improved Protection upgrade so his DV was sitting at a nice 13 against those archers and neek. Magic Items are very good when used effectively, but should be used sparingly.


    Also, magic is an indispensible part of any necropolis army. With the low DV of your standard grunts (not counting in the new grunts that have been released as I only have The Called at the moment ) you need to make very effective use of range and magic. The archers can save your but especially since you can fire into combat with your cheap little skeletons out there.

  5. What I would do with that is:


    1.) Lose some of the magic items or downgrade them. In a 750 point games sinking 165 points into magic items is a lot to lose, especially considering you could put another athak and 5 skeletal archers out there in place of those items.


    2.) I would consider adding a solo to that army, if for nothing else to get that extra initiative card. I used the bloodseeker for the first time last night and I am thoroughly impressed (though I did put Improved Protection on him so he could take down some archers ). For 84 points and an extra card, I think it's a worthy buy. Though I'll not deny the effectiveness of the Banshee :).


    3.) I'd probably try working at least a few archers in there.


    4.) 2 Fireballs is a lot to load up with on a 750 game. In my experience I've found it beneficial to have a single fireball and a few ice shards and a scare.

  6. So there's a strategy I'm having trouble countering as Necropolis. As we all know all Reven leaders get warcry as an innate ability at CP 4 ( 2 for their CP + 2 for friendly units ). So with the bull orc fighters that only cost 23 points the Reven can charge in and wipe almost an entire troop out of my units, and then he follows in with his leader and brings a majority of his units back up ( especially if he uses his cleric's warcry ). With the introduction of the new Reven warlord the Reven can bring all the grunts they do this with all the time ( with a Lesser Magical Empowerment that is ). He also takes 2 or 3 dispel magics so I can't get him with Area of Effect spells. He also throws Divine favor on her so my first hit doesn't count anyhow and a greater magic armor so that I have to get natural tens to hit with archers. How do you guys recommend I combat this? Nothing is readily presenting itself to me. Any ideas?


    EDIT: forgot to mention he uses enrage to drop his DV to 2 and his MAV is at 7, then he cannot miss any of my units and doesn't care if I hit him or not.

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