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  1. When do they typically start deciding on dates for ReaperCon 24?
  2. At ReaperCon I noticed that a number of instructors and others stored their paints in clear plastic boxes that had dividers. Anybody know which ones they are?
  3. Someone at ReaperCon told me that there was a special of 4x 8084s (2x #1s, and 2x #2s) for 75$ ... has anyone else heard of such a deal?
  4. On your Raphael 8404s, are those the water color versions? I'm a new painter, and I don't understand the difference between something like the "Raphael Pure Kolinsky Sable Round 8404" and something like the "Raphael Water Color Red Sable (Round)" - thanks!
  5. Oh my god - My first ReaperCon is in the books, and what a great time it was. When I came home, I called one of my friends to tell him about it, and he said, "Man, I haven't heard you sound this happy in a while." Thank you to everyone who made this time special - from the individuals like @DarkKnight and @Chaoswolf who took me under their wings and introduced me around, helped me on the message boards, and even helped me find someone to share an Uber with back to the airport, to the artists who donated their time to teaching the amazing classes and sharing their time in Artist's Alley. The vibe was so much different than GenCon, and everyone was super friendly and helpful. It was amazing, and I can't wait to be back next year.
  6. I’m flying out of Love field at 4:45 pm. Willing to share a ride as early as 11:00. let me know!
  7. I’m flying out of Love field at 4:45 pm. Willing to share a ride as early as 11:00.
  8. I’m flying out of Love field at 4:45 pm. Willing to share a ride as early as 11:00. any takers?
  9. I’m not getting to Dallas until 8:55 Dallas time but let me know if you are in about the same time. Coming from Orlando and looking to Uber to the convention center. Would not say no to splitting the ride. older guy, blue shorts, pink and blue shirt, and green Aston Martin hat. And yes, I signed up for a class on how to match colors better.
  10. Hey! First-time attendee here, so of course, I'm not near the venue, but I'm about a mile down the road. Looking forward to attending and wondering whether anyone who does have a room at the venue is still looking for a roommate to split costs? Me: I'm 58, take showers every day, wear deodorant, etc. Spent time in the service so I can sleep through most things. Don't really know anyone, so I'm not looking to party in the room, but not opposed to the extra board game with people if we meet folks we like. Mostly an introvert, but plays well with others. Just went to Gencon again so although this is my first Reaper, I'm comfortable in a convention setting. Mainly just looking for a place to sleep and drop my stuff. Coming in Wednesday and taking off midday Sunday. Let me know if you're interested. Mike
  11. Hey everyone! Getting ready for my first ReaperCon and can not wait. I've got a room about a mile or so down the road, because I didn't even know there was a ReaperCon until May, but will definitely know for next year. Some people have mentioned that people starting looking for roommates to split costs, etc. How and when does that normally happen? I would assume that two threads show up -- "roomies needed" vs "volunteering to be a roomie" or some such? Also, is there any particular etiquette I need to be aware of, in either offering to be a roomie or asking for one? Other than the Golden Rule... Mike
  12. Wow ... this is actually great. If I'm travelling, do I need one a pallette, and if so, what kind is best? I've never made one before.
  13. Oh, this is great stuff ... thank you very much! Any thoughts on what kind of portable kit for painting? Plastic tackle box, pringle's can, whatever? I've never travelled with paints or equipment, so I've never had whittle it down to a travelling kit. Also, is there like an open gaming area where I can just bring a game and set it up? I'm thinking about bringing Gaslands, which is a car game where you model Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and shoot each other while running over zombies. OMG thank you!
  14. Hey everyone! I've made a hotel reservation and am about to pull the trigger on a badge for my first ever Reaper Con. Trying to figure out how to navigate the forums, event schedule, etc. I'm mostly interested in the classes for painting and terrain, but not above getting into some sort of game. What are your best tips for a first timer? ... could be what hotel, what restaurant, do most people fly out on Monday, or sometime on Sunday, what to bring not\bring, what classes go fast, what part of town to stay out of, best ways to get to\from the airport\hotel (I'm in Florida and haven't spent much time in Texas. Anything you can think of; I'm happy to learn from those that have gone before! Thanks for your time.
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