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  1. You might also look at Litko. They sell a bunch of token sets made out of acrylics. They might meet your needs and would be cheaper than the pewter ones (although potentially not as cool).
  2. They probably already have and that's why they fight this stuff so hard. Remember, the RIAA does not represent artists, it represents the recording industry. If artists can cheaply distribute songs directly to the public themselves, then suddenly no one needs to deal with the labels any more. Books are a lot more robust in this manner. A lot of folks hate reading lengthy stuff on computers. So, until they perfect electronic paper (which should be commercial in a few years) the publishing industry will probably profit from this model. I think it will ultimately kill the recording guys.
  3. I haven't had a chance to run it yet, but I have high hopes for the system. I'm hoping it will help me reduce my GM prep time. I love the Exalted universe, but trying to come up with balanced bad guys when I haven't internalized 1000 pages of rules can be a chore. Also, I found an Earthdawn conversion. Earthdawn is one of those games I've always wanted to run but can't because the rules (IMO) suck. A few useful links: Savage Worlds Combat Survival Guide A good fan site with a bunch of system conversions A pretty good bestiary
  4. Heh, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. I ran across this on YouTube one day One World. It's third most responded to video on YouTube (2,200 responses). This is a compilation of some of the responses. Who knew the Internet could be beautiful?
  5. So many good songs here. A couple more of my favorites: MC 900ft Jesus - While the City Sleeps Stranglers - Golden Brown
  6. How about some old 'gay pirate' phase Adam Ant? Stand and Deliver!
  7. First...$30 for sending 5 emails?!? What a racket! Second, as wyrmgear pointed out, there are so many freakin' problems with this... If these scammers are supposedly Christians too, aren't they anticipating being zapped too? If not, and you believed any of this crap, would you trust them? If they got zapped too, who would send out your emails? If they really believed this, shouldn't they set up a system where if they don't press a key on their computer once every 3 days or something the emails automatically go out? (you know, in case the scammers got zapped) You have to rely on the good will of a left-behind 'sinner' to forward your info, instead of these jokers setting up some automated system?!? How do 'We' follow your instructions if 'We' are 'good' Christians and got zapped too? Son-of-a-... people are so... Not even original. These guys did it first.
  8. Hmm... 1979. Over at Robbie's house. I made a first level Cleric from this blue book. I had no idea what I was doing. We were going through S2 - White Plume Mountain. There was some kind of room with platforms hanging by chains over boiling mud, I believe. We were attacked by a vampire. I cast light. They killed it with poisoned-vorporal-returning-throwing axes. I was hooked instantly.
  9. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  10. Anne paints pretty minis, as do many others who show. I smear pigments onto pewter (when I have time). There is generally talking and if you ask Anne's help/opinion she will make you a better painter, through osmosis if nothing else. There aren't really scheduled classes. *edit* occasionally Uuuuuneee-corns, but not often.
  11. Cool! Did you go with the one near the lake or the one near the mall?
  12. Yeah. I know I've met her at least once (I live near Reaper and often sneak into various goings-on).
  13. I was poking around YouTube the other day and ran across a fairly decent documentary about D&D. One of the episodes (it is broken into 24 pieces) was about miniatures and featured a Garrity as she was working on Jolie the Bard. I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but here's the link anyway: link I found it interesting. The rest of the pieces are good as well.
  14. I've lived in Irving, Coppell and currently live in Lewisville. If you need help feel free to PM me (you can confirm with Anne that I'm not a psycho). Places that are pretty good to live in the area (listed roughly most expensive to least): Valley Ranch Las Colinas Coppell Flower Mound Lewisville Far North and North East Irving Carrolton Places I wouldn't live: Most of Farmer's Branch West and South Irving (especially south of 183) Anecdotal note about traffic: I live at 121 and I35E. I drive 20 miles to work every day, one mile of which is on 35 going from 121 to 190. Often the one mile I am on 35 takes 25% of my total commute time. It usually takes around 15 minutes to travel the mile, but has taken as long as 45.
  15. I drove up to the Asylum this weekend just to pick those two models up. I'm running a Scion game and think I ned to work a Brass Bull into the picture as well. It's like they are latched on to my bank account and won't let go.
  16. I think a video podcast demonstrating a few basic techniques would be *amazing*. You can describe layering for 100 pages, but people won't get it until they see it once. So, in all the free time you guys have... get right on that. :P
  17. I thought it was a stand-out piece in the display case. I have no idea how they judge the Masters. Everything in there was jaw dropping.
  18. I had a buddy that had the 100 round .22 version. It was a lot of fun to shoot. As with any gun with a complicated magazine, it tended to jam. Shooting, fun. Reloading, long and dull. :)
  19. CAV is a good game. It has nothing to do with CAV being a good or bad game. Let's not make this a Warlord/CAV sucks kind of fight. It has to do with the fact that I believe Reaper has over extended itself. They just can't or won't dedicate the resources to support both lines fully. I was at a painting demo this weekend and the BL guy was griping about not being able to get advertising materials to put into the store. The most likely thing to happen is thing will stay as they are now. Both lines will continue with spotty support. I just think it would be a better business desicion for them to drop CAV and focus solely on Warlord. I'm a great armchair quarterback. Actually, I think a better desicion would be to find a competent third party to handle the gaming part and for Reaper to concentrate on minis, which is where they are vikings.
  20. Right. That's my point. They apparently are not capable of managing both games successfully. The reality is they are not going to hire a guy to just do games for them. They have never done that and aren't likely to start now. So, if they have limited resources to dedicate to gaming (both money and time), they are far better off dropping CAV and pouring what they do have into Warlord.
  21. I think that's the main problem. Reaper is primarily a miniatures company. That is their bread and butter. It is their core competency. They need to decide if games is something they really want to do. If so, then they need to dedicate the resources to doing it right. Otherwise they should get out of the business. I'm of the opinion that they should make the hard call and drop CAV entierly. I think it's a good game, but they aren't supporting it well and it doesn't really support their main business. They would keep the sculptors a lot happier with more Warlord figs. There is a lot more potential for crossover buying from tabletop RPG players and people who just like to paint with Warlord figs. Make one great game instead of two sort of good ones. But tht's just me.
  22. I'm driving out this year. Really looking forward to it! However, I can envision me driving 900 miles to Gen-Con and ending up spending most of my time haning out at the Reaper booth talking. The most expensive Paint Club ever!
  23. I got a new camera over the weekend and was testing it out taking snaps of my minis. I thought I'd post a couple up here. Woot! Got it to work in one! Now, a CAV shot, for variety:
  24. Yeah... we don't use the 'D' word much. Sometimes it triggers Anne's kill reflex (kidding!!... mostly). We refer to it as 'non-wet layering'. ;)
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